What not to do…

Become paranoid and assume every one who is good looking and has pale skin is a vampire.

Scream "The Vampires are coming out" on rainy days.

Tell Bella she's fat.

Tell Edward, Rosalie said it.

Make a fake thought of Bella kissing Mike Newton in the same room as Edward.

Act vampire like in class.

Skip school and when any one asks say "I was thirsty"

Go to forks and go to one of the Cullen boys then say "I know your secret, don't worry I will not tell if you… TAKE IT OFF!!!

Giggle every time some one says the word 'vegetarian'

Spread a rumor that Rosalie has had plastic surgery.

Tell Alice you have Willy Wonka's laffy taffy stretching machine and she could grow 5ft.

Call Aro and tell him Bella is changed and she wants him to come over and check right now.

Secretly put Jane and Alec up for adoption and give then the good bye speech.

Put Jasper into a kinder garden class full of super active hyper little kids.

Spread a rumor that Emmett is on steroids.

Sneak onto Edward's blog and call Jacob a puppy.

Tell Lauren, Bella wants to have a fight right now, and then scream "BITCH FIGHT!!!"

Talk to Bella, with your eyes rolled to the back of your head, and pretend to be possessed by her grandma.

Tell Bella, Edward has a thing for blonds.

Give Edward a copy of Twilight and watch his eyes widen as he reads then say "and that was the edited version."

Make a long list of things that probably won't happen any way.