The Things You Couldn't Say

Ding Dong! Lilly Truscott quickly tucked 3 white envelopes into a bigger yellow envelope and threw the package hastily under her bed. She ran her hands through her hair making sure it looked good as she shuffled down the stairs as quickly as she could as she ran to answer the doorbell. She opened the door to find her best friend Miley Stewart in her pajamas on her front porch. "Hey Miley," she greeted her friend with a wide grin. She stood aside from the doorway to let Miley in. Lilly's eyes followed Miley's swinging hips for a few seconds before she mentally scolded herself for staring at her best friend's ass.

"Hellooo," Miley sang as she walked over and plopped down on Lilly's couch. She turned to Lilly and held up three DVDs. "You got the popcorn?"

"But of course," said Lilly as she walked over to the microwave and started emptying a bag of freshly popped corn into a bowl.

"Alrighty then. So what's it going to be, John Tucker Must Die, Mean Girls, or The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?" Miley asked as she held up her display of movies.

"SOPHIA BUSH!" Lilly exclaimed as she started jumping up and down.

Miley laughed. "Since when do you get so excited about Sophia Bush?" he asked as she popped the John Tucker Must Die DVD in.

Lilly blushed. "Umm...well I love One Tree Hill?" she offered quickly.

" don't even watch One Tree Hill! You said it was a stupid, over-the-top, never-gonna-happen-in-real-life, TV dra-"

"Shh! Watch the movie!" Lilly hissed as she plopped down next to Miley. Miley giggled as she grabbed a handfull of popcorn and threw it in Lilly's face. "MILEYYY!" Lilly whined, picking a piece of popcorn out of her hair and tossing it back in Miley's face. Miley stuck her tongue out at Lilly and Lilly laughed. The girls settled down and watched the rest of the movie.


By the time the credits were rolling Miley was resting her head on Lilly's shoulder and both girls still eating their popcorn. Lilly smiled inwardly as she looked down at her best friend leaning on her.

"So...I guess this is our last night together," Miley said as if she were in a daze.


"What, you don't remember? Hannah starts her Canadian tour tomorrow," said Miley, sitting up. She grinned and added, "You know, in Canada...where the moose are?"

"Haha, very funny," Lilly rolled her eyes. "And yeah, of course I remember, I was just hoping you wouldn't."

"Forget my own 30 day tour?"



"Cause I can't go with you! 30 days without my Miley! What am I going to doooo?" Lilly wailed. She grabbed one of Miley's hands between her own and gave Miley her pouty face.

"Yeah well if it wasn't for your little surf competitions then you could come," Miley pointed out. She could feel her stomach flip at the sight of Lilly's protruding lower lip. She's just so cute when she does that, she thought.

"I know but I've been training for this one for like, a year!"

"Yeah, I know. You'll see me in a month though. And I'll make sure to call you every day."

"And promise you won't have too much fun without me?"

"Promise," said Miley, hooking their pinkies into a pinky promise.

Satisfied, Lilly said, "Okay. Oh but hey, there's something I want to give you before you leave tomorrow so remind me, kay?"

"Yeah, sure. What is it?"

"You'll see tomorrow. Let's go upstairs," said Lilly as she started up the stairs towards her room. Miley followed her. Knowing it would be their last night together for the next month, the girls stayed up to 3 AM talking and just savoring their last few hours they had together.