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The Way You Make Me Feel

Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, Miley coached herself as she made her way over to the purple haired girl in the wings. It took almost all of her concentration to keep her feet moving forward without tripping, her mind racing and her heart beating rapidly. Closer and closer they came, the crowd of thousands cheering soon disappearing altogether. The smiles on their faces were soft, their eyes trained on only each other, blue on blue.

Soon they were only a foot apart; Lilly could feel Miley's soft breath on her face. They stood for a moment, only seeing each other. Lilly's smile broadened as she gazed into the gentle blue eyes in front of her. The pull of their eyes was so overbearing that they both felt obligated to look away but neither could, their eyes locked like magnets. All at once, Lilly felt the relief, the happiness and the longing suddenly flood through her veins.

Miley walked into the warm embrace of Lilly's arms. The feeling of Lilly's thin arms coming to wrap around her waist sent chills up her spine. Miley buried her face in the bright purple wig but she was unsatisfied; she could only smell wig, not her Lilly. "Come on," she murmured into the shorter girl's ear, smoothly pulling out of the hug and taking Lilly's hand. She towed Lilly behind her to Hannah's dressing room and upon closing the door, she whipped the blonde hair off of her head and gently removed the purple wig from Lilly's.

"Better?" Lilly asked. In response Miley wrapped her arms tight around Lilly once again. They stood there, alone together in Hannah Montana's dressing room, wrapped completely in each other's arms. They breathed deeply, both of them taking comfort in the feeling of the other's chest rising up and down with every breath. Miley immerged herself in the clean, flowery scent of Lilly's hair.

Afraid to speak loudly in fear of breaking the moment, Lilly whispered in a voice that barely reached Miley's ears, "My heart is completely out of control right now." She let out a quiet laugh, "I'm surprised I can breathe."

Miley giggled and pulled out of the hug, taking Lilly's long, thin hand in her own, pressing it to her own chest. Lilly's eyes widened as she felt the sporadic beating. "I get it Lilly," she chuckled, "I so get it." Miley placed her hand gently on Lilly's cheek and Lilly leaned into the touch, pink slowly creeping across her face. Miley bent down slightly to place a delicate kiss on the warm skin of Lilly's blushing cheek, "I'm so glad you're here."

Knock, knock, knock! Their heads jerked to look at the door of the dressing room as the outer world brought them back to reality, "Miles, limo's here, let's go!" came Robbie Ray's voice.

"We'll head out in a minute Dad!" Miley called back and both girls listened as his footsteps faded away. "Here, let's just put the wigs back on and head back to the hotel, we can talk about everything there."


The limo ride consisted of Lilly and Miley's normal chatter and Jackson's normal drooling as his head lolled around while he slept, or attempted to. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to anybody in the car. It was only Lilly and Miley, of course, who noticed the subtle touches and the meaningful glances between themselves.

The limo pulled into the hotel atrium, and the three Stewarts and Lilly got out. As they walked through the lobby, Mr. Stewart turned to Lilly, "Now Lilly, would you like me to set you up with your own room or would you mind just sharing with Miles? There's only one bed and I know she's a kicker."

"Oh please dad, Lilly and I have sleepovers every week, we'll be fine," Miley insisted.

Miley gave Lilly a pointed look. "Yeah, I'm definitely fine rooming with Miley, Mr. Stewart. Don't even worry about it," Lilly chimed in and she smiled quickly at Miley.

"Okay, then it's settled then. Jackson and I will keep our room and you two can share a room."

The four took the elevator to the third floor and split as Robby Ray and Jackson entered one suite, Miley and Lilly taking the room right across the hall. The girls took turns taking their showers and getting ready for bed before they settled into the nicely sized bed together.

In the dark, Miley lay down on her back and Lilly snuggled into her side. They lay there for a minute, silent with contentment. "Those letters were so brave of you, Lilly. Showing them to me, I mean."

Lilly laughed softly, "It's funny, they were never meant for you to see."

"Then why did you give them to me?"

There was a short pause as Lilly pondered the question. "I don't know. It was very spur of the moment, I was so tired of hurting and having to hide the way I feel about you. I guess I saw an opportunity in being apart for a month, I could tell you and we'd both of time to think. I just needed to get it out."

Miley laced her fingers through Lilly's hand, tracing patterns into her skin lazily.

Lilly continued, "And I think that maybe somewhere deep inside of me I was hoping that you felt the same."

"I do," Miley murmured, giving Lilly's hand a squeeze. She could hear Lilly smile.


Somehow, neither girl was falling asleep in the sleepy silence even though Miley had just finished a long night of singing and dancing and Lilly had spent her day on a plane.

A few minutes went by.

"So what do we do now?" Miley's voice asked through the darkness.

"I don't know, what do you want to do?"

There was a long pause as both girls got lost in their own thoughts. Finally, Miley's answer came.

"I want to be with you."