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"This is so cool

The knock on the front door of the Possible home offered a welcome reprieve, bringing twin Possibles with welcomed looks of relief on their faces hurrying to answer.

"Now who could that be?" Miss Go inquired politely as she moved to answer.

"Reinforcements!" The tweebs exclaimed at their mutual salvation as they hurriedly answered.

"So, what's the dealio already? Is the world ending?" The dark skinned Monique asked, casually walking in to the Possible home as she had hundreds of times before, before noting with wide eyed confusion "And why is Shego here?"

"She's good." Tim explained hurriedly, cutting off Shego's response.

"Ron and Kim are bad." Jim continued in the same single-breath frenzy.

"We need a babysitter!" The two finally declared in desperation as they held up a giggling Hana Stoppable for Monique's inspection.

"Gahahaha." The toothless Stoppable declared.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Monique cut with her hands, signaling for a time out. "Rewind. Does someone want to give me this again? Possibly in slow motion, and with captions and those little informational pop ups?"

"Oh, sweetie. I can see how this is a little much." Shego sympathized, much to Monique's confusion and discomfort, as she took the young teen by the hand and led her over to the Possible family couch. "Take a seat and we can discuss everything. I was just making pie."


Kim Possible took a long moment as she stood on the balcony of the Senior's island estate. The smooth ocean breeze blowing over her face soothed her to the very bones. And of course, the feel of the arms wrapped around her completed the whole ensemble.

"Ronnie, when we rule the world, I want an island palace. Just a little something for the two of us." Kim practically moaned the request in contentment as she rubbed the side of her head against his chest.

"Just pick an island KP. I promise I'll conquer it for you myself." Ron assured softly into her crimson locks.

"Mmm, spend a few hours a day coordinating terror and destruction around the world…" she mused at the prospect.

"And the rest for ourselves." Ron finished the idea. "Being evil definitely has the advantage of much more flexible hours."

"And the pay is so much better." Kim decided aloud.

"How would you know? We haven't gotten paid for this either." Ron noted, a bit of restrained sour escaping his voice.

"Not all rewards are cash money." She reminded even as her hand rose, rubbing along the side of his face. "Some are infinitely more… pleasurable."

"Do tell." Ron leaned in, his lips longing for hers.

"Ahem." A polite, yet intrusive voice shattered their moment. The two spun around to see Hank Perkins, holding a number of documents neatly folded with a yellow binder, clearly waiting for his chance to speak.

Ron turned back away, cursing under his breath into Kim's ear. "Ohh, I'm going to love using him to test the targeting sights on my newest death ray."

"Later." Kim assured in the same whisper. "Right now, we need him." With that, she offered a consoling tap to the side of Ron's head before turning around, putting on her finest smile as she turned to the good Mr. Perkins. "So, Hank. How is our latest 'venture' going?"

"Well, I have both good news and what I like to call 'unhandled challenges'." He quoted in the air with his fingers. "Now, the way I like to handle this is to start first with some good news, move on to the 'unhandled challenges' and then end with some more good news."

Kim and Ron both rolled their eyes before looking back to the good Hank Perkins.

"Some good news," he began cheerfully "is that morale is doing very well. We've managed to post a number of inspirational posters around the lair that I believe are having a very positive effect among the staff. We've also turned one of the Senior's lounge areas into a very nice break room for the staff, complete with a full stock of nutritious power bars for those tough, 'energy on demand' assignments and free beverages. It's the little things after all that make a team a family."

"Will you just hurry up and get to the bad stuff already?" Ron roared the question. How on earth anyone managed to stay so cheery was beyond him.

"Ah… yes well." Hank continued, this time somewhat uneasily. "I'm afraid we've hit several snags in the construction phase of Project: Gahanna."

"What kind of snags?" Kim asked warily.

"Well, the teams were proceeding ahead of schedule, until they ran across several flaws in your designs."

"Flaws? What flaws?" Ron demanded, fully ready and eager to shoot the messenger at this point. "There were no flaws."

Hank uneasily but quickly pulled out several blueprints, each of a different section of the construction. One by one, he described various engineering oversights and problems with equipment that needed to be addressed.

"Of course, the good news is that these are all correctable." Hank explained. "The unhandled challenge is that doing so will put us behind schedule by several weeks."

"Weeks?" Kim asked with the same disbelief as Ron. "We can't afford weeks."

"I am afraid those are the figures." Hank relayed regretfully.

Kim merely let out a sigh before looking back to him. "You mentioned something about ending on good news?"

"Ah yes." Hank's perky demeanor quickly returned. "Duff Killigan is almost ready to go after the central component…" Hank paused before asking uneasily "unless you want me to tell him to wait."

Inspiration lit across Ron's features as he was suddenly struck with an idea. "No. Tell Killigan we are proceeding on schedule. I've got an idea."

Kim shot her boyfriend a questioning glance, but was silently assured as she looked at him. Deciding to trust him, she simply nodded in acknowledgement, sending Hank along his way.

"What are you thinking?"

"Ooooh." Ron moaned in wicked delight at the thought. "If you loved me before, you're going to worship the ground I walk on when you hear my next idea."

Kim merely shot him a questioning glance before a sound in the distance caught her attention. Both she and Ron looked out over the waters of the ocean to see four helicopters, each with a line of heavy coil dangling enormous wooden crates beneath them, approaching the island lair.

"Bueno Nacho?" Ron questioned aloud as he read the logo on the sides of the crates. "I thought you said we were in this for more than Nacos?"

"Oh we are." Kim assured him with a confident, smug grin across her features. "Those aren't for snacking. Think of them instead as…" Kim paused for effect "ammunition."


"A'right laddies." Duff Killigan called out, clearly enjoying his new position of authority within Kim and Ron's new evil army as he marched at the head of the line of uniformed thugs straight for the Seniors private garage. "Com' on now. Hop to it. Ye' not be getting any younger now, are ye?"

Killigan paid the occasional grumblings and moanings from his backside no mind as he continued to gaze in awe. The Senior's 'garage' was less of a garage and more of a museum of every manner of vehicle known to man. From fast helicopters to speed boats to luxury automobiles not in production for years now, all displayed in absolutely pristine condition. Duff had to wonder what the point was to some of these. After all, it was hardly like the Seniors could take any of their cars out for a drive through the country side.

As it was, it hardly seemed to matter any more. Motor Ed had turned this million dollar garage into ground zero at an auto yard. Parts and tools lay like rubble across the floor as the sound of heavy power tools echoed across the room.

"Whoa dudes. Watch it with that nitrous or we're going to be flying high! Seriously." Ed shook his wrench, pointing to his men as they handled a heavy canister. The mullet obsessed engineer turned super villain crazed mechanic turned away from his men to note Killigan's arrival. "Whoa, Irish dude. Red told me you were coming."

"Scottish!" Killigan fumed angrily. "And ye best remember it."

"Alright, alright. I'm cool." Ed assured, holding up his palms in surrender. "Just don't go get your skirt all ruffled up over it."

"I's a kilt!"

"Sure. I get it. I wouldn't want anyone else thinking I walked around in drag either. Seriously."

"I's a kilt ye blasted mechanic!" Killigan fumed, his face red with anger.

"Whoa, whoa!" Ed barked back. "I am not a mechanic. I am an artist! I create. And these babies are my finest works yet. Seriously." With that, Motor Ed gestured to the large, sleek black helicopters that he and his men had spent the last several hours working on.

"They'd better not be." A voice called out from the other end of the garage. Both Duff and Ed turned about to see their newest bosses walking towards.

"Whoa, Red. Blondie." Ed practically rushed over to them. "You know I'd save my best for you. Seriously. Feast your eyes on this beauty."

Kim and Ron's attention was directed towards a hover car lying amidst a litter of discarded parts and tools. By all appearances, it was the exact same hover car that the two had first flown to the Senior's island home in. The one stolen from Drakken's lair.

"It's our hover car." Ron noted, clearly unimpressed.

"Wrong. Seriously." Ed smirked as he looked at the vehicle in question. "It's your hover car minus two hundred pounds of unnecessary engine parts and featuring the very latest drive in the freaking galaxy. That flying saucer tech of yours rocked. Seriously."

"Perfect." Kim practically purred at the sight before returning to business, addressing her men. "Killigan, you take as many men as you need in these choppers, but get that part."

"Oh aye. But what about you two? What are ye up to?" Killigan cast a suspicious glance at the pair.

"Oh." Ron cast the worst looking innocent expression of all time as he shot a knowing glance at Kim. "We're just going to pick up some technical support."


"So, let me go over this." Monique asked, desperately attempting to restrain the growing fear in her voice. "Kim and Ron are…"

"Bad." Shego explained patiently as she sat on the Possible's living room couch, opposite Monique.

"Right. Bad. And you are…"

"Good." Shego relayed cheerfully.

"Good. Good, that's good." She uttered to herself, her eyes starring at an unspecific point ahead of her as she placed down her plate littered with pie crumbs. "And Drakken is…"

"Still bad."


"He's good."


"Well…" Shego tried to be polite as she looked over to them.

"In over their heads!" Jim declared emphatically through his Hazmat suit as he and his brother tried desperately to change Hana's diapers.

"I see." Monique took a loud gulp.

The tell tale tune of the Kimmunicator rang within Tim's pockets. As his hands were already full with dirty diapers, Monique hurriedly picked the self made Kimmunicator and held it up.

"Hey guys." Wade appeared over the device's small, sleek screen.

"Wade!" Monique clutched to the Kimmunicator as if it were her sanity in physical form as she looked desperately to the screen. "Tell me this is all a bad dream."

"Oh, hey Monique." Wade smiled cheerfully, much to Monique's confusion, as he relayed to her "so I guess you got the briefing?"

"Yeah." She expressed with barely restrained terror. "I got the cliff notes. What are we going to do?"

"Well, is Shego there?" Wade asked.

"Hello there." Shego cooed over Hana as she continued to play Peek-A-Boo with the tiny Stoppable, even as the Tweebs held out a dirty diaper with a metal pole. "I see you. I see you."

"Depends on your point of view." Monique answered back. "Why do you need her anyway?"

"I think I've got a hit on Kim and Ron's next target. You better assemble the troops. They're going after the mother load." Wade warned.

"And that would be?"


"The Pans-Dimensional Vortex Inducer?" Drakken bellowed from within the back seat of their own hover car as he, Barkin, Shego, Monique and Rufus flew through the air. "They stole my idea!"

"Well, Dr. D, you did steal the idea from Dementor first." Shego pointed out as politely as possible.

"Not the point!" Drakken snipped back loudly. "Besides, I had the idea to steal the idea from someone else first, so either way you look at it; they still stole the idea from me."

Within the backseat of the hover car, Monique and Barkin cast unsure glances at Drakken before turning to one another.

"Is this really Possible and Stoppable's worst enemy?"

"Don't ask me." Monique indicated harmlessly to herself. "I just get the post-sitch briefing. I don't do this stuff myself."

"Uh-huh." Rufus replied to Barkin's question as he sat on Monique's lap.

"Well, the lab is dead ahead." Shego called out, attracting all attention in the hover car. "We should be able to sneak in through the back entrance. The janitor takes his smoke break every two hours at fifteen past."

"And you know this because…?" Barkin asked, certain he would regret asking.

"She knows because she stole it for me." Drakken replied, frustrated.

"Twice." Shego explained as sweetly as could be.

An innocent smile passed desperately from Shego to Barkin, and was returned in kind, drawing an angered growl from Drakken. It was bad enough that the mad scientist's life goals had routinely been foiled by a pair of teenagers, but now to have one of their teachers making sweet eyes at his own evil henchwoman… well even he had to draw the line somewhere.

"So, assuming we catch Kim and Ron in the act, what are we supposed to do?" Monique had to voice the obvious question.

"Detention plus twenty years." Barkin declared authoritatively.

"Vaporize the do-gooders where they stand!" Drakken cried angrily.

"Or…" Shego paused to make sure she had the party's attention "we could try a less… enthusiastic approach."


"Ok." Tim huffed silently as he took a cautious footstep up the stairs, his brothers feet behind him every bit as tense as his.

"She's asleep." Jim assured in a dead whisper as he gently patted at the back of Hana Stoppable's head, the faint breathing reaffirming his claim.

"We just need to get her to Kim's room. And then, we lock the door and head for the bomb shelter."

"Still can't believe Monique bailed on us."

The two tiptoed to the fullest of their sneaking potential. Whatever ability had ever allowed them to move past their mother's watchful eye undetected or slip past their sister unnoticed was now being called upon to its fullest to ensure that this child reached the bedroom undisturbed.

As they moved silently past a nearby window, Tim froze in his place, causing his brother to bump right into his backside.

"Careful." Jim hissed as his hand came to the back of Hana's head. Sure enough, the tiny Stoppable remained asleep.

"Uh, Jim."

"What?" Jim indicated to his twin to keep his voice down.

"Well, unless I'm wrong, that's our sister and her boyfriend stepping out of a hover car on our front lawn."

"What?" Jim cried out as he came over to where his brother stood. Sure enough, Kim and Ron walked hand in hand straight for the front door, a grin that sent chills down the tweebs spines decorated both their faces.


"The lab's down this way." Shego directed the party as they came across two guards laid out unconscious on the floor. Hurrying their pace, they came across a room with reinforced doors sporting a key card analyzer and a pad for the necessary access code. Clearly, whoever had decided to steal the Pans-Dimensional Vortex Inducer had instead opted to open the door by use of heavy explosives. The entrance way looked like it had been hit by a rocket, the massive reinforced door laid inertly off to the side.

"Hurry lads." A thick accent could be heard giving orders, causing the party to freeze in their tracks.

"Killigan?" Drakken asked quietly. "What's he doing here?"

"Who is he?" Barkin asked in the same tone.

"Is he wearing a skirt?" Monique had to ask even as the aforementioned golfer, with a sizable group of men in red uniform walking close behind, appeared from the large whole that they had blasted their way through.

Barkin, Drakken, Shego, Monique and Rufus all froze like culprits caught in the act as the culprits that they had caught in the act looked at them surprised.

"What? Wha' are ye doing here?"

"Uh, I'm actually not sure." Drakken admitted.

"I'm just with her." Barkin indicated to Shego.

"I was supposed to be the babysitter." Monique insisted.

Shego, looking a little uneasy about the lack of team spirit that was gushing forward stepped to the head of the group, taking charge. "We're here because you're trying to take something that doesn't belong to you. If you hand it over, there doesn't have to be any fighting and we can all go home." She insisted with a healthy mix of cheer and forcefulness.

"What? Shego? Bu' I thought you were one of the bad guys." But even as Killigan regarded Shego, a small, pink figure scattered up his side and over his arm, grabbing the small canister that was the Pans Dimensional Vortex Inducer and leaping off of Killigan's frame and into Monique's clutching hands. "Hey! That be mine! Get it."

At Killigan's command, a wall of henchmen rose up at once and charged, causing Shego to jump into action, her emerald hands glowing to life.


"Whatarewegoingtodo? Whatarewegoingtodo? Whatarewegoingtodo?" Jim and Tim asked one another anxiously as they looked back and forth, first at each other for answers, and then outside to where Kim and Ron approached the front door.

The pair was far too focused on each other and the imminent doom approaching their home to notice as Hana Stoppable began to stir. From atop Jim's shoulder, the tiny infant yawned before looking up, out the window that Jim and Tim were huddled around.

"Brouther." Hana Stoppable spoke at the sight. She didn't sit still long, crawling out of Jim's gentle grip and dropping down to the ground below.

"Ahh, baby on the move!" Jim exclaimed.

"Quick, grab her." But even as Tim moved to catch her, the tiny infant moved from the floor where she had landed, crawling straight for the wall, effortlessly moving right up it with supernatural ability, and climbing right out the window.

"Ahh, we lost the baby!"

"Now what?"


Two more henchmen fell to the ground as Shego leapt through the air. Her glowing hands traced a green trail across the air as she bounded back and forth with every bit of agility and grace as Monique had ever seen from Kim.

"Wow, she's good." Monique noted even, as if to punctuate her point, another henchman landed the ground with a hard and heavy thud.

"Yeah." Barkin agreed in a star struck tone of voice. She was amazing. Her every move was flawless, delivering minimum necessary force with maximum efficiency. He would have rushed to her aide in a heartbeat if he hadn't been absolutely certain that all he would accomplish now would be to get in her way.

"So, you're saying you get full benefits, plus a new car every two years?" Drakken asked, making sure he had heard correctly.

"Oh aye." Killigan conversed off to the side with the blue skinned scientist, the two apparently paying no mind whatsoever to the battle raging on just five feet from where they stood. "Plus, they be throwing in three weeks paid vacation for every six months."

"Really?" Drakken's voice rose in intrigue. "Do you know if they're hiring?"


"Jim? Tim?" Kim had to keep from giggling at the irony as she tried to maintain an innocent tone of voice, calling out into her home. "Tweebs, I'm home."

"Guys?" Ron called out, before turning to Kim. "You think they're not here."

"Oh no, they're here." Kim indicated to the kitchen where a mess of wrappers and dirty dishes lay piled up. "And they're deliberately not answering us."

Ron flashed a devilish grin. "So much for doing this the easy way." Ron pretended to pout mockingly. "I know how much you were hoping we wouldn't have to use force to take your brothers."

Kim just laughed out loud as she made her way towards the staircase leading up to the tweebs room. Ron followed close behind when something come from outside caught his attention.

"Hey KP, do you hear something?"


"Now are you sure you have enough copies of my résumé?" Drakken asked insistently, even as he clutched readily at another three copies in hand.

"For the last time, yes!" Killigan fumbled with the large stack of papers in hand. "Why da ye be carrying these everywhere ye go anyway?"

"Don't judge me!"


Kim hurried up the stairs, making her way straight for the tweebs door. It was a billboard of stickers and posters, adorned in single sentence humor and obscure pop culture references.

Kim leaned into the door, placing a few tell tale raps against it with an ominous tone to them. When she received no response, she pressed against the door, working the knob.

Not even locked. This was too easy.

True enough, Kim's concerns were promptly vindicated as she took three steps inside. All at once, a virtual web of lasers came to life, forcing Kim to jump at the last second. Only instead of burning Kim where the stood, the lasers seemed to wrap around her, constricting her movements like solid rope instead of beams of light.

"Hoosha!" Jim cried out as the tweebs appeared the door way from some point off to the side. "That would be the McHenry Laser Grid 2.0."

"Our sister would never be stupid enough to take a single step inside our room!" Tim cried out in accomplishment at having finally gained a definitive and absolute triumph over his older sister.

"Now you just sit tight, while we give Global Justice a nice big phone call. But first."

Kim's eyes went wide as Tim pulled out a small camera, the flashes indicating each time as he shot off several pictures to immortalize this great victory.

"Tweebs!" Kim cried out as she pulled against the lasers holding her in place even as the pair bolted.


Ron's eyes frantically scanned up and down as he walked around outside the front lawn of the Possible home. Kim hadn't heard it, but he had. His sensitive ears would never miss the pitter patter of little feet, especially when said feet were crawling up or down the side of the wall.

"Han?" Ron called out as he walked back and forth. "Han? Where are you?"


"Han!" Ron cried at the sight of his baby sister crawling so harmlessly on the front grass. Rushing up to her, he scooped her up in his hands, holding her high, causing her to laugh as he picked her up. "Han, it's your nap time, what are you doing up?"

"Brouther." Han answered back within the means of her still limited vocabulary as she reached out with her tiny arms to hug her big brother. Ron of course was more than happy to oblige, pulling her in.

"Aww, I missed you too." Ron pulled her close with a warm smile on her face. It occurred to him that it could be fun teaching his little sister how to be evil. A few years of mentoring and tutoring and she'd grow up to be a little bundle of hell that would've put the old Shego to shame.

Tiny Han however didn't think that far ahead. Instead, looking for a good laugh, she reached out with her hands, and grabbed at Ron's nose.

"Ouch, Han, let me go!" Ron ordered with a nasal voice. He tried to pull her away, but Han maintained a death grip on Ron's nose, threatening to rip it from his very face even as she cried out with laughter. "Han!"


Off in the corner, Monique continued to clutch protectively at the Pans Dimensional Vortex Inducer, even as Shego downed another three goons.

Meanwhile, watching from afar, Duff Killigan had lost his patience. "Oh, enough 'lready." Tossing aside Drakken's résumé, much to the mad scientist's horror, Killigan pulled out an iron and dropped a golf ball to the ground. Taking a moment to line up his shot, the thick set man took a breath and then let fly.

The golf ball sailed through the air with perfect grace, landing precisely on target, precious centimeters from Shego's left foot. Shego's eyes widened, barely giving her enough time to let out a tell tale "Uh-oh" before the ball exploded, knocking her back into the air. Her limp body landed with a heavy thud and a soft moan right before Steve Barkin.

"No." He whispered softly at her hurt, wounded face.

"Not good." Monique muttered aloud.

"Uh-uh." Rufus agreed.


Kim continued to strain and pull at the lasers. She hated admitting it to herself, but this was a very efficient modification to the McHenry Laser Grid system. Every bit as high tech and impossible to overcome, but it took away the risk of one accidently being caught within the system and sliced to ribbons as a result of carelessness.

What was more, as this version incapacitated her, she was unable to escape it using her usual acrobatic prowess as she might have otherwise attempted. Still, it was the same basic system, which left it with the same Achilles heel.

Kim tugged at the laser bonds as she reached into her hair, retrieving the small hair pin that she kept for just so occasions. She didn't have a great deal of flexibility in wielding it, but luckily for this, she didn't need much.

Flicking her wrist with experience, she let the pin fly straight for the control console on the side of the tweebs wall where the laser grid was maintained. A direct hit to it sent sparks spitting out of the wall, and caused the laser grid to flicker for a second before fading into nothingness, freeing Kim.

"Tweebs!" Kim cried out in anger as she bolted through the door and down the stairs after them.


"Han, let go!" Ron ran back and forth across the front yard, his arms flailing wildly at his side while, of her own grip, Hana Stoppable clung to his face, cackling with almost peerless delight.

Ron tried everything he could, shaking his head up and down through the air. But Hana continued to twist and fly, laughing all the while, as she hung on tight.

Desperate, Ron tried to run inside, hoping to find Kim. Instead, his frame came into direct impact with two smaller bodies fleeing the house from their older sister at that time. Both parties fell back, landing hard on the ground.

A few seconds later, Kim caught up, looking down to see the twins prone on the ground at the base of the front door to her house, and opposite them, Ron laying back, seemingly unconscious as well with his little sister sitting patiently on his chest.

"Uhh, what hit me?" Ron groaned as he slowly came to, his head rising up slightly.

"Page." Hana said resolutely as her hand mimicked the motion Ron had first taught, slapping through the air aimlessly, knocking Ron out cold.

Kim just let out a sigh as she looked down at the collection before her. She groaned as she leaned over and began with the tweebs, dragging them both towards the hover car.


"No!" Barkin let out his war howl as he ran charging towards the hoard of thugs descending upon his Miss Go. He let his shoulders take care of most of the impact, hitting with all the force and precision of a professional linebacker as several men toppled like bowling pins at his force.

"Ooh!" Killigan let out an impressed whistle. "Does he have his résumé too?"

"Uh, ughmm," Drakken twitched nervously at the uncomfortable direction his impromptu interview had taken "I don't think he's looking right now."

"Too bad." Killigan grinned menacingly as he dropped another ball and lined up for a second shot, taking aim and fire. This ball landed directly on Steve Barkin's forehead, exploding in a blast of gas that sent the teacher falling back, coughing. Satisfied, Killigan cried out to his small army "Now would somebody please get me that Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer!?"

At Killigan's cry, three more henchmen moved towards Monique.

"Hey, back off." Monique warned as she desperately tried to imitate the defensive stance that she had seen Kim draw once or twice. "I'm warning you, I know cheer fu!"

At the first large thug that reached her, Monique threw a meek right fist at her assailant. The thug in question merely caught the ineffectual attack within his open palm before pulling her close and twisting her arm behind her back.

"Hey!" Rufus attempted to leap off of Monique's shoulder at her assailant when another arm reached out and grabbed, and the Pans Dimensional Vortex Inducer, out of the air.

The thug with the small device in question tossed it over to Duff Killigan. "Excellent. Now get rid of them."

Monique tugged at her held arm, when it suddenly fell free. Turning around in confusion, a blue glow flashed off to the side for a second before the henchman grabbing her went flying through the air.

"Don't worry miss." A haughty, proud voice declared as Monique's eyes went wide at the sight. "Team Go is on the job!"