Note: If you don't believe in magic, don't read further. If you can't accept the impossible, please don't continue on. If you want to find reality, this is not the story you're looking for. For we dwell in a world where magician's walk on air, the impossible occurs, and magic is real.

Illusionist's Ball

Chapter One: So now what?

"There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside of the dullest exterior there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy."
-Mark Twain

The screaming continued endlessly, or at least that's what it felt like to Saguru who came running back into the room, staring at his lover who was laying in bed, clutching his head tightly. Saguru grabbed one of Kaito's hands, gently rubbing it. "Kaito, what's wrong?"

"Hurts," he whispered, drawing his knees up, desperately clutching at his head until his nails dug into his scalp. "Hurts..."

"I know, breath," Saguru said, confused as to what was occurring. He reached to take Kaito's other hand, just as a flash of light occurred, a heavy pressure pulling on Saguru, pushing him away from the bed, nearly out of his chair as he squinted, trying to see past the light that seemed to be originating from the gem resting in Kaito's lap.

"KAITO!" he said, reaching out against the heavy pressure, trying to grab the gem. His vision blurred, seeing two of what he knew to be his boyfriend, then one, and then there was a loud snap, and the heavy air vanished, leaving Kaito slumped over in bed, resting on the chest of a second person.

Saguru blinked, rubbing his eyes for a moment, before looking at Kaito again, who was in fact, slumped in someone else's arms. "What the fuck happened?"

Kid ran his fingers through Kaito's hair, raising his head and looking at Saguru for the first time since Kaito had last taken over. "I wish that I could tell you, Saguru-chan."


"Oh dear," Mika said, pausing as she entered Kaito's room, staring at the two boys in the bed, the pair curled so tightly around each other that it was hard to tell where one ended and one began. "This is a problem."

"Quite," Saguru said softly from his place by the bed, not raising his eyes from the twin forms. "I can' just happened suddenly."

Mika set the bouquet of flowers on the dresser before moving closer to his son and his mirror, gently running her fingers through brown strands of hair, studying the faces. "Kaito," she whispered, identifying her son and swooping down, placing a gentle kiss on Kaito's temple.

Saguru blinked, curious as to how the woman knew for sure that was her son before pushing it aside. "What do we do now?" he mused.

"We go on as normal," Mika said with a smile, pulling up a chair. "Have you called Aoko and Koizumi-chan?"

Saguru nodded, running his hands through his hair before trying to get his emotions back under the wall in order to think. "First thing after you, they should be here soon."

"Good," she said, taking a seat, watching the two boys who were so tightly wrapped around one another.


"So what now?" Akako voiced, crossing one leg over the other, finally releasing Kid's hand.

"What do you mean, Koizumi-chan?" Mika asked, smiling as Jii gently squeezed her hand.

"Well, there are now...two of him. All the records indicate Kaito is an only child, there's the whole questions of legality and just...what do we do with him."

"I assumed I would take him home. As Kaito is out of school now, there's no need for paperwork..."

"There is," Saguru said, running a hand through his hair. "It's not generally thought about since you are all naturally born, but he needs a paper trail. A family registry at least. Japanese laws regarding citizenship are quite black and white, their records are rather remarkable, from those that are born in the country, to those visiting, to those who stay on different visa's. He needs...something."

"And it would be rather hard to explain a sudden twin, let alone a twin and a younger brother."

"Younger brother?" Mika questioned and Saguru's head shot up.

"Kaito didn't discuss it with you yet?"

"No, what's going on?"

"I thought he woul..."

"Hakuba-niisan?" came a small voice from the door, and the group turned, watching as the door opened, a small head poking around. Conan blinked at the group of people in Kaito's hospital room before searching out Saguru's face, raising a questioning eyebrow at the blond.

"Come in, Conan-kun, we were just discussing you."

"Oh?" Conan questioned, shutting the door behind him as he stepped in, carrying a ragged bouquet of flowers.

"About your guardian."

"Oh," Conan said again, this time with understanding, glancing at Mika before climbing into Akako's lap, setting the bouquet on the small table next to the bed.

"Hakuba Saguru, what is going on?" Mika asked, confusion in her face. She looked between Conan and Saguru, before turning her attention back to her sleeping son, assuming Saguru would answer.

"I really wish Kaito had gotten around to discussing this with you first," Saguru muttered before sighing. "This is going to be a long, complicated story."

"Not as long as you might think, son." Jii said, finally taking a seat on the edge of the bed. "We do know quite a bit after all."

"You know..." Saguru made a motion with his head towards Conan and Jii nodded, smiling.

"Alright then, that saves time." Saguru said, tired of the story already, not to mention the fact a hospital room was not the place to discuss things. "Well, some...problems have come up. Someone from the grey spectrum of things has died..." Saguru swallowed as Conan looked away at this, his memories of Ai's death still fresh and raw. "And Conan, being Conan, needs a new place to stay for a bit. I have offered him my home, but I'm only eighteen. By law, I'm two years shy of being able to be his legal guardian."

"So you need an adult, to preside over it." Mika said, before sighing heavily. "Conan-kun, you're a smart, wonderful boy but..."

"It's alright, Kuroba-san. It was just a thought," Conan said softly, giving the woman a smile, which did little to alleviate the guilt on Mika's heart.

"It would just be very hard to explain. A child appearing out of nowhere...even with Toichi's reputation and his scattering of friends there would always be a way for the crows to uncover the secret. Toichi's public reputation is very public and as Kid..."

"It's really alright,"

"What about Baaya?" Aoko asked, tilting her head in thought, thinking of what other adults they knew.

Saguru shook his head. "She would love to, but she's returning to England with my parents for a bit, to train the new staff. She'll be gone too long for it to look right."

"My manservant can't lie." Akako said, now seeing the downside to placing such a spell on him. "Literally, it would kill him."


"So we have nothing," Conan said softly, sadly. It was starting to appear he would have to return back to the Mouri's, back to putting Ran in danger.

The group was silent for a moment, thinking their own thoughts, trying to find a solution when a rough voice interrupted them. "I'll do it."

Saguru looked up, staring at Kid's shadowed blue eye. The thief was still curled around Kaito, but sitting up a bit, ending up with Kaito on his stomach, gently petting the brown strand of hair. The thief gave Saguru a weak smile, before looking at Conan. "Unless you object."

"'re in the same position as Saguru," Aoko said, confused.

"Actually, he's not." Conan said. "Remember, Kid has no paper trail, no birth date. He could be twenty with ease."

Kid nodded, turning his attention to Aoko. "It would kill two birds with one stone, and make more sense then giving Conan a random guardian." He closed his eyes for a moment, fighting against the urge to fall back asleep before forcing them open. "Conan already has an identity, parents who have a registry. We just have to create for him a brother, easily done with a few quick notations on the registry. My identification can be, excuse me Saguru-chan, easily forged under forgin means."

"Studying abroad, just recently returned and wanting to take care of his younger is plausible," Mika said, her mind already turning on what would need to be done. "Conan-kun, would your parent's help us, they have access to the registry..."

Conan nodded. "I've already talked to dad about various options, they just need me to call them back."

"But..." Aoko started, before trailing off.

"What is it, Aoko?" Akako said, running her fingers through Conan's hair.

"Kid...this is your identity, a chance to be whomever you want...are you sure this is how you want to be known?"

Kid smiled softly, resting back amongst the pillows. "Princess, I have no identity. I have...nothing. Any name or identity created would be just as false. Nine, eighteen, twenty...age doesn't matter, name doesn't matter, even my face doesn't matter. And if, by doing this, I can keep my 'little brother' safe, then why not?"

Aoko blinked, trying to make sense of his words before shrugging it off as something she wouldn't understand. She smiled though, as Conan groaned, falling back in mock death, held up only by Akako's arm around his waist.

"I'm related to a thief! To my rival!"

Kid laughed at that, the sound broken, weak but wonderful to hear after so many hours of silence from the pair. "Get used to it, ototo-chan."

Conan wrinkled his nose at the term, ignoring the weird bubble in his chest that had occurred when Kid used it. "Only if you to, onii-chan." he countered.

Kid simply smiled at Conan, reaching out to pat Conan's head before his eyes drifted shut again. He heard shifted and cracked an eye open, watching as Saguru moved closer. Both eyes opened and he smiled a smile reserved only for the blond, closing his eyes again as he felt Saguru's fingers brush through his hair.

"Well, now there's only the question of where you two are going to live," Aoko said cheerily.

"I thought that was already settled, I was living with Hakuba-niichan," Conan said, frowning.

"What about Kid, if he's your guardian and brother, shouldn't you live with him."

"I will be," Kid said, not opening his eyes.

"Huh?" Aoko questioned, confused.

"Shouldn't you ask first, brat?" Saguru asked.

Kid opened his eyes, tilting his head back slightly to look up at Saguru. "Do you object?"

The group was silent, staring at the pair, almost holding their breath as they watched.

"No," Saguru said finally, smiling down at Kid. "I don't object." He leaned down, gently kissing his boyfriend.


"What's wrong with Kid?"

"It's an odd name, it's not...normal."

"Nothing about me is normal, my love. Why should my name be any different?"

"Besides, Nakamori would have a conniption fit."

"Yes, but that's so amusing to watch..."

"Well, then we'll just say that my parent's were fans of Kid..."

"You're older then Kid, now." Saguru walked into the room, dropping a file onto Kaito's lap before taking a seat. "Kid was only active for, nineteen years now, you're twenty."

"Oh," Kid said, scrunching his face at the idea he was older then his own identity before picking up the file, snickering at his police sketch. "I still want to keep my's..."

Kaito took Kid's hand, resting sleepily against his's shoulder, smiling as he flipped through the copy of their police file. "I know, but you need a new name."

"I don't want one," Kid whined, falling back onto the bed and causing Kaito to fall onto his chest since Kaito had been leaning on him.

A giggle sounded and the pair looked at the small boy in the doorway who had followed Saguru. Conan climbed onto the bed, sitting on the edge. "And he's supposed to be the older one?" Conan quipped, ducking a swat at his head from his 'older brother'.

Saguru smiled at the threesome, unable to stop himself. A year ago, he could never imagine how much his life would have changed, in some ways...some days, he wondered if it was worth it, or if he would have rather have had the life he had before...

But then, he just had to look at Kid's smirking face or Kaito's shining eyes, even Conan's sad smile and he knew, he wouldn't change anything. Everything had been worth it, and so was everything to come.


The name startled Saguru from his thoughts and he turned to look at Conan. "What?"

"Kiden. It's an African name that means first daughter born after three sons, fits. And it gives you the nickname of 'Kid'. Not to mention, Edogowa Kiden isn't that different then Edogowa Conan. We can just say our parents are insane."

"Which they are," Saguru muttered, earning him a look from Conan.

"Kiden..." Kid said, turning the name over in his mouth, trying it out before smiling. "I like it."

Conan beamed, before swatting at Kid's hands as the thief ruffled his hair, pouting.



"So...what?" Saguru asked, sipping his tea, watching Conan over the rim.

"You have something on your mind," Conan said, plucking at the tab of his soda can. "You have a little wrinkle between your eyes that you get when you're thinking too hard."

"I do not have a wrinkle," Saguru muttered before sighing and setting down his tea cup. He was silent for a long moment before sighing. "So I have this problem, where my boyfriend is now two people, and I'm still in love with them both."

Conan blinked, before leaning forward slightly on the table. "Date Kaito," He said firmly.

"But, Kid's his own way...kind of, cute...funny."

"Date Kaito," Conan interrupted, before sipping his soda.

"You're not helping," Saguru said, flicking a straw wrapper at the boy.

"I rather think I am. Kaito's the rational choice, and the one who won't end up getting you arrested when he gets caught." Conan had a smug look on his face, and he flicked the wrapper back at Saguru.

Saguru glared, flicking the wrapper again. "Love isn't rational, Shinichi." he said.

Conan raised an eyebrow before flicking the wrapper again, tilting his head. "You're going to put your entire career...your life's work at risk?"

Saguru's eyebrow matched Conan's and he flicked the wrapper back yet again, before taking another sip of tea. "You know who he is, in fact, are allowing him to become your brother, are you."

Conan looked away for a moment, trying to steady his emotions before taking a breath, flicking the wrapper. "You're in love with both?"

Saguru coughed, but allowed the change of subject, nodding. "Yes."


"Yes..." He said, trailing off as an idea started to form. "Wait, you're not about to suggest I..."

"Date both."

"Oh gods, you are."

"But just so you know, I'm rooting for Kaito."

Saguru groaned, resting his head on the dining room table, un-characteristically flipping Conan off as the boy started snickering.


"You are now, officially, Edogawa Kiden, son of Edogawa Fumiyo and Nobu, aged twenty years, guardian of one younger brother, Edogawa Conan."

"Thank you, Kuroba-san." Kid said softly, accepting his paperwork from the woman.

"Please, call me Mika," She said fondly, ruffling Kid's hair before nodding towards the building outside the car. "Conan said he would meet you inside."

Kid nodded, smoothing back his hair again, checking his reflecting before stepping out of the car, tucking the file with his paperwork under his arm. Fighting the urge to itch the latex mask, he cross the street and headed up the stairs to the apartment door, knocking loudly on it, smiling as he heard the thumping footsteps of his new family.

The door was thrown open and he suddenly found himself with an armful of chibi detective, almost pushing him back down the stairs. "Conan!" he cried, as if they hadn't parted just that morning, swinging the seven year old up and giving him a hug.

"You smell odd," Conan muttered in his ear, causing Kid to chuckle.

"It's Jii's cologne, mine is distinctive." he whispered before raising his head as Ran and her father appeared. "Mouri-san, Mouri-chan."

Both bowed slightly, staring at him. "And you are?" Ran asked, looking between the stranger and her young charge curiously.

"Edogawa Kiden," he said, holding out the file to Kogoro, still holding Conan. "I was sent to collect my brother and his things."

"These are school records from America," Kogoro said, glancing up at Kid, before looking back down. "Ah, yes, along with the rest of my identification. Easier to keep them all together, but now you can see why I couldn't keep Conan-kun with me, it's hard to study and chase a hyper little brother at the same time."

"What about your parents, Edogawa-san?"

"They are remaining over-seas. I came home to return to my life wonderful as America is, nothing can compare to Japan. Nor to having family." He looked fondly at Conan who snuggled against Kid, playing every bit the affectionate younger brother. "I know it's sudden," Kid said softly, looking at Ran. "But I missed him so much,"

Ran smiled softly, tears in her eyes at the thought of losing her charge, but she would never be one to break up a family. "I'll get his things," she whispered, turning and disappearing into the apartment's interior.

Conan watched her go sadly, before burring his face in Kid's neck, staining the make-up covered skin with his tears. Kid rested his head against Conan's, rubbing his small back as the pair waited. Kid couldn't imagine how much pain the boy was experiencing, having to say good-bye to someone he loved.

"I'm sorry," Kid whispered softly when Kogoro had wondered off, brushing his lips in a brotherly kiss over Conan's ear.

Conan simply sniffed and clung tightly to Kid, refusing to look up, even when Ran returned with his things.