Chapter Seven: Quietus

"True goodbyes are the ones never said or explained." -Unknown

Kiden stared out over the city below him as he stood on one of the tallest buildings in Ekoda, watching the small ants that were people and their toy cars. He leaned forward a bit, feeling the wind clutching at his shirt and pants, trying to pull him from the roof, closing his eyes as his balance wavered slightly, almost spilling him over the edge before he regained himself, once more secure on the edge of the building.

You have twenty-four hours to decide

"What's to decide?" he muttered, shoving his hands into his pockets, turning as he heard footsteps behind him. He reached out, offering a hand to Akako, helping her onto the edge, holding an arm around her waist as he held her steady.

Akako watched the people below, going about their lives, eager and happy to embrace what they had, never dreaming of the end, of death coming for them. "You're going to go through with it, aren't you?" she asked, leaning back against Kid, raising her arms as the wind whistled past, closing her eyes and wishing to fly.

"I will do what I must," Kid whispered, his lips brushing her ear as he leaned against her.


"Any word?" Saguru asked, handing Kaito a cup of coffee.

Kaito shook his head, removing the cup's lid, inhaling the scent for a moment before tilting his head back and downing the coffee as quickly as he could, ignoring the burns across his tounge and throat at the action. He wiped his mouth free of small droplets before looking up at Saguru with shadowed eyes, looking more then tired and frankly starting to resemble a zombie. "All I know is she's still in labor and delivery, they were talking about a c-section but that was," Kaito was interrupted by a yawn, tears gathering in the corners of his eyes that he wiped away angrily. "Hours ago." he finished before handing Saguru the empty cup in a silent request for more.

"You need to go to bed, Kaito."

"Can't, might miss something."


"Wha..." Kaito was cut off as a cloud of pink smoke erupted in his face. He suddenly slumped, Saguru catching the teen as he fell from his chair.

Conan waved away the cloud of smoke, removing the face mask he had worn to protect himself from the back wash of sleeping gas. "Should I feel bad that I feel rather...vindicated that I got him with his own gas?"

"Nope," Saguru said, hefting Kaito up into his arms. "It's often been a dream of mine." The two detectives shared a smile, before carrying the sleeping magician to the waiting taxi.


"You're stalling."

"I know," Kid said, resting his head against Akako's shoulder. Both were now sitting on the edge of the building, sharing a lunch between them. Kid's heist notice had been delivered just an hour ago, directly into Nakamori's hands via Charcoal (who was now being cooed over by every female in the station house), and the final plans were already in place. All Kid had to do now, was wait. Though what he was waiting for, was a matter of opinion.

"I don't want to go tonight," Akako said, staring up at the sky above them, so blue and different from the night.

"I won't fault you if you don't." Kid said, raising his head, watching Akako rather then the clouds.

Akako lowered her head, looking down at Kid before curling her fingers around his jaw, drawing his face up as hers lowered, their lips meeting halfway. A sigh escaped her and she pressed deeper into the kiss, her long red hair covering them as she rose slightly above Kid.

Kid wrapped his hand around the back of Akako's neck, opening his mouth to her as he shifted her so she was kneeling over his lap, only Kid's arms to keep her from tumbling backwards off the building. One hand remained on her neck, the other wrapped around her waist as his tongue darted out to meet hers, curling around her tounge, taunting it into play.

Akako let out a humming noise as their tongues danced, her hands shifting into Kid's wild hair, long nails gently caressing his scalp, sending shivers down Kid's spine. She shifted, seating herself on Kid's lap, her legs moving to lock under his hips, slowly moving against him, grinning to herself as she felt his body respond under hers.

Kid gave a slight hiss as he felt her move in his lap, the hand at her waist sliding down now that she was secure, toying with the edge of her short skirt before sliding under it, caressing her thigh, un-snapping one of the garters holding her stockings up, smoothing over the now bare flesh.

Akako moaned softly and nipped at Kid's tounge, pressing their hips harder together, gasping slightly as Kid's lips parted from hers. Her hand reached for the hem of his t-shirt, intent to pull it up, only to find Kid's hand grasping hers, pulling it away from his body. She looked up at Kid, confused.

Kid had his eyes shut tightly, breathing slightly irregular due to their ministrations. When he felt calm enough to speak, he opened his eyes, looking up at her with a lust clouded gaze. "We have to stop, Little Miss."

"Why?" Akako asked, even more confused, drawing Kid's hand up to her lips, gently sucking on the tip of his index finger, smiling as she watched his breath halt for a moment. "You can't tell me this is about you cheating on Saguru."

"No, but it is about you cheating on Shinichi." He drew his hand free from hers, leaning in and kissing her forehead. "I won't do that to my brother," he whispered, against her neck, not seeing her look of shock at the fact Kiden would care for someone other then Kaito.


Kiden arrived home to find two bright blue detectives sitting on the parlour couch, scrubbing in-effectively at their smurf coloured skin. He smirked, leaning against the door, watching them for a moment before clearing his throat. Both detectives looked up, glared and returned to trying to scrub off their skin.

Kiden shook his head, entering the room. "You two tried to break into the lab, didn't you."

Saguru huffed, not bothering to respond since it was rather obvious they had tried to break into Kid's lab, considering they were blue.

"We were trying to find your plans for tonight," Conan said rather suddenly, not looking up at Kid. "We...we wanted to know..."

"My decision." Kid finished, before shrugging. "Guess you'll have to wait, just like everyone else." He picked Conan up by his suspenders, lifting the not-boy up under his arm, saluting Saguru. "S'cuse us." With that, Kiden carried Conan upstairs to the master bath, dropping him onto the floor with an order to strip, while he filled the tub with warm water.

Conan did so, wondering what this was all about. Once undressed, he slipped into the tub, watching as Kid disappeared somewhere into the house, before returning with an un-marked brown glass bottle and some rags.

Kiden knelt next to the tub, wetting one of the rags with the clear contents of the bottle, gently rubbing it over Conan's skin. Conan smiled as his skin started to return to it's normal colour, closing his eyes and enjoying the rubbing motion of Kiden's hands, moving only when requested by the thief.

The pair continued in this manner for a while, both silent, lost in their own thoughts. After an hour, Conan was finally clean from head to between his toes, and a rosy red from the tub. Kiden helped his brother out of the tub, wrapping a large towel around the drowsy detective before lifting Conan up and carrying him to his room.

He laid Conan on his futon, smiling as the detective's eyes drifted shut, the powerful spell of the warm water and the stress of the past two days dragging him into a deep slumber. Kiden gently brushed Conan's bangs from his face, placing a gentle kiss on the boy's temple.

He then lay next to Conan, pulling the small body into his arms, holding his brother close as he heard the shower start in the bathroom, Saguru heading to clean the blue tint of his own skin. Kiden buried his nose in Conan's hair, trying to memorize the scent.


"And I'm blindfolded...why?"

"Because you're annoying and I enjoy teasing you." Kiden said merrily, steering the blindfolded detective into his bedroom. Saguru grumbled something under his breath before yelping as he was pushed onto his bed. Saguru shifted to get a better position, blinking under the blindfold, wondering what was going on.

There was a rustling sound next to him and the feel of cool silk over the back of his hand before the bed shifted on his other side, someone climbing on. He felt a warm body pressed against his back, talented fingers sliding up his chest before grasping the top button of his shirt, managing to un-do it while the person focused on molesting his neck with lips and tongue.

Saguru groaned softly, his head falling to the side to allow more access to his neck, gasping as another set of hands brushed over his stomach, a warm, wet tongue following, the buttons being undone now from top and bottom, bared flesh consumed as it was revealed.

Saguru's hands slid into the thick strands of hair at his waist, clenching slightly as the person behind him bit harshly on his neck, leaving a mark. The person then sat up, un-tying the blindfold, allowing it to slide away. Saguru blinked at the sudden light before glancing down, licking his lips at the sight of Kid, in full costume knelt between his legs, mouth smirking even as he molested a small patch of flesh that he had managed to get into his mouth.

Turning his head, Saguru met Kaito's mischievous gaze, before raising a hand and pulling Kaito into a hungry kiss, his hand sliding down over the magician's shoulder and back, the scratchy wool of Kaito's winter school uniform an interesting contrast to the smooth skin of Kaito's lower back as the hand slid under the jacket and shirt.

Kid slid up Saguru's body, pulling the detective from his kiss with Kaito in order to claim his own prize, straddling Saguru's lap as he plunged his tongue into the detective's mouth, groaning as Saguru's hands migrated over to his body, sliding up to remove th cape from Kid's shoulders while Kaito went back to removing Saguru's shirt.

The undressing was a time consuming task, all three breaking off and starting again, only really managing to get Saguru's shirt off and Kaito's un-buttoned. Kid was still dressed, missing only his cape, smirking at the pair who were two busy making out to really realize he was still dressed. He yelped as he was suddenly knocked to the bed, Saguru over him, held up only by his arms. Kid grinned cheekily up at the detective, biting the tip of his tounge in a playful taunt at the detective.

Saguru growled and Kiden laughed as the sound reverberated through his lower chest, exciting him. A gloved hand reached up, finger resting against the red tie knotted at his throat, before hooking in the fabric, and ever so slowly drawing it down, loosening the tie until it lay across his chest like a bloody ribbon. Saguru's eyes followed the movement of the hand, as it reached back up, un-buttoning the first button of his shirt, before stopping, toying with the second.

A small knife suddenly came into Saguru's view and he turned his head to the side un-willingly, glancing at Kaito who was offering the instrument. Without a word Saguru accepted the knife, smirking down at Kid who raised an eyebrow. Saguru placed the cold metal against Kid's stomach, causing the thief's muscles to contract, a shiver flowing over him. Saguru leaned close, his lips brushing Kid's for a moment before he suddenly jerked the knife up, Kid's shirt parting easily under the sharp blade.

Once Kid's chest was bare, Saguru reversed the knife, so that the flat was pressed against Kid's chest, the pointed tip barely indenting the skin. He drew the knife downwards, smiling as Kid shivered again, the action tickling at his skin. Saguru let the knife slid away from him, instead lowering his mouth to one of Kid's nipples, gently drawing it into his mouth, grinning as Kid arched, highly sensitive.

Kaito moved up towards Kid's head, kissing his other half hungrily as Saguru toyed and manipulated the thief's chest, causing Kid to squirm and writhe on the bed. Too soon, Kid was panting, his eyes clouded with hunger, body straining for more then just teasing. He pushed Kaito away, sitting up and dragging Saguru into a hungry kiss, biting and licking at the detective's mouth while Kaito slid off the bed, searching the night table for what they needed.

He climbed back on the bed and slipped behind Saguru, closing his eyes as he reached around the detective, finding and un-buckling his belt before working on the buttons and zippers. Saguru was already doing the same to Kid, who was only to happy to help, an enthusiastic kick sending his pants flying across the room and knocking Sherlock bear off the shelf.

Kaito handed a condom and packet of lubrication to Saguru, before finally getting the detective's pants off his legs and throwing them over his shoulder, ignoring the crash of a bedside lamp as he pushed Saguru forward a bit, gently hitting at the detective's legs until they were far enough apart to his liking. He started humming as he opened the lube packet and squeezed it out onto Saguru's lower back, the detective jerking at the cold sensation. Kaito used the small gel puddle to lubricate his fingers, waiting until Saguru was focused back on Kid, before sliding one finger into the detective's body.

It took a few tries for the threesome to find a rhythm that didn't run into the other's, or nearly send them off the bed. Kid whimpered and mewled as Saguru pushed into him, driven by Kaito's thrusts into his own body, the pair above him pulling back almost at the same time, their own moans mixing with Kid's as he shifted, twisting his body so that the increased weight of the pair didn't become a bother.

Kid suddenly yelped loudly, a giggle escaping him, causing Saguru to falter, blinking. Kiden, still giggling violently, pointed over Saguru's shoulder and the detective turned, laughing as he caught sight of Kaito, using the tip of his tounge to tickle Kiden's foot which was in his face. Saguru resumed thrusting into Kiden, causing the thief to giggle and moan at the same time, which made for an odd gasping sound.

Kaito relented on his foot torture, focusing purely on driving into Saguru, which in turn, pushed Saguru harder into Kiden. He smiled as his other half gasped, hands clutching at the bed sheets desperately. Kaito then gasped himself, his fingers digging into Saguru's hips as the detective tightened around him, a response to Kiden's teasing as Saguru pulled back. Kaito whimpered, burring his face in Saguru's neck, trying to push in against the tightening body, giving a deep groan at the feeling around him.

He pulled back again, only to freeze halfway as his orgasm came suddenly, causing him to cry out, clutching desperately at Saguru. Saguru, in his turn, shifted his weight to better manage Kaito all but falling across his back, pushing roughly into Kiden, causing the thief to arch and mewl, desperate for more, but unable to touch himself, considering the fact Saguru had bound his wrists with his own tie before they had even started.

It only took a few more thrusts for Saguru to find his own release, falling to the side as he started to come down, jostling a weak and shaky Kaito. Kaito crawled over the blond, curling against his other, his head resting on Kiden's hip as he lazily wrapped his mouth around the neglected erection, sucking sleepily, giving long, slow sucking pulls, his hand stroking absently, almost an afterthought.

Kid whimpered, pushing his hips up, trying to get more sensation, distracted when Saguru kissed him, the kiss just as slow and lazy as Kaito's sucking, having the result in Kid's eagerness fading, slipping into the warm, pleasurable haze of his lovers slowly, gently teasing his body. As Kiden lay there, torn between need and pleasure, the slow, long spiral of arousal caused him to lose track of time, minutes sleeping by like hours, second seeming an eternity as his body fluctuated on it's upwards spiral towards release. When he finally came, it was with a soft gasp, an almost unwanted finally to the the relaxed pleasure he had been floating in.

Saguru un-bound Kid's wrist, pulling the thief close while Kaito wiggled up the bed, curling around Kid's body, holding him tightly, the three falling into a pleasant dozing state of partial awareness, just enjoying the feel of one another close.


Sirens blared below, lights reflecting off the snow covered streets as men and women ran around, trying to cover every possible angle and avenue. The tension level was higher then it had ever been, word of this being Kid's possible last heist flowing like water around the station, on the lips of everyone from Nakamori to the records clerk. The only people outside the loop, amazingly, were the fans and press, gathered in droves, eager for the heist after last night's amazing appearence at a stand-off.

Kid watched it all from the roof across from his target, smiling softly at the signs and cheers for both him and his other half. He turned as he heard footsteps crunching across the gravel on the roof and tilting his head to Kaito.

The young magician stared at the man that was born of his own soul, huddling deep into his jacket. "You never told me your decision."

Kid turned away from Kaito at that, looking back over the crowd below. "Because I didn't want to worry you."

"And this isn't worrying? Wondering what you're doing, what you're up to? Kiden..."

"Could you do me a favor?" Kiden interrupted, his eyes locking onto the building across the street as the final count downs started.


"Saguru..." Kiden took a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment before looking back at Kaito. "Could you tell him I loved him?"

"What...KIDEN!" Kaito started running, but the thief already had a lead, and Kaito almost tumbled off the edge of the roof, reaching out, straining for his other half as Kiden took to the air, glider snapping open long enough to give Kiden a boost a cross the street before disappearing back into the rigging across his back as he landed on the roof of the target building, raising up to meet Rum's face.

Kaito stared at the pair on the roof across the building, screaming Kiden's name, choking on it as the building suddenly erupted into flame, bombs destroying everything, wiping it's existence from the earth.


"Early autopsy reports confirm that the remains found in the ruins of the Mantendo cooperate warehouses were in fact that of two people, one an American named Mathew Mills, the other still awaiting positive identification, though early DNA tests confirm suspicion that they are from the man known as Kaitou Kid."

Kaito ignored the television droning on at the nurses station at the head of the NICU, pushing open the door to the first room, pausing for a moment in the door, staring at the small cradle against the wall, the machines attached to the cradle beeping merrily along.

If the child survives, she will be at high risk for extremely serious long-term problems.

Kaito took a deep breath, entering the room and closing the door behind him, allowing his eyes to adjust to the dim light, before crossing the room to the cradle, staring down at the small, pale body resting in the middle of the cradle, small fist curled around the tube entering her nose. One of her legs were twisted, mutated into some weird...object that didn't resemble a leg yet.

She runs the risk of breathing problems, heart problems, mental disorders including delayed or even non-existent development, physical problems such as an inablilty to walk, paralization, she may even be confined to a bed for the rest of her life.

Kaito slid his hands into the gloves in the side of the cradle, flexing his fingers for a moment before gently reaching, brushing the gloved fingers over the fine blond strands of hair gracing his sister's head. He sniffed, tears sliding down his cheeks as a gloved finger gently brushed over the soft, fragile cheek, hesitating as his thumb rested next to the sealed shut eyes that would probably be a brilliant blue when they opened. Just like the ones he still saw when he closed his eyes, looking at him with such sadness, across a snow covered rooftop.

"Kaito, I want you to name her. Give her that gift...even if she doesn't make it."

Kaito's fingers trailed lightly down his sister's arm, gently holding her hand as she slept. "Happy Birthday, Rose."

The End

End Note: There is a sequal to this story called "Conjour's Masqurade", check for it in my profile/bio.