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Twelve months later …

Luna stood in a corner of the ballroom, the silk skirt of her bridesmaid's gown swishing about her legs as she swayed to the music. Humming along with the melody – although slightly off-key – she watched the bride and groom as they danced. Sighing at the romance of it all, she smiled dreamily as Mr Snape – no, Severus to her, now – led Hermione gracefully around the floor. They were so happy together, so absolutely perfect for each other, that it made Luna want to spin around crazily with glee.

And it was all due to her – Loony Luna Lovegood.

An uncharacteristic smirk graced Luna's lips. Oh, yes. She took full credit for this happy occasion. Perhaps she shouldn't – she supposed Sybill Trelawney, Merlin bless her, did have something to do with it – but really, if it hadn't been for Luna, this wedding might not have ever happened. She frowned for a second. Maybe that wasn't true, either. Perhaps someone or something else would have intervened had she not chosen to do so. But then again, maybe not. Luna suddenly remembered why she had hated Divination class at Hogwarts – it had made her head hurt.

Eventually, her mind returned to its original train of thought – how this wedding would not be taking place if not for her intercession. Of course, she could never tell Hermione, and this did bother her a bit because, after all, Hermione was her dearest friend. There was no way around it, though. Hermione could never know the truth.

The truth was that Hermione had been right all along – Luna was not a Seer.

No, Luna was definitely not gifted in the art of Divination, but she did possess an excellent sense of hearing and a rather nice Pensieve. Both had come in quite handy.

Feeling somewhat nostalgic, Luna thought back to the night her journey into covert activities had begun. It had been the night of the battle in the Department of Mysteries near the end of her fourth year at Hogwarts. There they had been, a bunch of teenagers, engaged in battle with a roomful of Death Eaters in the Hall of Prophecy, small glass orbs shattering all around them – prophecy after prophecy being revealed with the breaking of each crystal sphere.

Luna admitted that she wasn't always the most logical thinker; however, she was not stupid, either – she was a Ravenclaw. The summer after the battle, she had realised that there may have been invaluable information in the prophecies they had destroyed, and so she had hauled out her Pensieve – the one that had belonged to her mother – and placed her memories of that night inside. Over and over again she had entered the Pensieve, carefully listening to every prophecy she could in the vain hope that something she heard would be helpful in their fight against Voldemort. She had been unable to distinguish them all – there had been so many orbs destroyed, and it had been rather noisy as it was a battle – but she had done her best. Unfortunately, she had not discovered anything particularly useful as far as the war was concerned, but she had heard one prophecy that had intrigued her.

From the moment Luna had heard the prophecy, she had known it was speaking of Hermione Granger. She had been curious as to who the other person was and so had explored her memory of when they had first entered the Hall of Prophecy, walking amongst the shelves, looking for Hermione's name. She had been afraid she might not be able to locate it, since she had to stay within sight of her memory-self. After hours of searching, she had finally found it. Surprisingly, it had been extremely near to where Luna had been standing just before the Death Eaters had arrived.

Luna vividly recalled her shock at reading the label. The writing had indicated that the prophecy had been given the summer before her third year by S.P.T to A.P.W.B.D. Under the initials was Hermione's name followed by a name Luna would have never expected to see – Severus Snape.

Of course, she had been fifteen years old at the time, and the thought of Hermione Granger being soul mates with their sardonic Potions master had been rather disturbing. So, Luna had kept the information to herself, never really thinking on it until Hermione had begun to go out with Ron Weasley after the war had ended.

Luckily, Luna was a firm believer in contingency plans. When Hermione had told her that she and Ron were becoming serious as a couple, Luna had gone home, opened her storage trunk, and pulled out the piece of parchment containing her documentation of what she thought of as "Hermione's prophecy." Whilst she had believed that Hermione would at some point come to her senses and realise that her feelings toward Ron were those of friendship only, Luna had decided that if circumstances ever warranted it, she had best be prepared to take action. She had memorised every last word, practising it over and over until she had it perfectly.

And so it was that Luna had been more than prepared the evening that Ron and Hermione had announced their engagement. She had certainly been surprised by the announcement – she hadn't really expected she would ever have to carry through with her plan. However, knowing Hermione Granger, Luna had realised that all it would take was a nudge in the right direction to start Hermione questioning her relationship with Ron, and then fate would handle the rest.

It had been a risky plan, pretending to be a Seer. Hermione was a stubborn witch and might have decided to marry Ron just to spite the prophecy. Luna had been horrified when Ginny had written the words incorrectly, shifting the focus to Charlie Weasley. She had been flooded with relief when Hermione had begun seeing Mr Sn … Severus, insisting that she would not allow talk of soul mates and redheaded dragon-handlers to deter her from seeking a relationship with the dour man. Things may have been a bit bumpy at times, but in the end, everything had all worked out for the best.

Luna was certain no one would ever suspect her of orchestrating such a scheme. Of course, everyone had pegged her as "that crazy Ravenclaw." Luna grinned. They didn't know that her mum had been a Slytherin.

Smiling, Luna waved to the happy couple as she continued to stand in her little corner of the ballroom, gently swaying to the music.

"Excuse me, Luna," she heard a familiar drawl say. She turned and looked up into the aristocratic face of Draco Malfoy. "Would you care to dance?"

Luna blushed prettily, and dreamily accepted, allowing Draco to guide her onto the dance floor. It might have seemed an odd pairing to some – the loon of Ravenclaw dancing with the prince of Slytherin – but not to Luna.

After all, Hermione's prophecy wasn't the only one she had discovered in the Pensieve.


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