It had been a long time since the end of The War, Ichigo and his group having managed to win it for the 'good guys'. After The War, it was never given a name it was simply called 'The War', Urahara had used the hougyouko one last time, at Ichigo's request; he had separated the Shinigami from the Hollow. They kept their ability to use the other entities powers, but Ichigo and Ogihci would never again be stuck in the same body; that was the Hollow's single requirement to submit to Ichigo during The War, a requirement Ichigo had no problem with.

"How long has it actually been since those days?" Ogihci pondered in his backwards Hollow voice as he wandered through the wastes of Hueco Mundo, his realm. "How long since the last of the Espada fell? Since I had a good fight?" Solitude was no good for any soul, Ogihci was no exception. "I'm one of the strongest entities in this reality... I have the Four Energies... Shikai and Bankai..." Here he stroke the hilt of a normal looking kattana, a zanpakutō, tucked in his hakamas sash. "What's left, damn it, I want more...!" Ogihci growled, narrowing his golden eyes surrounded by black yoke oceans. "My instinct says there's a way to more powers, more opponents, some where around here... and I will find it!"

As he spoke, a Gargantua opened to the Hollows left. Ogihci eyed it curiously. "What's with this shit? The space inside that thing is silver, not the blue that simplifies it heads to human world, red of Hell, or the white of SS..." He shrugged. "What ever, my instinct says to go, so I'll go, not like I have anything to say goodbye too here." With that, Ichigo's former Inner Hollow jumped through the silver Gargantua.

Ogihci lost his patience with the silver world he had jumped into quickly. "I'll never listen to my damn instinct again! This place is one boring shit hole..." He yelled into the blank silver area with no defining area to tell up from down with.

"So sorry that this area bores you so..." A voice spoke from behind the Hollow. "I was busy with another matter for a few seconds."

Ogihci spun around to face the man behind him. "You... you're Gingetsu..."

"Please, call me Gin." The silver haired man replied. "I hear you are no longer satisfied with life in your dimension; would you like to go to another one?"

The blue tongue of the Hollow licked his lips as he pondered the man's offer. 'Fine, I lied; I'll keep listening to my instinct...' "What's the catch?"

Gin smirked. "You go to a world of my choice, and you have to help someone of my choice. Your power will also be restricted; the boy would be ripped apart if he suddenly had all your power housed in him."

"Tch, what do I get out of this?"

"Something to do and more power as his dimension has a different type of powers in it."

There it was! Instinct of a caliber few in his dimension had ever understood roared, and Ogihci grinned at the sound. "Hikiai."

Gin snapped his fingers, a silver streaked blue Gargantua opening beside the Hollow. "That will take you there, want any details?"

Ogihci shrugged, one foot already in the portal. "Nah, I'll just wing it. What's the kids name?"

"A 'Harry Potter'."

Fully inside the Gargantua, Ogihci turned to face Gin as it began to close. "Will this happen again?"

Gins answer almost made the Hollow drool. "Perhaps, if I feel like it." Ogihci licking his lips was the last Gin saw of him. "Now, to get back to those kids before they get killed..." Opening a swirling purple vortex, Gin leapt through it and was gone.

"Help me, help me," Harry muttered wildly. "someone-anyone-"

'I can help.'

Harry blinked as a weird backwards echo voice resonated in his mind. 'Who...?' He was cut off as the snakes tail whipped across the floor again. Harry ducked, something soft hit his face.

The Basilisk had swept the Sorting Hat into Harry's arms. Harry rammed it on his head; it was his last chance, that odd voice not withstanding.

'Help me... help me...' Harry thought panickly. 'Help me!'

'Damn, your a screamer, ain't ya? I already said I would help.' The odd, echoing voice returned.

'You have an interesting friend there, Mr. Potter, I was going to give Godric's blade to you, but I feel that this is a more correct choice; you may keep it after this fight is done.' A voice, this time recognizable as the Hat's, spoke in Harry's mind the same way it had the year before. The hat began to constrict, as if a giant hand was squeezing it.

'Duck!' The echoing voice yelled, Harry followed the order subconsciously; he heard the Basilisks tail soar over him.

'Thanks, whoever you are...'

'Intros later! Grab the fucking sword!' Ignoring the voice's foul language, Harry looked for the sword it was talking about. He found it with its hilt sticking out of the Sorting Hat's brim. Hurriedly picking up the kattana by its hilt, Harry pulled it out of the Hat. Holding the kattana shakily Harry threw away the sheath.

'How do I use this?' The raven haired boy thought as ducked under the king of snake's continually lashing tail.

'I'll show you how to use that sword! Though, after this, you'll need to learn how to fight own your own!' The insane voice spoke; Harry felt his body seizure while his vision grew hazy.

Tom frowned as he felt Potters aura pulse strangely. 'That wasn't a magic pulse... It felt even more entwined with his life then that...' Riddles thought process was cut off as an invisible force started to weigh down on him. "What the...?" The diaries spirit was, again, cut off, this time by a large chunk of the Basilisks body almost hitting him.

Standing from his duck, Riddle watched as Potter gave off emerald pulses of energy; a ghastly white mask covering the top left corner of his face. "Hehehe, this kid ain't to bad, just inexperienced... Even more so then Ichigo was..." The boy paid little heed to the Basilisk fang protruding from his right arm beyond pulling it out, and Riddle watched in sick fascination as the wound slowly sealed up.

"What are you?" The teenage image of Voldemort question, his handsome features showing his shock.

"Hmm...? Why am I always asked that when I first come out?" The Hollow laughed. "I used to go by 'Ogihci', but I think I'll need a new name since I have a new host..."

"But that's no concern of yours, now die!" Tom's eyes widened, the boy was gone and the voice came from behind him as it spoke the last sentence! He had no time to react as Ogihci sent his head flying. "Tch, so weak..." Ogihci trailed off, eying the sickly green pulsing diary then the quivering body of the boy he had just beheaded. "Hmm..." The Hollow spirit shuffled through his new host's recent memories. "'K, then if he came from the book..."

In a sudden burst of speed Ogihci impaled the diary with his zanpakutō. He smirked in satisfaction as the body dissolved into a large puddle of various colors of inks. "He must have been tied to its existence..." After sheathing the zanpakutō and tucking into his belt, the boy had been wearing 'muggle' clothes, 'What ever that is!' and pocketing the stick he sensed a power from and placing it in his pocket, he reached up a an ripped his mask off.

Harry fell to his knees, panting heavily as he observed what the voice had done. 'Thank you...

He could almost feel the voices shrug. 'Like I said before, you'll need to learn how to fight on your own now; but I'll teach ya how.'

'What can I call you?'

Again, Harry felt the voice shrug. 'Call me what you please, my last host called me 'Ogihci', as I was his opposite and his name was 'Ichigo'.

'Hmm... How about 'Refero'? It's Latin for 'echo', and your voice echoes...

I like it! From now on I'm Refero!' The newly renamed spirit laughed. 'We can continue this later, Harry, but for now I think you should deal with that little girl over there!

At the mention of Ginny, Harry suddenly heard sounds he had missed while he was speaking to Refero; Ginny was stirring! Gathering up the Sorting Hat and diary Harry ran to his friend's side as fast as his tiredness would allow.

Ginny opened her blurry blue eyes. 'What's this warmth I feel?' "H-h-harry?" She stuttered out, looking up in to the emerald eyes of the boy who was slowly carrying her away from the Chamber of Secrets in his arms, the final lock on the room sliding shut behind them as she looked back for a second before going back to Harry's eyes.

"Hey, Ginny." Harry breathed out tiredly, Refero slowly feeding him reitsu, not that he knew what 'reitsu' was yet, to keep him going.

The young red head began to tear up. "Harry-oh, Harry- I tried to tell you at breakfast but I j-just couldn't with Percy there... It was me but I swear I never meant to, R-r-riddle made me! The last thing I remember is his coming out of the diary..."

'Damn. Cry a river, build a bridge, and get OVER it, onna(woman)!' Refero yelled in annoyance at the girls babbling.

'Be nice, Refero.' "It's fine, Ginny." He held up the book for her inspection. "He's finished, and so is his bloody snake!"

'Tsk, we need to work on your vocabulary! Saying 'Bloody' ain't no way to cuss!'

"I'm still going to be expelled! I've wanted to come to Hogwarts since Bill got his letter..." She trailed off, her eyes glazed. Harry was too preoccupied with not tripping to offer any comfort. After a few moments the sound of shifting boulders reached their ears.

"Ron!" Harry yelled, picking up his pace knowing he was close to the cave in. Fawkes gave a trill as he glided off Harry's shoulder which he had been birched on to fly a head.

He heard a strangled cheer from Ron, followed by a girlish shriek. 'Fawkes must've freaked him out.'

'What a wimp! It's just a Phoenix, I know a guy who didn't even blink as he was attacked by Phoenix more then a Hundred times more powerful and larger then that one.'


'Yeah, my old host, Ichigo.'

Harry raised an eyebrow; he was going to need to here more about this 'Ichigo' later. As he turned the bend, Ron's face came into view as it stuck out through a sizable hole he had made in the rubble pile. "Here." Harry handed Ginny through the hole to Ron, before climbing through himself.

"Ginny, you're alive! I don't believe it! What happened? And what's with that bird?" Ron rushed, somehow managing to say it all in one breath.

"Yep. You should. A lot. He's Dumbledore's." Harry answered as he squeezed through the hole.

"What's with the sword? And is that the Sorting Hat on your head?" Ron asked, eying the katana shoved into Harry's belt and Hat on his head.

"Later." Harry said, giving the continuing to cry Ginny a sidelong glance.


"Later." Harry ordered this time, Ron shutting up at the stern tone. "Where's Lockheart?"

"Back there." Said Ron, still looking puzzeled but jerking his head towards where they were headed. "He's in a bad way, come and see."

Fawkes birching himself back on Harry's shoulders, the soft golden light he emitted acting as their light as they walked through the darkness towards the pipe head. When they got there they found Gilderoy sitting on the lip of the slide/pipe, humming placidly to himself.

"His memories gone." Ron said. "The Memory Charm backfired, hit him instead of us. He doesn't have a clue who he is. I told him to wait here; he's a danger to himself."

Lockheart looked up good naturedly at them. "Hello, odd sort of place, this, isn't it?" Do you live here?"

'Kill the Fairy!' Refero ordered. 'Normally I don't mind gays, but damn this guy freaks me out!'

Harry's chuckles got him a weird look from Ron, but he ignored it. Harry looked up the long dark pipe. "Any idea's on how to get back up there?" He asked Ron.

Ron shook his head, but Fawkes got grabbed Harry's attention as he lifted off from his shoulder, offering his tail feathers to Harry. "Looks like Fawkes'll give us a ride."

"But were much to heavy for a bird-"

"Fawkes." Harry cut off. "Is not a normal bird, he's a Phoenix. Grab the back of my shirt, Ron; I'll hold Ginny's hand, Gilderoy-"

"He means you." Ron added seeing the idiot's confused face.

"Hold onto Ron." With that, Harry grabbed a tail feather with his free hand, the one not holding the diary. A feeling of lightness passed through him; a second later they were rushing up the chute in a flutter of wings. Ignoring Lockheart's pleased cries, Harry just focused on the lovely feeling of flight until it ended.

As they were put down on the tile floor the sink slid back into place, concealing once more the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.

"You're alive." Moaning Myrtle said, giving Harry a blank stare.

"No need to sound so disappointed, save that for my relatives." Harry replied as he cleaned his glasses, only half kidding.



'Nothing, we'll talk about it later.'


"Oh, well... I'd just been thinking... if you had died, you'd be able to share my toilet." The girl ghost said, blushing silver.

"Urgh!" Ron sounded as they left the bathroom for the deserted corridor outside.

'I agree with the red head!'

"Harry, I think Myrtle's drown fond of you. You've got competition, Ginny!"

'Yet again, I agree with the red head, though the ghost ain't the source of it...'

Harry blushed. 'Stay out of those things, Refero!

'Hehe, fine, I'll stop teasin ya... for now.'

As he had conversed with Refero, Harry found himself in front of McGonagall's office. Looking at the other three, Harry knocked and pushed the door open.

For a moment silence reigned as Harry, Ginny who had managed to start walking on her own a minuet ago but was still clinging to Harry's good arm, Ron, and Lockheart in the doorway, covered in muck slimeand, in Harry's case, blood, lot's of blood.

Then the silence was shattered by a scream. "Ginny!" It was Mrs. Weasley, who had been crying in front of the fir. She leapt to her feet, closely followed by Mr. Weasley, and both of them flung themselves on their daughter.

Harry's focus, how ever, was looking past them. Professor Dumbledore was standing by the mantle piece, beaming, next to McGonagall, who was taking deep steadying breaths while holding a hand over her heart. Fawkes left Harry's shoulder to rest on Dumbledore's, just in time to get away as Harry and Ron were pulled into a monster hug by Mrs. Weasley.

"You saved her! You saved her! How did you do it?"

"I think we'd all like to know that." McGonagall said weakly.

Mrs. Weasley let go of Harry, who was grateful as he could now breathe. Laying the hat and diary on the table, Harry sat down to start the tale.

"And the sword?" Dumbledore asked, eying the foreign sword at Harry's left hip.

"The Sorting Hat told me it was mine to keep."

"And so it is." The Hat agreed from its spot on the table. "It was, after all, given to me by a Potter a long time ago, I'm just returning it to the proper owner."

Dumbledore nodded, though his frown matched that of the other adults in the room. "Very well, please, continue with the story."

'Leave me out of it, just say you got in a lucky shot at the snake, they can't go down there and see what really became of it since your the only parselmouth here.'

'K, I'll leave you out of it, then. I already know from earlier this year hearing voices no one else can is a bad sign, even in the Wizarding World.

And so, with some editing near the end, Harry spent the next quarter of an hour retelling them the story from his hearing the disembodied of the snake's voice to he had walked into the office.

"So, that diary there," Dumbledore pointed at the diary with a stab whole in its center. "Is what possessed our young Ginny?" Harry nodded, and the old man sighed. "Brilliant, simply brilliant. Of course, he is probably the greatest mind to finish his education at Hogwarts to date." He turned hi attention to the bewildered Weasleys.

"Very few people know that Lord Voldemort was once called Tom Riddle. I taught him myself, fifty years ago, at Hogwarts. He disappeared after graduation... traveled far and wide... sank so deeply into the Dark Arts, consorted with the very worse of our kind, underwent so many dangerous magical transformations, that, when he resurfaced as Voldemort, he was barely recognizable. Hardly anyone connected Lord Voldemort with the clever, handsome boy that was once Head Boy here."

"Ginny!" Mr. Weasley said flabbergasted. "Haven't I taught you anything? What have I always told you? Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps it's brain? Why didn't you show it to me our your mother? A suspicious object like that was clearly of Dark Magic-"

"Please calm down, Mr. Weasley." Harry asked, though his tone made it clear it was more of an order. "Ginny's been through enough tonight."

"Miss Weasley should be taken to the Hospital Wing right away." Dumbledore broke the tension in a firm voice. "Like Harry said, it's been a rough night for her; there will be no punishment, older and wiser wizards and witches then she have been hoodwinked by Lord Voldemort." He walked over and opened the door. "Bed rest and perhaps a large steaming mug of hot chocolate. I always find that cheers me up" He looked down at the girl held in her mothers arms, eyes twinkling. "You'll find that Madame Pomfrey is still awake. She's just giving out the Mandrake Juice-I dare say that the Basilisk's victims will be waking up any moment."

"Hermione's OK then?" Harry almost yelled in joy.

The old man smiled over at one of his favorite students. "Yes, Miss Granger is fine, Mr. Potter." He looked back to Ginny. "No lasting harm has been done, Ginny." Mrs. Weasley escorted Ginny out.

"I need to talk to you later, in private, Harry." Mr. Weasley whispered, getting the boy's confused nod before following his wife.

"You know, Minerva." The Headmaster told his transfiguration Teacher thoughtfully. "I think all this merits a feast. Would you be so kind as to go inform the kitchens?"

"Right," Aforementioned Teacher said crisply. "I'll leave you to deal with Potter and Weasley, shall I?"


She left; Harry and Ron gazed up uncertainly at Dumbledore.

"I seem to remember telling you both I'd have to expel you if you broke any more school rules?"

Ron covered his mouth in horror.

"Which goes to show that some time the best of us eat our words. You will both receive Special Awards for Services to the School and, let's see... yes, I think two hundred points apiece for Gryffindor."

'Hahaha! I love this guy! He's like across between Kisuke and Yamato!' Refero laughed.

Ron went as pink as Lockhearts valentine flower and shut his mouth.

"But one of us seems to be mightily quiet about his part in this dangerous adventure. Why so modest, Gilderoy?"

Harry started, he'd completely forgotten about Lockheart! He turned around to see Lockheart was standing in a corner of the room, still wearing his vague smile. When Dumbledore addressed him, Lockheart looked over his shoulder to see who he was talking to.

"Professor Dumbledore." Ron said quckly. "There was an accident in the Chamber, Professor Lockheart-"

"Am I a Professor?" Lockheart asked in surprise. "Goodness. I expect I was hopeless?"

"He tried to do a Memory Charm and the wand backfired."

"Dear me," Dumbledore shook his head. "Struck down by you own sword, Gilderoy!"

"Sword?" The man asked dimly. "Haven't got one. That boy has, though." He pointed at Harry. "He'll lend you one."

'Fat chance! I happen to like this sword.'

"Would you mind escorting him to the Hospital Wing as well, Mr. Weasley? I'd like a few more words with Harry."

Helping Lockheart amble out, Ron cast a curious look back at Dumbledore and Harry as he closed the door.

Sitting down next to the fire, he invited Harry to move to the other chair by the flames, which Harry took. "First of all Harry, I want to thank you. You must've shown me real loyalty down in the Chamber, only that could have summoned Fawkes to you." He thanked as he petted the Phoenixes feathers."

"And so, you met Tom Riddle" Dumbledore continued thoughtfully. "I imagine he was most interested in you..."

'That sounded so fucking wrong...' Harry shuddered slightly as he looked at the phrase the same way Refero had.

"Sir..." Harry paused before speaking his mind.

'Are you seriously going to ask that? You may have some similar traits, but that does not make you like him in any important way! Do you remember what that Hat was going to give you? Godric, as in Godric Gryffindor's sword! You think he would've given that to someone 'un-Gryffindor'?' Refero yelled in Harry's mind. You are not like that man, got it?'

Harry sighed. 'Fine.'

"Never mind, Sir."

Dumbledore frowned at the boy, but he was interrupted before he could speak by the door being thrown open. In the threshold stood Lucius Malfoy, all fire and brimstone, Dobby was at his heels.

"Good evening, Lucious." Dumbledore greeted pleasantly.

Lucius totally ignored Harry's presence. "So! You've comeback! The Governors suspended you, but you saw fit to return to Hogwarts."

'What a wind bag. He's just a freakin snob with no back bone! I'd compare him to Byakuya, but that pretty boy was actually strong.' Again Refero threw out names without any meaning to Harry.

Harry zoned out, simply watching Dobby's odd actions. He kept pointing at the diary then Lucius, then hitting himself. Suddenly it hit Harry. "Don't you want to know how Ginny got that diary, Mr Malfoy?"

Lucius jumped, seeing Harry for the first time. "How should I know how the stupid little girl got hold of it?"

Harry narrowed his eyes at the insult, something... instinctual was growling in his mind, and it wasn't Refero. "Cause you gave it to her that day in Flourish and Blotts." Harry watched as Malfoy Sr. clenched and on clenched his hands.

"Prove it."

"I would if I could." Harry snapped back before Dumbledore could cut in. "But unfortunately, I can't at this point of time." It was that instinctual feeling in his gut telling him what to say. "Riddle has vanished from the book, so I can not even prove his initial presence. However, Mr. Malfoy, if this... event, or something to it's like, is to ever happen again; the Potter family will tie it to you, be it me as Family Head or my descendant, this will be carried out, I swear it on my magic." There was spark of lightning between the two, the oath had been heard and recorded by magic.

Malfoy looked at the boy sitting in front of the fire in apprehension. A shadow seemed to loom behind him... no, not one shadow, but four. The silhouettes of two men and two women stared at the elder Malfoy, eyes, green brown blue and gold, glowing vibrantly in the shadow's of the silhouettes faces, all four colors reflecting murder; his murder.

'What is this?' Malfoy asked as he took a step back in fear.

'This is Killer Intent!'(1) An echoing voice answered. Malfoy looked around, but he could not find the source.

"Is something wrong, Lucius?" Dumbledore asked, he neither felt nor saw anything amiss yet the senior wizard had taken a step back from Harry with a look of fear on his face.

Malfoy looked back at Harry to find the shadows gone. "Yes..." He schooled his features. "Yes, I'll be going now." He turned around; making sure his fear was not noticed in his pace. 'I must've imagined the whole thing... Yes, that's right, I simply imagined it.' "Come, Dobby." Wretching door open Malfoy kicked the poor house elf through the door before slamming it behind him.

Harry thought for a second. 'I owe Dobby... Hmm... That's it!' "Sir, you suppose I could give that back to Mr. Malfoy?" He asked as he stood quickly, pointing at the diary.

"Certainly, Harry, very kind of you, actually. Just don't forget the feast!" Dumbledore yelled the last part as Harry tore out of the room, diary in hand and removing a sock from his foot.

"Catch, Mr. Malfoy!" Turning on reflex, Lucius barely caught the sock covered diary a second before it hit his face.

"What..." Lucius ripped the sock off, throwing it to the side, and looking at the diary then Harry with a look of rage etched on his face. "You'll meet the same sticky end of your parents' one of these days, Harry Potter, they were meddlesome fools, too."

Harry smirked. "I'm more troublesome then you know, Lucius Malfoy, remember that I swore my line to finding you at a fault." He turned to go. "You can stay with me if you want, Dobby, I'd like the help."

Lucis looked at from Harry to Dobby to the sock the House Elf was holding like it was a jewel. Putting 1, 1 and 1 together he got; 'Kill Harry Potter'! Snarling, the man turned to Harry snarling like a beast.

"You lost me my servant, boy!" Harry went for the sword at his hip but Dobby beat him.

"You shall not harm Harry Potter!" The Elf yelled. There was a loud bang and suddenly Malfoy Senior was sent skidding back, he stopped in a heap on the next landing. "You will go now." Dobby commanded, waving a long threatening finger. "You shall not touch Harry Potter. You shall go now."

Having no other choice, Malfoy Sr. gave Harry one last incensed stare before swinging his cloak around him and stalking off.

"Harry Potter freed Dobby!" The House Elf cried in joy.

"The least I could do, just don't try to save my life again." Harry grinned down bemusedly at the excited House Elf. "And I meant what I said. I'd appreciate the help. And I'll pay, how does a galleon a week sound?" He'd read a bit about House Elfs out of curiosity a while back, and knew Dobby would most likely go lower. 'But it's worth a shot.'

Dobby's eyes bulged at the notion of such pay. "Oh no, Harry Potter, I could never take so much, a galleon a month and a single day off a month is more then reasonable."

Harry sighed "You'll go no higher?" The Elf shook his head. "Fine, until summer break see if Professor Dumbledore has any work for you, my relatives wouldn't take kindly to finding you. If he doesn't, come back to me, k?" Dobby nodded and was gone with a crack. "Heh, I guess none humans can apperate in Hogwarts, can't wait to see Hermione's reaction."

'Nah, you just can't wait to see her in general!' Refero's voice returned.

'Be nice, Refero.' Harry scolded, a light blush on his face.

Harry had been to several Hogwarts feasts, but never a Hogwarts PJ party. Everyone was in their Pjs as they sat around, laughing and eating and generally celebrating the fall of the Chamber. The night, for Harry at least, had several fine point; Justin hurrying over from Hufflepuff to apologize foe ever doubting him, Hagrid turning up half past three in the morning, his and Ron's 400 house points securing the House Cup for Gryffindor for the second year in a row. McGonagall announcing that the End of the Year Finals were canceled, and Lockhearts failure to return to teach next year were all such things. On the down side he had forgotten to place his katana in his room, and as such was asked many times to show the 'Basilisk Slayer'(2) as it had been dubbed by the Hogwarts student body.

'But,' Harry thought as he threw a side long glance at Hermione's joyful,alive face. 'The best part was seeing her again.' Refero laughed, the echoing voice for which he was named for echoing even more then normal, but the Hollow did not break into Harry's good mood.

The rest of the year passed in a haze, the only thing that really registered was the cancellation of DADA, the deflation of Malfoy's ego at his fathers sacking as a Governor, the joys of a happy Ginny joining Harry Hermione and Ron in their normal gatherings. All to soon, they were all playing, except Hermione who had voted to read a book, a game of Exploding Snap. When they were almost to King's Cross Harry remembered something.

"Hey, Ginny?" Harry asked, subconsciously rubbing the side of his hip. 'I never realized how use I was to the zanpakutō's weight at my side.' The term for the sword had been given to him by Refero, who had been mostly unapparent since that first night. Apparently he was going through every memory Harry had, he had done this to his last host as well, and he simply appeared for the first time after doing it for Ichigo. The zanpakutō was in the bottom of his trunk, he didn't want to cause a stir in the station and wasn't sure he wouldn't hit someone if he just asked someone to disillusion it. "What did you see Percy doing that he didn't want you talking about?"

"Oh, that." Ginny giggled. "Well... Percy's got a girlfriend!"

Fred dropped a stack of books on Georges head, Hermione looked up surprised, Harry and Ron audibly gasped.


"It's that Ravenclaw prefect, Penelope Clearwater; that's who he was righting to all summer. He's been meeting her all over school in secret, I walked in on them one day kissing. You won't... tease him, will you?" She added hurriedly.

"Wouldn'tdream of it," Fred said, looking like Christmas had come early.

"Definitely not," George sniggered.

As they pulled up to the station and were about to cross the barrier, Harry turned around and scribbled a number down on a piece of parchment. "Here he gave the paper to Hermione. "That's the Dursley's number, sorry Ron, but I don't trust my instructions to your father on how to use a telephone." Ron nodded understandably.

"See ya, Harry." With that, the boy was gone through the portal.

"Bye, Harry." Ginny fare welled, running off after her brother.

"They'll be proud though, won't they Harry, your relatives?" Hermione asked, stalling as some of the last people on the platform exited.

Harry laughed. "Are you kidding? All those time I could've died and didn't manage it? They'll be furious!" He was only half kidding.

"Well..." She watched anxiously as the last person left, leaving the two alone on the platform. "I'm proud of you!" Blushing horribly she pecked him on the cheek and ran through the portal.

Harry stood stunned, a hand feather touching his left cheek. 'That was my first kiss, even if it was only my cheek...' He could almost feel Refero smirk from the depths of his memories.

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(1)They are blue, right?

(2)Kinda like how Zaraki's had a psychological effect.

(3)No, that is NOT its name, so don't ask.