Title: Here We Go Now

Chapter: 1 of ?

Author: Minishini

Ratings: PG-13 says I. Some cursing and vague sexual references. Nothing really naughty.

Pairings: Sam x Bee, Bee x Mikaela

Summary: It's been twenty-four years since the battle to save earth. Sam and Mikaela are happily married, and have their only little family to care for. Their eldest daughter, Lori, is about to depart for college when shit hits the fan.

Author's Notes: Okay, this will probably be OC galore. Don't shoot me. ;o; I plan to still involve a lot of the characters from the movies, and in major ways. And there will be some cameos from some of our other beloved Autobots and Decepticons.

Disclaimer: Transformers and all that jazz is not mine, I wasn't even born when it was created, and therefore I claim no rights to any of it. So don't sue me, I'm a poor college student. Lori Witwhicky (and soon to be several other original characters) are mine, however. So please do not use them unless you ask and are given permission in return.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," Sam couldn't believe this was happening. This was definitely not happening. "Lori, what are you doing?"

His daughter, Lori Witwhicky, looked up innocently from where she was bent over the hood of Sam's 2008 Camaro. "Washing your car. It was filthy."

Sam buried his face in one of his hands as he tried to calm his beating heart. He was definitely sure that his daughter hadn't noticed the Camaro humming softly as she stroked the smooth metal with a soapy sponge. Or that the radio was blaring seemingly innocent songs with more suggestive material, such as Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle.

"By the way, you should really let me or mom at that radio," Lori frowned as the volume from inside the car turned up.

"You gotta rub me the right way if you wanna be with me," filled the slight pause between Sam's response.

"It's uh…never worked right," he replied, tossing his traitorous car a glare. His brown eyes shifted from his car—which was all too obviously enjoying Lori's attention—to cast a judging eye over her choice of attire. Didn't she know that she was an absolute boy magnet wearing a bikini out in the front lawn? "Put some damn clothes on."

His daughter simply sighed, shook her head, and went to work on a particularly stubborn blotch of mud on the Camaro's hood. "You're welcome, dad. You could show some appreciation that I'm taking care of this relic of the 2000's for you. When are you gonna get a new car?"

At this the radio shut off abruptly.

Bumblebee had never liked when people underestimated his favorite transformation. Sam could only grin at his daughter, who was blissfully ignorant of what exactly the Camaro was. "That car is all the car I'll ever want or need."

"Things aren't always what they seem to be, and sometimes life is something you can't see," the radio flared back to life. "It's more…It's more than meets the eyes."

Lori huffed as she dumped the sponge in a water bucket by her feet. "Did you like, program it to do that or something?" she accused her father as she glared at the odd car. "It's creepy as hell."

"Yeah, he likes having that effect on people," yawning innocently, Sam leaned against the frame of the garage door as his daughter snatched up a garden hose. Bumblebee's tail lights flared red for a brief instant—something Sam knew meant he was going to really enjoy being hosed down. "Have you gotten any of your packing done?"

Lori shrugged absently as she turned the hose on the Camaro's roof. The radio was now blaring a loud rap song, the bass lines making the whole car vibrate. "More or less. Just got a couple boxes to finish up, then I'm good to go."

He knew better than to feel depressed over that news, but the idea of his daughter finally leaving the nest had never been a loved one to Sam. She would be moving half way across the country from him and the safety of his home—the safety the Autobots offered. "When are you planning to leave?" he tried to sound like it didn't bother him, and he must've failed miserably.

"Papa, it's gonna be okay," his daughter smiled warmly at him as she leaned up against Bumblebee's door to reach the far side of his roof. "I'll be home on breaks and what not. Besides, it's college. It's totally worth it, right?"

"Of course," Sam was frowning as a young teenage boy on a bicycle rode past their house, his eyes wide and bulging as he ogled Lori. Not for the first time since she had gone through puberty, Sam cursed his daughter for inheriting his mother's extraordinarily gorgeous features. Lori looked too much like Mikaela. And she took after her in nearly every aspect. The body, the awkward fetish for cars, even her taste in boys.

This was glaringly evident as another teen stumbled across the scene on Sam's front lawn. This one was older yet still had the young touch of high school on his face. And he was built like a fucking tank. God, I hate football players, Sam growled to himself.

"Keep walking, boy!" Sam shouted and startled the poor kid out of his day dream.

Lori was grinning to herself and blushing as she moved the hose down Bumblebee's windshield. "They like your car, dad."

"They also like my damn daughter," Sam cursed and stood up from where he leaned against the door frame. "Inside. Now. The next time I see you I want you to be wearing shirts and pants. Long pants."

"Dad," Lori sighed in exasperation. "Seriously, I'm an adult now."

"You're eighteen and still living under my roof, and paying for you college with my money. You aren't an adult in my book," Sam grumbled and grabbed the hose from his daughter. Bee's radio had fallen quiet, replaced by a soft purr from under the hood. "Inside!"

Sighing, Lori resigned herself to the fate that her dad would keep her from ever marrying. She trudged into the house, sulking and moping the entire way.

"She has a nice touch," Bumblebee's raspy voice chirped as the door slammed shut behind Lori.

Sam simply glared at his car. "Off limits, Bee."

"I am just saying," the car made a sound that resembled laughter. "Now, are you going to finish what she started, or…?" the voice faded off suggestively.

And Sam's groin twitched at the tone. "What do you have in mind?" he asked quietly as he turned the hose back on Bee's shimmering body. It was oddly arousing, watching the water glisten and slide over pristine metal. Sam knew he had just as much of a car fetish as his wife, but at least he had a damn good reason for it. His car was actually a sentient robot, not just a clunking chunk of metal.

"Actually, I am not sure. It just seemed to be an appropriate thing to say," Bee spoke cheerfully. "Of course, if you have any ideas, however, I would be glad to listen to them."

Sam shook his head and grinned as he moved around the Camaro, garden hose at full blast to clean off the last of the suds. He was quiet as he grabbed a pair of soft towels from a pile Lori had dragged onto the lawn, and ran the cloth teasingly across Bee's side view mirror.

The car rumbled in response.

"I can think of a few things," Sam murmured. "All of which are unfortunately not meant for the front lawn," with that, his hands worked with the efficiency and unattached effort of a worker at a car wash.

Bumblebee's whole frame seemed to sigh in disappointment. "I sense some tension in you that is not sexual in orientation."

"Some tension that I wouldn't mind working off sexually."

"You wouldn't mind getting off no matter the circumstances."

"Shut it, Bee," Sam laughed.

"What is bothering you, Sam?"

"It's…Lori, really," Sam started slowly. He knew that if he had tried to dodge the Autobots' questions Bee would've simple brought it up again and again until Sam answered honestly. The damn robot had developed a stubborn streak in him since he came to earth. "I don't know if she's ready for a move like this. She'll be up in Chicago all by herself. None of her friends are even going to school outside of California."

"She will make new friends," Bumblebee stated boldly, as if he were a hundred percent certain that what he said would come true. "And maybe it is you that is not ready? Your mother was quite the same when it was your turn to leave."

"Stop being so blunt," Sam grumbled and moved from one spot of Bee's car anatomy to another. He was careful to avoid the spots Bee really liked having rubbed until absolutely necessary. The vibrating and humming coming from deep inside the robot car was distracting.

"But it is true. You are not ready to see her leave."

"It feels like yesterday I was taking her to her first day of preschool and she wouldn't let go of me," Sam said shortly. He could remember that moment clearly. Lori had been crying and screaming bloody murder as Sam nervously tried to unlatch her iron grip from around his leg. The preschool teacher had been polite and understanding, and even tried to lure Lori to the play area with a Barbie Doll. It wasn't until Sam had dangled Lori's favorite toy in front of the girl—a model of Bumblebee—that she finally quieted and went with the friendly teacher, one little hand clutching the model, the other shoved in her mouth. "Now she's all too eager to leave."

"All sentient life forms are quite proud of their independence, especially as they mature," once again Bumblebee spoke in a matter-of-fact tone. "It is only natural for her to want to break free and stretch her wings. I sense there is something more to it?"

"You guys said more transformers have been coming to earth," Sam frowned as his car suddenly fell quiet. The radio was silent, even the humming and rumbling from under the hood stopped. "You never said wither they were Autobots or Decepticons."

Bumblebee was silent for a moment before he chose to answer. "Both, really. We have made contact with several Autobots and confirmed their identities. We have also had sightings of Decepticons in out of the way areas. We are not sure what they plan, if they plan anything at all."

"Bee…would they like…try to avenge Megatron?" by now Sam was completely unconcerned with the water still beading on Bee's body. He simply stood there, his eyes focused on the black racing stripes running vertically across the top of Bee. "Would they target me or…or Lori?"

"Maybe," the Autobot replied honestly. "I will talk to Optimus Prime about it, and discover exactly what the threat level is towards you and your progeny."

"Bee, could I ask you a favor? I mean, it's not small. I'm asking you to do a huge thing for me, and I really…I would really like you to say yes."

It didn't even take a nanosecond for Bee to know what his response would be to Sam's question. The robot would do anything, anything, for his human. "Of course Sam."

"Would you go to school with Lori?"

Weeeellllll? What do you think? I have a whole huge plot…plotted. I would love some feedback. I know it's still a little early in the fic to get anything definitive going on, but still. ;o; Feedback is always good.

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Songs used in this fic:

Christina Aguilera—Genie in a Bottle

Vaughan Penn—More Than Meets the Eyes (I have no idea who this is, the lyrics just fit my purposes)