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Viola slowly stood up from where she was, keeping her gaze on the person before her; afraid that this was all just a hallucination and Olivia would disappear before her eyes.

The dark haired girl still couldn't believe that this beautiful person standing in front of her looks more radiant than ever. Olivia was dressed in a light cream colored halter top and a white cotton skirt. Viola noticed that the blonde's hair showed every bit of Paul Antonio's work; it was layered slightly while framing the Olivia's features beautifully, creating a sort of bright halo around the girl. Viola vaguely wondered if the angels in heaven came as close to this.

Finally sure that this was not in fact a delusion, Viola Hastings quickly realized that they were still in a particular situation, and being the person that she was, she always made the first move to make everything right.

"Olivia," she softly began again, only this time, more determined.

It was only after having Olivia's finger pressed slightly to her lips; gently cutting her off, that Viola realized just how close they were.

Olivia then quietly took both of Viola's hands in hers and looked up at the taller girl, with a ghost of a smile still playing on her lips. Suddenly feeling uncertain, Olivia glanced away from the hazel orbs, but she didn't let go of the hands that were apprehensively grasping her own.

"I'm sorry," said Olivia softly before Viola could ask her what's wrong.

With a sense of trepidation quickly clouding over Viola's mind, she quickly felt the need to run away from there to avoid anymore possible heartbreak. But her mind didn't seem to want to listen to her instincts, and she stayed rooted to spot while still holding onto Olivia's hands. Viola had no doubt that the blonde haired beauty could feel her shaking slightly with anxiety. As Olivia's blue gaze met up to meet hers once more, Viola was then filled with the reassurance of hope.

"What you said the other day, took me by surprise." Said Olivia, "And it also made me scared." Olivia figured it'd be best if she were to explain; it was now or never.

"I'm sorry for running out on you the other day, Vi." Said Olivia tentatively, "I was a huge moron for doing that," She then added hastily, "and I understand if you don't forgive me for that and that you probably won't…" Olivia then trailed off, afraid that her words might've become a reality. She then closed her eyes and took a moment for herself to choose her next sentence carefully, "I'm willing to give another shot at this, if you'd let me."

After opening her eyes, Olivia didn't know what to think as she was greeted by a rather unreadable expression across Viola's face. Viola then gently slid her hands out of Olivia's grasp; carefully taking note of Olivia's saddened expression.

"Yeah, you were a moron," agreed Viola thoughtfully. Olivia looked away; embarrassed to show the tears that were forming around her eyes.

"But don't think for a second that I probably wouldn't want anything to do with you," Viola took a small pause to let Olivia catch on and watched as a sparkle came across the other girl's expression, "Because I want everything that revolves around you, Olivia Lennox." stated Viola, smiling, as Olivia's face too lit up amidst all the tears.

Both girls closed the short distance between themselves, smiling in euphoria.

Viola brushed a strand of hair out of Olivia's face and leaned down to capture the blonde's lips gently in her own.


"You totally set them up for that didn't you?" asked a quiet voice behind Paul as the hairdresser watched from the darker side of the bleachers; Olivia uncertainly making her way on the dark field.

As he turned around, Paul saw that it was Andrew Clifton standing nervously by the archway, giving a small smile. Paul didn't know whether to run or hide, either way; his legs didn't seem to be following his instincts. Andrew then gawkily leaned on the wall beside him, triggering a switch at the same time; lighting the entire field with spotlights.

Aware of what just happened, Paul looked over his shoulder to take a quick look at the two girls. Everything seemed to be fine, and he was thankful of the boy's right timing of clumsiness. Paul then turned back to the soccer player, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, I wasn't the only one for that idea." He replied giving a pointed look at Andrew.

After both Paul and Olivia were done in the saloon, Paul Antonio decided to send Olivia back to Illyria, figuring he might as well get to know her a little bit more along the way and push the girl in the right direction, i.e. confront Viola as soon as possible. Just as they pulled into the Illyria car park, Paul spotted a lonely figure in the distance of the football field, kicking away at the soccer balls.

He then presumed quietly that it had to be Viola, seeing as no other member on the team had a physique as lean as hers or even had long hair for that matter. Taking a glance at the girl sitting beside him in the passenger seat, Paul knew that Olivia too saw the girl out on the dim field, because she now remained quiet and was gazing blankly out the window, not to mention her right leg was swaying nervously. Paul parked his car and turned off the engine, suppressing a chuckle seeing that the blonde was too distant to notice that the car was now stationary two minutes ago.

Paul then gently caught her attention by tapping her lightly on her shoulder. Startled, Olivia turned to look at him, apparently looking more scared now at the thought of confronting Viola. So Paul then offered the best that he could; a confident friendly smile, telling her something somewhere along the lines of: 'it's now or never', reassured her that it'll go fine and letting her know that there is always the possibilities of other women. His last statement then made Olivia reach over and pinch him at wherever she could reach.

Andrew on the other hand had been jogging around the school's campus for the last 20 minutes. By the time he had reached the soccer stadium, he caught sight of a familiar hairdresser giving encouraging words to another familiar blonde and practically dragging her into the stadium. Andrew's curiosity then got the better of him as he followed them.

Paul was then the first to crack a small grin followed by a quiet chuckle at the timing of coincidence bestowed upon the girls, but Andrew didn't follow suit.

"Listen Paul," he began, "I'm sorry for what happened last month. I wasn't-" Andrew then trailed off unsure of how to continue. After a short pause he tried again, "I didn't mean to hurt you when I-"

This time, Paul was the one who gently cut him off, "Its ok Andrew, I get it."

"You gotta know that was totally new for me – and I was afraid…"

Paul looked away.

"Elsie and I never hooked up," babbled Andrew "…figured I really didn't know anything about girls." Andrew was now looking away as well. Paul then remembered Elsie, the cheerleader and grimaced slightly in the darkness.

"I still miss you…" stated Andrew softly, making Paul snap his head up to make sure he heard correctly.

Andrew now looked back shyly, and before he knew what had happened, Paul took a large stride towards him and hugged him tightly. Andrew gratefully returned the embrace.

"I miss you too." breathed Paul.

Blissful laughter then broke both men slightly from their embrace and as they turned to look at the source of the laughter at the field, they saw that Viola was now swinging Olivia in her arms. Both girls happily content with being in each other's presence.

"Do you want to get out of here?" suggested Paul.

Instead of replying, Andrew gave a smirk and ran off from Paul, teasing the latter to catch up with him. Paul Antonio did, finally glad that his life didn't suck for once.


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