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Chapter One


Hinata never thought she'll lose it this way she always pictured giving her body & soul to Naruto. She never even imagined the brunette boy being the one to tower over her body, and explore every nook and cranny of it. She lightly bit her lower lip as she stared him in the eyes. His hands rested a few inches away from her arms as his body hovered over her fragile palish body. He gazed at it like a child would gaze at candy. His eyes were now focoused on her translucent eyes. He was fully nude as was she, and his throbbing member rested by her entrance. The boy leaned forward and whisper in her ear. "Are you sure you're ready?" Hinata lightly gulped as she responded, "Y-Yes." The boy then slowly entered her moist vagina. She lightly cringed as she let out a soft "ah!" sound. "Gomen." The boy muttered as he watched her flinch in pain. He slowly infiltrated her body giving out a soft grunt, which caused Hinata to gasp. That noise that escaped his lips was made for her, and the raspyness from his voice made it sound even more tantalizing to her ears. He retracked his member from her slowly as he then pushed into her once more.

They've known each other since they could remeber. Their family was really close, but she still couldn't imagine that he would be the one. As the years swept by they grew apart. It wasn't until he left Konoha did she miss the raven haired boy. She never knew how much he meant to her, even though they never spoken a word since the incident that changed his life. Always hiding behind the mask he so well displayed in public, but she always knew how he really felt. "Sasuke..." Hinata softly moaned his name when the boy slowly thrusted himself deeper.

Sasuke grined as he watched Hinata clutch the sheets. Hearing her moan his name was more that he could bare. At this point in time he wanted to make her expirence extacsy. For the last seven years she was all that he could think about. When Itachi masacred their clan he was left alone, and he began to distant himself from everyone. He never tried to distant himself from her, but it couldn't be helped. As the years swept by he found out that Hinata developed feelings for Naruto the village idiot. The mere thought of her and Naruto together grind his gears. He didn't fully understand why he felt this way until it was to late. By that time Hinata became afraid of him. It drove him to the brink of insanity knowing that him &she, and she &him could no longer share the bond they once had. Sasuke's head began to lower as Hinata wraped her arms around his neck, and bring him close. He could sense she was hesitant, but that soon washed away when he gave her his famous smug look. Hinata smiled as she then raised her head up, and kissed him passionatly.

Hinata's warm lips caressed Sasukes' as she slowly deepen the kiss that was filled with lust. Sasuke tongue slowly traced her lips pleading to be welcomed into her mouth. Her mouth shakily open giving permission for his tongue to mingle with hers. Sasukes' left hand traveled upward, and took a hold of her full breast. Over the years their bodies matured, Sasuke muscles were just the right size, and toned. His six pack was rock hard and every time it touched her soft belly she let out a sigh. Yes, Sasuke's body was what every girl lusted after. Sasuke tightly groped her brest as she let out a loud moan into his ears. His hands roamed Hinata's curvey body. Her once flat physic was curvey in all the right places. Her D sized breast sat prefectly upon her chest, and they never sagged. Hinata's hour glass shape was envyed by all the Konoha & Suna kunoichies.

"Sasuke." She broke the kiss and softly whispered into his ears.

"Yes, Hinata-Hime?" He grunted as he replied.


"You're a princess in my eyes, and I shall always respect you--" Sasuke paused as he brought Hinata's right hand to his lips and softly placed a kiss upon it.

'Sasuke...' She said his name to herself as she removed her hand from his grasp, and softly caressed his cheek.

"--As a comrade and lover..." He finished as he held her hand in place with his hand.

"I lo--" Sasuke cut her off by softly kissing her tender lips.

"I know..."

"Sasuke, please--" Sasuke corked a brow as he looked down at the angelic princess that was beneath him. "Go faster..."

Sasuke lightly bumped his nose against hers as he asked, "Are you sure?" She lightly nodded as she smiled at him. "Okay..." Sasuke didn't want to cause her to much pain, he already put her through so much pain, over these past years. Sasuke's hand slid under her thighs as he picked her up and carried her to the wall. Hinata looked at him wondering what he was about to do. "Sasuke--Wah!" She shrieked when her bare back touched the cold wall. "Just relaxe." Sasuke said as he gave off a comforting smile, which surprised Hinata. Sasuke rested himself in between her legs as he whispered, "Tell me if you want me to stop." Hinata softly bumped her pelvis against his letting him know that she wanted him. Sasuke tightly gripped Hinata's thighs as he roughly entered her. A loud thud viberated through the walls as Hinata caught her breath each time he impaled himself inside of her. "Oh Sasuke!" Moaned loudly Sasuke grined at what he made her do. Every moan she made only made him want to hear her call his name more. Her voice seemed to bounce off the stoney walls.

He wasn't giving her any mercy, and neither was she. Hinata was a flexible person, and Sasuke took advantage of it. He raised her left leg up high as he continued to thrust into her. "Sasuke don't stop...Please!" Hinata moaned as she intertwined her fingers in his hair. Their bodies were glistening as their breaths became heavy. Sasuke loosened his grip on Hinata, and lowered her to the ground. He placed his head on the crook of her neck as her arms were still wraped around his neck. With the little energy Sasuke had he picked Hinata up bridal style and carried her to his bed. He laid her down and laid next to her as he pulled the covers over.


"Yes Hinata-Hime?"

"Let me stay..."

"No." He bluntly said as he turned her back towards her.

"Sasuke, please don't push me away." She was on the verge of tears as she sat up and stared at him.

"..." Was his only response.

"I see..."


"It's okay. I'm just glad I got to spend this time with you." When that was said the door flung open, and Kabuto stood at the door.

"Hinata get dressed and leave..."

"You're letting us go, but why?"

"I don't have to explain myself to you...Just leave, and don't you dare telling anyone about this hide-out or I'll kill your family."

"Hai..." Hinata said while fighting back her tears. She got up and put on her outfit which was similar to Kurenais'.

"Sasuke one of the prisoners has es--" Kabuto stopped in mid-sentence when he saw Sasuke with the Hyuuga girl.

"U-Um." Hinata was embarassed to be caught like this, and she couldn't find the words to say.

"Kabuto release the prisoners, but supress their memories on where the hide-out is..."

"Hai," said Kabuto as he walked out of the room.

"Bye Sasuke..." Hinata softly muttered. Hinata left the room following Kabuto.

'I'm so stupid! I should of known better than to-than to...I can't believe I lost something so precious to me to an asshole like that!' She cried to herself mentally. Once she was re-united with her fellow comrades; who thought she was being interogated in a different room. Did an invisbility jutsu and stood infront of them and preformed his Temple of Nirvana Technique. Everyone instantly fell asleep, and while they were asleep Kabuto supressed their memories of the hide-out.


Everyone awoke to the sun shining on their face. They were at the entrance of the gates to Konoha, and everyone except Hinata seemed dazed and confused. Hinata looked down the road as she thought to herself. 'I shall never trust you again Uchiha Sasuke...'

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