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Nimiko: (is dressed up like tamaki from ouran) I'm the worlds best thief! Yarg!

Hinata: (is dressed up like haruhi from ouran) I have an eye patch!

Sasuke: (is dressed up like hikaru from ouran) Why am I Hikaru?

Nimiko(tamaki): Because you're mean.

Hikaru: (pops out of nowhere) Are you saying I'm mean?

Kaoru: (pops out of nowhere) Well Miko-Hime does have a point you are mean from time to time.

Hikaru: Kaoru you're not helping!

Nimiko(tamaki): N-No! Hikaru-Sama I mean...I mean! Umu...Umu...Anyway!...IHS-Sama I am a woman of her word so gosh darnit I'm gonna keep that deal's promise. (laughs easily) So here's the new chapter.

Hikaru: Hey don't switch the subject on me!

Chapter Eighteen


Sasuke sat on the couch as Naruto sat on the coffee table looking Sasuke right in the face. "Would you please move away from me." The Uchiha Heir sighed as he scartched the back of his neck in a lazy manner. "I know to well of your fondness of guys." He grimaced as he remembered the kiss which made everyone think that Naruto and he were more than just team-mates.

"It was an accident the kid in front of me bumped me, and I fell into you!" Naruto shrieked. "Augh...I can't believe our first kiss with a guy." Naruto said awkwardly.

"Correction." Sasuke said with his famous smug. "Your first kiss was with a guy, but mines went like this."

-------Flash Back-------

"Welcome." Hiashi and Houran said with a slight bow.

"It is an honor to finally meet you Mikoto-Sama." Houran said with her warmest smile.

"Like wise." Mikoto said with the same kind of smile. "Oh, Fugaku brought us some of the cake you made last time he visited, and you simply must tell me the recipe."

"Hiashi has done the same with some of your cooking." Houran said. "Come lets go talk about our recipes."

"Oh who is this little one." Mikoto asked as she saw a tiny hand clutching Houran's kimono sleeve.

"Hinata don't be shy come, and meet your future in-lwas."

Hinata stepped from behind her mother, and gave everyone a small smile. "Hello."

"What a beautiful kimono." Mikoto chimed.

"Thank you. You're very pretty."

"How adorable."

"Ahem." Hiashi and Fugaku scuffed to get the women's attention. "We have pressing matters to talk about." The two men said as they left the rest of the group.

"Sorry." Houran said. "Itachi why don't you take Hinata and Sasuke to the gardens."

"Hai." Itachi said as he guided Sasuke and Hinata the the Hyuuga's Garden.

"Such an obident boy." Houran said.

"Hai." Mikoto's eyes lowered into far away gaze. "Perhaps to obident..."

"Mikoto-Sama are you okay?" Houran asked.

"Hai." Mikoto came back to as they walked towards the tea room.


"How come they're not blossoming?" Sasuke asked as his curious eyes gazed at an area just decorated in Moonlite Magnolias.

"T-These ar Moonlite Magnolias." Hinata stamered. "They b-blossom at night, but when the morning come t-t-they close back up." Hinata poked her index fingers together. "My mom told me that they glow when you're with your soulmate."

"Interesting." Sasuke said as he poked one of them.

"Have you ever seen them at night?" Itachi asked while he sat on the green grass.

"O-O-Oh, n-no!" Hinata blushed furiously. "H-H-Hyuuga-a-as only c-come here when...ano...when ano...t-they're with...t-there true love."

"Ah." Itachi gave Hinata a kind smile. "When you're of age, I promise I'll take you to see them."

Hinata's eyes brightened up as little blush marks appeared under her eyes. "Really?" The young heiress asked as her smile became bigger


"Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.~" Sasuke said he rolled his eyes at the two.

"You lack manners." Itachi said as he gave Sasuke a solemn expression.

"I can say the same for you. You told me that you'd train me, and you still haven't."

"Fine." Itachi groaned. "I'll do it when we get home tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Sasuke and Hinata asked together.

"It's an overnight visit."

"It's a sleepover?"

"No you idiot!" Sasuke glared at Hinata with a huge blush apparent. "Sleepover are for girls!"

"S-Sorry! Ano...Ano...Please forgive me!" Hinata said.

"Hinata-Sama?" An 8yr old boy walked into the garden.


"Baa-Sama, asked me to retrieve." Neji said.

"It's 5pm already." Hinata turned towards her guests and gave them a slight bow. "P-Please excuse me, but I must t-take my leave.' Hinata as she left with her cousin.

"Sasuke, she's going to be apart of the family soon. So you're going to have to be nicer to her."

"Fine..." Sasuke said as he became quiet.

"What's on your mind Sasuke?" The older Uchiha always knew when something was on Sasuke's mind.

"You're a pedo."



Hinata sat in her bed thinking about what Itachi had told her. It was 2AM and she couldn't sleep. She couldn't believe that the Uchiha Itachi was going to marry her. Just thinking about it made her more hyper. 'Those girls are going to be so jealous!' Hinata kicked her feet in the air as she did a silent giggle. Hinata stopped and furrowed her brows. 'I hope my boobies grow in...'


The sound was faint, but she could hear it. Hinata scurried off her bed, and looked out her window. Someone was in the garden, and they weren't bright enough to close the door. The young Heiress wasn't sneaking out. No she was just going to close the garden gate so whoever it was didn't get in trouble.

Hinata didn't bother putting on her shoes, and climbed out her window. The dewy grass tickled her feet as she trotted over to the garden gates. She slowly closed the gate behind her as she gazed at the lovely flowers, but she tore her gaze away from the Daisies when the Moonlite Magnolias came to mind. 'Itachi-Sama won't get mad if I just take a little itsy bitsy peek.' Hinata turned a few turns in the garden, and ended up in the Moonlite Magnolias area.

"They're beautiful..." Hinata gasped. "Wait a minute...They're glowing..."

"They just started glowing."

"Sasuke-San?!" Hinata gasped.

"Just call me Sasuke okay." The Uchiha said. "We're going to be family soon. So drop the formalities."

"A-Alright Sasuke." Hinata looked at the glowing flowers, and became slightly worried.

"Don't worry. They're probably just glowing, because I'm his brother. Dumb plants probably can't tell us apart." Sasuke said off handly.

"You're right." Hinata said with a smile similair to earlier. Sasuke turned the other way, and blushed. "Ouch!" Hinata hissed as she grabbed her arm. A tree branch had poked her arm, and made a mark.

"Are you okay?" Sasuke asked.

"H-H-Hai. I am."

"You're a terrible liar." Sasuke said as he took her arm, and looked at it. The tiny puncture wound was bleeding a tad bit. "Lying about this sort of thing is going to get you killed one day." Sasuke took out some gauze from his pouch, and wrapped her arm. "There."

"Thank you so much Sasuke-San...I mean Sasuke."

"I think it's clear from the incident that just occurd that you need me around. I will always be close to you for now on. I feel I must protect you. Is that all right?" Sasuke had a tiny pinkish tint on his face as he cleared his throat.

"A-Ano, I guess so, but e-evening during A-Academy classes?"

"Ah no. That's different."

"How about when I'm in the b-bathroom?"

"No that's different too."

"How a-about after I-I'm home or while I'm a-asleep?"

"That's different too, of course."

"T-Then we're seperate most of t-t-the time."

"Uh...Well...Yeah...Well I still promise to protect you. We're gonna be family soon, and if I can't marry you then at least let me protect you!" Sasuke covered his mouth. "I mean..."

"Y-You want to m-marry me?"

"Well maybe, but that's besides the point."

"It is?"

"Of course." Sasuke rolled his eyes. "So are you gonna accept my declaration or not?"

"Ano, sure."

"How do we seal this promise?"

"I don't know." Hinata shrugged. "How do your parents seal their promises?"

"Oh like this!" Sasuke aligned himself with Hinata, and cleared his throat once again. "I promise I'll protect you no matter what." Sasuke leaned in, and pressed his lips against Hinatas'. At that very moment all the Moonlite Magnolias became brighter, and illuminated their formers in the darkened night.

-------End of the Flash Back-------

"Hinata's my soulmate, and there's no way in hell I'm going to give her up to someone like you." Sasuke said as he flipped the coffee with his foot, and sent Naruto with it.

Naruto stood up and glared at Sasuke. "We might of been friends once upon a time ago, but we're friends no longer."

"Wow. If I knew just flipping over a coffee table with you on it would get you to finally understand that we're no longer friends would help you. Then hell I would of done it awhile ago."

Naruto leaped at Sasuke, and they both rolled over the top of the couch. Naruto was on top of Sasuke punching him in the face. "I won't let you hurt Hinata again." In the middle of his tenth punch Naruto's fist collidded with a log.

Sasuke appeared behind Naruto with a black-eye and a pink vase in hand. He swiftly smashed it over Naruto's head. He the dropped to the ground, and elbowed Naruto in his spine. The Hokage yelled in pain as he kicked his foot up, and hit Sasuke's jaw. Sasuke accidently bit his tongue, and growled as he grabbed Naruto's hair, and repeatedly smashed it against the floor.

Naruto flung his head backward, and did a backwards-headbutt. Sasuke grabbed his nose. Naruto took this opportunity, and crawled towards the lamp he pulled it out of the socket. He grasped the cord, and began to swing the lamp as if it was a grappling hook. It would of been an awesome move only if Hinata didn't walk into her apartment, and got hit in the face with the swinging lamp.

"Yo idit whook wah yo id." Sasuke's tongue was so swollen that he couldn't speak right.

"It washt mi falt." Naruto retorted.


Sasuke gazed at Hinata's sleeping form with a forlorn expression. 'How ironic. Just as I was talking about that promise did you walk in, and get hit in the face by a lamp.' He sighed. Sasuke loved her so much, and even before he even started to like her. He felt so jealous when guys talked, looked, or even told her they loved her. "Hinata I've always loved you." He whispered as he placed a kiss on her forehead.

"If you really love her then stop hurting her." Naruto said as he sat on the other side of the room. "I just finally realized why she always looked so far away after you left. I finally understand it all."

"Oh really?"

"I do have a brain." Naruto sneered. "She use to have a crush on me, but at some point you guys hooked up, but you guys didn't want it to be out in the open. So she pretended to still like me. As you pretended to be single, and only interested in training."

"So you do have one. I am impressed that you didn't get a headache."

"Ahn." Came the soft voice from Hinata as she stirred.

"Hina-Chan are you okay?"

"To loud." She mumured. "Both of you get out." She groaned as she turned over in her bed, and covered her head with her pillow.

Sasuke got up without a word and Naruto followed. Once they were outside of her apartment Naruto turned towards Sasuke. "Just do her a favor, and stop toying with her. She has been through enough already. Just promise you'll stay away from her." Naruto frowned. "This isn't Naruto speaking, but this is the 6th Hokage speaking. Stay away from her."

"Fine. I promise I'll stay away from Hinata." Sasuke did a few hand signs, and he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.


Hinata awoke the next morning with a slight headache. "Augh. Those two idiots." She stumbled out of bedroom, and into her living room. To her surprise Naruto was there cleaning up the living room. "I thought I told you to leave." She said in an unruly tone.

"W-Well I didn't want to leave a mess, and Hiashi-Sama had told me to tell you to be ready to got to the Traditional Town Celebration thing tonight." Naruto gulped. "I even brought over the kimono Hiashi-Sama bought you, and I bought you some jew--."

"You think buying me something will make the fact that you and Sasuke destroyed my things?"

"Is this a trick question?"

"Get out!" Hinata yelled as she through a kunai at Naruto. A few strads of his hair fell to the ground. The kunai hit the wall with a thud.

"Alright! Alright! I'm leaving." Naruto yelled which made Hinata's headthrob. Why oh why did he have to be so damn loud. With a slam of the door the Leaf's Hokage left.

"Kami," Hinata asked while she had a palm over her forehead. "What have I done to upset you so much, hm?" Hinata lazily walked over to the kimono her father picked out for her and let her finger tips roam over its silky texture. It was her favorite color in the whole world. Lavander. It was a light lavander color, and it was trimed in gold. It was the kind of kimono a Fuedal Lord's wife would wear. She tore her eyes away from the kimono, and walked towards an elegant music box. Her slender fingers opened it with the utmost care. A warm smile grazed her face as she gazed upon her mother's pearl drop earrings. The matching necklace was right by them.

-------Flash Back-------

A 9yr old Hinata sat in the gardens watching the different birds that visited all the flowers. It was the same birds everyday, and so she gave them all names, and always had food out for them. This would usually bring her joy, but five months ago her mother suddenly became ill. It's been a whole three months since she last saw her, and it pained her that she wasn't by her side. Soft sounds coming from behind her brought her out of her thoughts. It was Keiko a woman from the branch member of the Hyuuga family. "You can now see her."

Hinata went to her room, and got a picture off of her dresser before she left with Keiko. The walk was silently awkward since neither knew exactly what to say. It felt as if the walk to her parents chambers was taking a millionia. "Hinata-Sama be strong." The older Hyuuga finally said in a whisper. She didn't look at Hinata, but just kept her usual pace. They finally made it to the chambers, and the woman left Hinata standing in front of the doors. With precise ease Hinata opened the doors. "Mother?" She asked quietly.

"Come Hinata." Her mother said in a sickly voice. "It's been months since I've been able to see you."

"Mother just in case we aren't allowed to see each other again I brought you this picture of you and me at the Festival from last year." Hinata said as she placed the picture on her mother's night-stand. "I miss seeing you everyday."

"So have I." Houran said in a weakish smile. Her eyes seemed so far off that Hinata didn't know if she was really there or in some far off land. Houran's hand raised off the bed, and caressed her daughter's petite face. "You will make a fine bride."

"Mother don't speak as i--"

"Sssh." She cooed as she continued. "Promise me that you'll wear these when during your Clan Tradition Ceremony. It's the same ones I wore during mine." Tears slid down both of their faces. "I know that you'll look...beautiful in...them...Hina...ta..." Houran's hand fell limply towards the floor.

"Mother?" Hinata asked shakily. She didn't recieve a response. ONly dead silence greeted her tender ears. "I-I promise I'll wear them...I promise..."

-------End of the Flash Back-------

"Mother I'm sorry, but I cannot keep that promise." Hinata whispered to herself in a teary voice. "It just wouldn't feel right...Please understand." She then opened the box containing laying next to the kimono. It was the jewelry Naruto bought her. Hinata won't lie and say that it wasn't beautiful. Never in a million years would she of thought that Naruto could pick out such lovely jewelry, but then he could of had that slut Haruno pick it out for him. Then come again. Knowing her she would of picked out the ugliest piece of jewelry known to man, and told Naruto to give it to her.

"It won't feel right if I wore that either, but he most likely already showed my father..." She sat the box on her dresser, and went to start getting prepped for the event that was taking place tonight.


Sasuke was holding a piece of steak on his black-eye. He grumbled about how girls were to much trouble. The door to the cabin opened, and his companion Juugo stepped in. "Hn." Was the only aknownledgement he recieved from Sasuke. When the Uchiha notice that Juugo had a somewhat pissed expression on his face he decided to say more. "Sup?"

"You're not leaving." Juugo said in a meancing voice.

"Oh?" Sasuke tried to cork a brow, but it only lead to his black-eye throbbing in pain.

"You're not abandoning Hinata. Not again."

"Am I the only one who didn't see it as abandoning?"

"Apparently so." Juugo said with un-amused eyes.

"Why shouldn't I leave?" Sasuke re-positioned hiself in the chair he was in. "She seems somewhat content."

Juugo bit his lips. He wanted to just blurt out that Hinata was pregnant, but he knew it wasn't his place to tell. Then it would most likely piss Sasuke off if he had to find out second hand instead from the main source. This...All of this was just making him frusturated with everything. He felt as if he would just snap in any moment, and kill something, anything, but Hinata's warm welcoming smile erupted in his mind, and made everything calm again. A smug smirk appeared on Juugo's handsome expression. "Aren't you not the leader, and what would people think if they found out that Uchiha Sasuke was a coward some chick to Uzumaki Naruto."

Sasuke's hand squeazed the meat that still laid over his eye. The juice from the meat slithered from the steak, and ran in every direction. "Hinata isn't some chick!" He growled as he quickly stood up. "She's more than some chick...She's the reason why my darkened world has light." His eyes stared at the ground. "I live for her smiles, her hugs, her kisses, for her love...She's more way more than some chick."


"If I could I would bring a her fallen star, and if she wanted me to I'd carve out my heart, and serve it to her on a silver plater." This was the first time Juugo had ever witnessed Sasuke's love stricken face. He looked so peaceful and at home while he thought about Hinata's qualities. "I love her to the very core of her own existance."

"Then stay." Juugo said with a smile. "Make her see that you are willing to stay."

"Stay..." Sasuke said in a far off voice.



"Anemone you'll look great in this!" Mei chimed as she pushed an outfit towards her.

"W-What I-I couldn't possibley wear this!" Anemone blushed until her whole body started to overheat. "My uncle would most likely kill me before my own mother gets a chance."

Shiori moved through the kimono shop as she had her eyes glued to a book. "Not to mention that Izumo-Sensei would most likely help him.

Anemone froze at the thought of her two favorite people in the world taking turns in her murder. Her mouth ajar as her eyes was glazed over in fear. "So much blood...So much..."

"Oh stop being a baby." Mei sighed. "Besides," A sly fox like grin spread across her face. "You might catch the eye of Konohamaru-Kun.~"

Once again her whole body blushed. Anemone ran towards the counter, and whipped out her money. "I don't care if Uncle Kotetsu and Izumo kills me! It will be a nobel death!" The cashier looked startled and a sweat drop was streaking the side of his face.


"Don't worry about her Koi she's talking teenage-girl talk right now." Shiori said as she picked her kimono and began walking towards the cashier. Mei did the same as she skipped towards the register right behind Shiori. "What got you so happy?"

"With this stunning kimono I'll catch that eye of that cafe manager." Mei sighed dreamily. "I'm gonna marry that man."

"Ah." The cashier said as he rung up their outfits. "So I'm taking it that you're all going to the event tonight?"

"Yup-Yuppers." Mei chimed.

"I'm going to." The man said. "My date is so thrilled to be going she's been nervous about what to wear."

"O-Oh who are you t-t-taking, Koi-Kun?" Anemone asked.


"Out of all the girls who graduated from the Academy with us you picked her?" Mei asked in disbelief.

"Don't you remember she was such a bitch?" Anemone asked.

"Whoa..." Mei sweatdropped. "Did you hear that? Anemone cursed. She cursed. So what does that tell you Suri is a bitch!"

"G-Guys please. She's nice once you get to know her.

"Though I am quite jealous of Neji-Sensei."

"Why is that?" Shiori asked.

"The most beautiful girl in Konoha is in love with him..."

"Wait..." The girls said in unison. "Hinata-Sensei is going with Neji-Sensei?!"

"N-No...I--I was um...Nevermind! Nevermind I was just dribbling--I mean babbling--Uh...Here go your bags see you sometime later!" Koi ushered his friends quickly towards the door. "Bye-Bye! Come again!" When the girls were out of sighs he sighed. "After all this time I still have these feelings for you...Shiori..."


It was old Konoha Clan Tradition that before the wedding took place that a big celebration be held. This must of been the first big Clan bash that Konoha had in decades. The first female Heir was being wedded to the Hokage, and Konoha couldn't be any happier for the two. The two stars of the whole event sat at the main table by the stage. Hundreds of tables scattered about the whole area. Filled with people mummering about different things. Some saying how cute they look together. Some people were envious and thought Hinata was to good for Naruto, and some thought the other way around, but even though they all agreed that this party was fantastic.

"I am so proud to have a daughter such as Hinata." Hiashi stood at the podium and gave a slight smile to his beloved daughter. "She has come a long way from being Sunshine to becoming the beautiful kunoichi you see here today." Hinata's eyes watered as her father called her by the old nickname he use to call her. "I've always haven't been a good father..." Everyone in the audience feel deaf. "Naruto-Sama, please be a better father than I was to your future offspring."

Naruto gave him a warm comforting smile. "Hyuuga-Sama. You have done a worthy job of fathering your children. I can only imagine how it must feel like to be a single parent. Especially while having to practically father a whole clan. Don't be so hard on yourself. Hinata-Hime and Hanabi-Hime has turned into beautiful young women. Where any guy would kill to have such a beauty like them." Hiashi returned his smile.

Naruto stood up and whispered something to Hiashi before he went off. Hinata sat and poked at her food with her chopsticks. 'Ramen...I might as well get use to it...' She ate some of her noodles, and thought to herself how much Ichiraku Ramen would be making, because of this. Naruto is most defiantly their best customer. When Naruto came back from doing whatever. Her father stood up once again, and turned towards Hinata.

"Sunshine will you sing like you use to."

Hinata's eyes lowered as she blushed. "Hai. Father." Hinata gracefully stood up, and walked on to the stage. She gave her father a peck on the cheek as she stood next to the microphone. At that exacte moment she was about to speak into the microphone she saw Setsuna and Juu sitting at a table with a bunch of other girls. Hinata could feel her breath hitch in her throat as her lungs felt like they were closing up as she tightly grasped the microphone. 'I'm not going to let him get to me...'

"The song I've chosen is very special to me, and it's how I feel about the person I care deeply about. No matter where our journys takes us we'll never be apart. We'll be each others sanctuary." Hinata's posture relaxed, and her death grip on the microphone softened. "I shall sing, Sanctuary." The crowd clapped until no one was clapping anymore. It was dead silent to the point where you could hear a single pin drop. Hinata took a deep breath as she let all her emotions into this one song.

*I need more affection than you know

In you and I there's a new land,

Angels in flight,

*I need more affection than you know

My sanctuary, my sanctuary,

Where fears and lies melt away, Music in time,

*I need more affection than you know

What's left of me,

What's left of me now?

I watch you fast asleep,

All I fear is nothing,

In you and I there's a new land,

Angels in flight,

*I need more affection than you know

My sanctuary, my sanctuary,

Where fears and lies melt away, Music in time,

What's left of me,

What's left of me now?

*So many ups and downs

My heart's a battleground

*I need true emotions

*I need more affection than you know

*I need true emotions

You show me how to see

That nothing is whole and nothing is broken

In you and I there's a new land,

Angels in flight,

*I need more affection than you know

My sanctuary, my sanctuary

Where fears and lies melt away, Music in time,

*I need more affection than you know

What's left of me,

What's left of me now?

My fears, my lies...

Melt away...

*I need more affection than you know

After Hinata finished her song appaulsed erupted from the crowd. Hinata smiled softly as she moved a few strands of her hair from her face. Hinata turned around to smile at her father, but her attention was pulled to Naruto who by the way had a hurt expression on his face. 'He doesn't have to be a genious to figure out who that song was about...' Hinata gave the microphone to her dad, and sat back down.

"I don't know what to say." Hiashi said. "This is truly a great celebration, and I am honored to be here...So lets mo--" Naruto quickly stood up, and gulped. "Is something wrong, Uzumaki-San?"

"I-I will like to sing a song too!"

"Oh, alright." Hiashi said as he gave the microphone to the nervous Hokage.

"I-I'm Nar-Naruto U-U-Uzumaki, and...Of course you guys know who I am. I'm freakin' Hokage!" Naruto scolded himself. He could hear a few laughs, but he just sighed. "I'm going to sing a song too!" He turned towards Hinata, and winked at her. This garnered a deep blush from Hinata.

'Can Naruto even sing?' Was the question Hinata had to ask herself. Hinata had the sinking feeling that he was going to embarrasse himself and somehow embarrasse herself in the process. She thought of all the possible songs he could sing, but one song keep popping up, and she hoped, she prayed, she wished it wasn't going to be *Idiot Boyfriend. It seemed like something Naruto wound sing. 'If you sing THAT song I'm going to be the first woman ever to kill a Hokage!'

"I'll be singing Love Song." Hinata blinked. 'Okay so maybe he wasn't thinking of singing none of the songs I thought he was...'

When ever I'm alone with you,

You make me feel like I am home again,

When ever I'm alone with you,

You make me feel like I am whole again,

When ever I'm alone with you,

You make me feel like I am young again,

When ever I'm alone with you,

You make me feel like I am fun again,

How ever far away,

I will always love you,

How ever long I stay,

I will always love you,

What ever words I say,

I will always love you,

I will always love you,

When ever I'm alone with you,

You make me feel like I am free again,

When ever I'm alone with you,

You make me feel like I am clean again,

How ever far away,

I will always love you,

How ever long I stay,

I will always love you,

What ever words I say,

I will always love you,

I will always love you,

Hinata mouth was slightly ajared with a stunned expression plastered on her feautures. This couldn't be Uzumaki Naruto. When the hell did he learn how to sing? Not just Hinata was stunned as well as everyone else. Sure Hinata was beautiful, but she had the appearance that she knows how to sing, but Naruto looks like someone that wouldn't know how to sing. Maybe if he was drunk, but wow...He could sing..."That was for you Hina-Chan." Hinata didn't even realize that he was now on one knee in front of her.

"N-Na-Naruto I-" Naruto silenced her with a soft peck on the lips.

"Hyuuga Hinata, I love you." His ocean blue eyes stared into her eyes. "I know that I can be a screw up at times, and I know I have done some major screw ups, but I want you to know I love you dearly." Naruto rested his head on her lap. "You are to me as a full moon is to the ocean..." Naruto stood back up, and kissed her forehead.

"Awwww!~" Came the voice from the crowd.

"I think it's time we wrap things up." Hiashi said. "Let me just end things on this note." He cleared his throat. "You may only find that special someone one time in your lifetime. So when you find that person make sure to never let them go."

'Sasuke!' Hinata arose from her seat, and tried to find Sasuke in the moving crowd, but to her bad luck she didn't find him.


Naruto and Hinata decided to walk rather than drive. Night-time at Konohagakure was beyond beautiful. No words could explain how brightly the stars shined, and how the leafy smell flowed everywhere no matter where you were in Konoha that amazing scent would still be there. "So," Naruto said after being quiet for quite sometime. "Who was your song about, because mine was about you..."

"It was just about someone." Hinata said as she wished they would hurry up, and get to her apartment. There was only one more flight of stairs to go before they reached her apartment.

"Oh..." Naruto sighed as he scratched the back part of his neck.

"So, umu," Hinata said as she shifted awkwardly in front her apartment door. "I guess I should get going, good-night Naru--" Hinata was cut off when Naruto lips crashed against hers. His lips moved gracefully against hers. "Ah--Naru--to--Hmm--" The Hokage took the keys from her hands, and opened the door while he continued to kiss her. They both stumbled in.


Naruto closed the door with his foot, and his left hand padded against the door until he found the lock, and made sure to lock it. "Na-Nar-Na-Naruto, stop." Hinata said as she pushed him away from her. She was breathless.

"Ah, why should I?" Naruto gave her a smug grin. Hinata squinted her eyes at Naruto. That grin was to much like...No...It couldn't be...


"Took you long enough." Sasuke said as he droped the Henge Jutsu.

"Sasuke!" Hinata jumped in his arms, and started madly kissing him.

"I thought you said you wanted me to stop."

"I wanted Naruto to stop, but I don't want you too." She said playfully. "Wait," Hinata looked at Sasuke questionably. "When did you?"

-------Flash Back-------

"I'll be right back I have to go to the washroom." Naruto whispered to Hiashi. He then ran towards the bathroom once he was out of everyone sight. It would seem pretty awkward seeing the Hokage running around in a frantic. "Bathroom! Bathroom! Where's the freakin' bathroom at in this place?!" Naruto grumbled as he raced down hallway after hallway trying to find the bathroom. "Gah, I'm going to end up pissing myself, and then how would I explain that to Hinata let alone Hiashi-Sama! GAAAAAAAAAAH!" He said as he did the pee-dance.

It must of been by a chance of luck that he finally found it right behind him. "I didn't notice that right there, just proves how lucky I am." Naruto grinned as he raced in the bathroom. Once he entered the bathroom the door disappeared. "You're still as stupid as ever." Sasuke said from behind Naruto.

"You said you'd stay away from Hina-Chan?!"

"Well I'm a liar." Sasuke bluntly said.

"You son of a bitch!" Juugo appeared in front of Sasuke, and swatted Naruto away.

"Juugo, take care of him..." Sasuke transformered into Naruto and smiled. "Don't kill him.

"Understood." With that being said Sasuke teleported.

-------End of Flash Back-------

"When Naruto went to..." Hinata eyes lit up. "Then that mean you were the one that was singing!"

"Maybe." Sasuke shrugged.

"Naruto went to the bathroom only once, and it was before he sung."

"Then I guess it was me."

"Stop being so difficult, and just admit you were the one singing."

"Fine." Sasuke grumbled as he ran his fingers through his hair. "It was me."

"Sasuke," Hinata gulped. Now was a good time for telling Sasuke about being pregnant. "I need to tell you something." She turned her back towards Sasuke as she pressed her index fingers together. A huge blush was present. "You see...Uh...I'm--I'm pregnant..." She bit her lower lip as she looked over at Sasuke.

"I see..." Sasuke said as he bit his lower lip. "I guess I'm happy for you..."

"No Sasuke it's not his!" Hinata said hastly. "I'm having yours..."

"Mine?" He reicved a shy nod from Hinata. "Hinata if you're playing around then it's not funny."

"I'm not Sasuke." Hinata walked towards him, and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm having your child." She placed a kiss on his lips.

"You're having my baby..." Sasuke said in a dazed tone.


"I'm going to be a father?"


"I'm going to be a father..." Sasuke stared down at Hinata's stomach. "I'm going to be a father!" He hoisted Hinata in the air, and kissed her stomach. "Oh Kami..." The Uchiha gulped as he set Hinata back down.

"What's wrong?" Hinata asked.

"Um," Sasuke scratched the back of his neck. "Do you know if it's going to be a boy or a girl?...I mean can your Byakugan see the gender or something?"


"Is it illegal to casterate all the boys of Konoha?"

Hinata sweatdropped as she laughed un-easily. "Hai. I believe so."

"I'll have to us a different method if we do have a girl." Sasuke's mind was going a thousand miles per second. "We need to make sure our kid gets enro--" Hinata cut him off with a simple kiss.

"Slow down the baby isn't even born yet, and you're already planning on killing all the boys that might hit on our daughter, if we have a girl."

"C'mon," Sasuke grinned as he pulled Hinata closer. "With me and your looks combined our kids would make all those other kids look like fuckin' mutants."

"Sasuke I do agree that our kids will be beautiful beyond words, but calling other kids mutants compared to our kids is cruel." Hinata smiled up at the man in her arms, and kind of felt pity for the boy brave enough to try, and court their daughter. 'That poor boy is going to go through hell, but I can't lie, and say that if we have a boy, that the girl who he tries to court won't be put through the ringer...Sigh...'

"Hinata," Sasuke brought her from her thoughts.


"This is all the more reason for you too come with me."

"Sasuke, I can't."

"Do you really want to marry that fuckin' dobe?!"


"Then just come with me, right now!" Sasuke marched to her closet, and pulled her duffel bag out, and started jamming random things in it.

"Sasuke stop it!" Hinata ran over, and tried to stop him from breaking her things.

"I need you, and you need me, and so does our baby!"

"Sasuke, I have a duty to up hold." A major headache was forming, and Sasuke really wasn't helping. "I just can't leave."

"Yes you can!"

"Well I'm not like some people that would just abandon the people that cares about them."


"You abandon Konoha when we needed everyone...The Third had just died, the village was being re-paired. Do you know how much you put Sakura-Teme, Naruto-Kun, and Kakashi-Sensei through?!" Hinata knew she was doing low blows, but she just somewhat felt as if he should know. "Do you even know how much they sacraficed for you?"

"Should I care?"

"Of course you wouldn't care that when other girls were going out on their first dates, Sakura-Teme was studying and training non-stop. While the rest of the Rookie 9 excluding you of course were hanging out Naruto was away for 2 and a half years."

"You forgot about Kakashi."

"Kakashi had to deal with those emo-centric assholes. I think that is punishment enough..."

"You're forgeting one more thing."

"No, I'm not."

"What about you?"


"Hai. You. You told me about everyone, but not about the one that's the most important to me."

"W-Well..." Hinata's eyes drifted away from Sasuke's hot gaze. "I trained, studied for being Head of the Hyuugas, trained again, studied somemore, and so on and so on...I train until my body was as limber as a cooked noodle..." Her chest rose and fell as she tried not to cry. "I always felt that maybe you never came back was, because I wasn't good enough. That maybe while you were gone you found someone else. I-I thought that maybe if I trained hard enough that you'll return..." Hinata felt Sasuke grab her chin, and pull her face back towards his direction.

"You're a complete idiot."


"I mean I knew Naruto was an idiot, but for you to think I thought you were weak, and that I found someone better than you...I mean that just takes the cake." He brought his lips against hers, and gave her a passionate kiss. Sasuke softly muffled against her lips. "You're the best there is."


"I'm the Hokage let me out!" Naruto shouted.

"Oh will you please shut up." Juugo said as he rubbed his temples. He was already upset that he still had to use a henge. Juugo made himself into a slim guy with purple spikey hair. His eyes were an emerald color, and he a single earring stud in his left ear in the form of a cross.

"I swear when I get out I'll--"

"You'll what?"

"Oh wouldn't you like to know." Naruto said with a hmph in his voice.

"I hate being stuck doing this."

"Just let me out, and you won't have to."

"I can't be sweet talked."

"Dude I don't swing that way!"

"What?" Juugo put a palm over his face. 'This guy is truly an idiot...' Juugo marched towards Naruto, and grumbled to himself. "This isn't killing him, but just--" Juugo punched Naruto dead in his face, and knocked him unconscious. "--putting him to sleep."


For the past hour Sasuke laid with his ear pressed to Hinata's bare stomach. "I want you to name the baby." Hinata said as she ran her fingers through Sasuke's hair.

"Really?" Sasuke asked with curious eyes.


"I already know what I want to name the baby if it's a boy..." Sasuke trailed off.

"What name is it?"


"Sasuke, you want to name our child after that mon--" Sasuke covered Hinata's mouth before she could finish that word. That word so many people have called his brother without knowing the full details of why he did what he did.

"Itachi wasn't a monster." Sasuke removed his hand from her mouth. "He wasn't...It was Konoha that was the monster..."


"I'm surprised the Hyuugas and the other clans weren't noticfied about Danzo and the others intention..."

"What are you talking about."

"Hinata," Sasuke sat up, and propped one leg up, and let the other one dangle off the bed. "You know the founding father's of Konoha was The First Hokage and Uchiha Madara, right?" Hinata nodded. "The First clan and my clan never gotten along until they did a peace treaty, and founded Konohagakure together. Now you would think that since the First Hokage became the Hokage that the Second Hokage would be the other founder of Konoha Madara, but they gave it to the First's younger brother."


"They let the Uchihas be in charge of the police department, and distance us from the rest of Konoha. You do realize that the Inuzuka, Yamanaka, Hyuuga, Abarami, and all the other clans are all around each other, but yet the Uchihas were far away from them, and the Hokage tower?"

"I never really realized that."

"Most don't, but anyway." Sasuke said. "Madara noticed all of this, and warned the other Uchihas, but they just said he wanted to still be at war with the First's clan, and they bannished him." With a deep sigh he continued. "It wasn't until my father's reign did they notice, and it became obvious to the the Third Hokage, Danzo, and the Third's advisor's what was happening...So...Even though the Third Hokage tried to get them to change their minds he was out voted...They...They gave an ANBU a mission to take out all off the Uchihas, and sadly enough that Uchiha was Itachi."

"Wait you mean that...It was a mission..."

"Hai...I-" Sasuke hesitated for a moment. "I think my mom knew something wasn't right...The times Itachi used the Mangekyo on me...My mom always said something while he was in the midst of battling her and my father. I raised a son that was to obident. You're nothing, but a pawn of Konoha." Eyes lowered dramaticaly. It was hard for Hinata to tell if they were even open. "I could never figure out what she meant...Until I found out the truth..."

"Oh my Kami..."

"He didn't want to, but even if he didn't then they would of got someone else to do it." Sasuke began biting his lips. "Though before he accepted the mission. He made a deal. He said he would only do it if he can let me live, and that they told me he would come and kill all of them...Then his second half of the mission was become a missin-nin and infiltrate the Akatsuki, and gather up information."


"I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but I don't want you thinking less of my brother..." Sasuke gave a weak smile. "Besides he told me to give you a message...Before he died..." He turned his head away from Hinata. "He told me to say that he was sorry that he wasn't able to keep his promise..."

Once upon a time Hinata was deeply in love with Itachi. He was her everything, and Sasuke knew that. He has always known that when she came to the Uchiha Mannor that she wasn't there for him, but for his brother. It was so hard to hear that his brother always felt something for Hinata. "Sasuke," Hinata's voice broke him away from his thoughts. "There was once a time when I was in love with Itachi, but I feel that way no more." Hinata held her knees to her chest. "That promise use to make my heart skip, but now it just gives me a smile. Knowing that he actually still thought of us...It makes me happy."

Hinata crawled over to Sasuke, and turned his face towards her. "Sasuke don't cry." She cooed as she wiped his tears away with her hand. Sasuke leaned into her hand, and nuzzled it gently. "If the baby is a girl lets name her Tachi." Hinata said with a comforting smile.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I am." Hinata said as she planted a kiss on his lips. "It would only seem right."

Hinata smiled against his lips. "Now get some sleep."


Naruto awoke with the warm sunlight hitting his face. He sat up straight blinking a couple of times. This was strange he was in his bedroom. "How did I get here?" Was the same question he kept asking hiself as he was getting ready to head to the Hokage Tower. It wasn't until he finally looked at himself in the mirror did he notice the black eye he had. His whole day from begining to end started to play in fastforward in his mind. Naruto crushed his tooth paste, and made the lid pop off, and crack the mirror. "Sasuke you have fucked with me for the last time!"

"Everything was going fucking fine until--until Sasuke came into the picture!" Naruto sneered as he finished getting ready. He searched through his cabinet, and pulled out some of the medicine Hinata made for him awhile ago. He rubbed it on to his eye, and watched as the black-eye went back to normal. With that being fixed he grabbed his Hokage hat and robe, and left his house. While he passed he pasted a cheery smile on his face as he passed people in the neighborhood.

"Good morning Boss!" Konohamaru said with a grin. "Enjoy that hat while you like it, because soon that hat is going to be mine!" He cheerfully exclaimed.

"You're trying to take something from me too, Konohamaru?!"

"W-What are you talking about Boss?"

"N-Nothing...I-I-Hey~" Naruto said with a sly smile and squinty eyes. "Konohamaru would you do me a favor?"

"Anything for you Boss!"

"Can you go over to Hinata-Chan's apartment for me, and grab my spare Hokage Hat?"

"You have one on right now...Why do you need another one?"

"Well if you want my hat so bad. Don't you think I should show you the correct way to wear it?" Naruto asked.

"Y-You mean you'll let me w-w-wear the Hokage Hat?" Konohamaru asked with drool trickling from the corners of his mouth. "You gotta be kidding me!" The young shinobi folded his arms across his chest as he gave a suspicious look at Naruto. "What's the catch?"

"Catch there's no catch." Naruto dug in his robes, and took out the spare key Hinata gave him and handed towards Konohamaru. "Be quick or I might just change my mind." He said with a grin.

"Gotcha Boss!" Konohamaru said as he started running down the streets. Nothing could stop a young shinobi on a mission. Especially when it dealt with being able to wear the Hokage's Hat. Who could ever say that the Hokage let you wear their hat? No one! That's who! No one! Well that was about to change for Sarutobi Konohamaru. He flew up the steps without having to stop to take a breather, but just kept running and running.

He took the key out, and opened the door only to see Uchiha Sasuke. Just as the older shinobi and hiself locked eyes he turned into a log. Sasuke quickly stood up, and cursed under his breath. "Hinata..."

"Hai, Sasuke?"

"I've just been found out..."


"Boss! Boss! Boss!" Konohamaru yelled as he ran in the meeting room. The members of the meeting all grumbled as they were interupted. Konohamaru ignored them all this was much more important than what they were talking about. "Boss!"

"What is it Konohamaru?" Naruto asked in fake aggravation.

"H-H-Hinata is harboring a missin-nin in her apartment!" Gasps echoed throught the meeting room. "I-I saw it with my own eyes!" Konohamaru said. "S-She's harboring...Uchiha Sasuke!"

"We need to take evasive action!" Someone yelled.

"What should we do with the Hyuuga Heiress this is most un-acceptable."

"Hurry we must noticfiy Hyuuga Hiashi about his daughter's treason!"

"Hold it everyone!" Naruto said. "Konohamaru did you see Hinata there?"


"I get it..." Naruto furrowed his eyebrows. "He must have come to kill off the Hyuuga. Since Konoha spoiled his chance while she was in his clutches!"

"That must be it!"

"We have to make sure the Hyuuga Heiress is safe!"

"Hurry noticfiy Hyuuga Hiashi, and fill him in about the situation at hand!"

"Kotetsu and Izumo," Naruto said. "Turn on the red alert siren."

"Hai!" The two Jonins said in unison before they left.

'Sasuke if only you had listen to me...It didn't have to come to this, but you forced me...'



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