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Katara sat on the fur covered couch, securely cradling her daughter. It had been one year since her time with the prince, and not a day went by that she didn't think of him. She could remember the first time they met. Tall and muscular, leaning against the post, acting like he had no interest at all. To the time when he first kissed her in the garden, the time she healed his scar, the time she nearly drown him in the ocean, the time he rescued her from Shing. So many memories; and they all ended with his sudden death. He was the only man she had ever loved.

She slowly rocked her daughter back and forth in comfort. Amara was part of Zuko; she loved her daughter so much. Even though many people in the southern water tribe thought it was foolish of her to keep the baby after what happened. Katara would never consider giving up Amara. She quietly sang a lullaby to the baby, while playing with her daughter's dark brown hair. She rubbed her cheek along the baby's soft skin and continued to sing.

"Hey Katara." Said Sokka as her walked into the room. Katara glanced up at her big brother, who was now the chief.

"Oh, hi Sokka." She replied. "How's it going?"

"Fine, I just came to bring this to you." He said and pulled a letter from his belt. Katara's eye opened wide when she saw a Firenation insignia printed on the scroll.

"What's that?" She asked dumbly, and Sokka held the scroll in front of him.

"I don't know, I haven't opened it. But aren't you curious? Why would the fire nation send you a personal letter?" Sokka asked while pulling on his small beard. Katara thought for a moment, then sighed.

"Well let me read it." She said while slowly standing up, and handing the petite infant to her brother. She slowly opened the letter and began to read.

My Dear Katara,

It has been too long since I've seen your beautiful face. Your eyes of the ocean, and your lips of sweet strawberries. My heart has been frozen since I've seen you last, and how I wish to see you again and melt my heart back to delight. I miss you like the sun misses the flower, and how the flower misses the rain. I do not know why you have not contacted me. Perhaps you do not wish to see me. But, I, my lovely Katara, cannot bare one more day without you.

Katara's eyes began to fill with tears as she realized who sent this letter.

If I could get you to understand how much I truly miss you, and need you, maybe you would someday return to me. My heart remains yours, and only yours. Please come back to me and let me feel whole again. Until we meet again, my soul remains a lonely ghost. The pieces of my heart are slowly crumbling, pieces so small that they can be swept away with the wind. Each night I look at the moon, hoping that you might be staring at that same moon. And hoping that one day you will return back into my arms and back into my heart forever.


Fire Lord Zuko.

The letter dropped from her hands; she placed her hand over her mouth. Her legs became weak and she fell to the ground.

"Katara! What is it?" Sokka asked while holding Amara. Tears came to her eyes, as she realized her lost love was actually not lost at all. "Katara? Who's the letter from?" Her brother asked in a caring voice.

"It's from him …" She managed to say through her cracked voice. Sokka's eyes snapped open.

"Zuko's alive?" He asked. Tears fell down her face as she heard those words. She placed her hand on the engagement necklace that he had given her.

"Give Amara to me." She said, and reached for her daughter. Sokka gently placed the sleeping baby in her mother's arms. Katara tightly held the baby to her chest. "We're going to the fire nation." She said stood up.

-3 days later-

"We're almost there." Katara said while trying to calm Amara's crying. Katara wore a light blue dress with a shawl over her shoulders. She gently placed her daughter in her crib and walked onto the deck of the ship. "Men, are we close?" She asked a group of soldiers that stand on the deck.

"Yes Princess Katara, we should see the shore very soon." She looked over the edge of the ship to see the shore of the fire nation coming.

"Good." She said and squinted to see the small shore of the fire nation with the palace on the mountain. Suddenly a bright flash of light shot from the shore. A giant ball of flames sored towards their ships. Katara got into a fighting stance and drew a large amount of water from the ocean. She caught the giant blast of flames in a mound of ice. "Men! Raise the peace flag!" The men quickly raised the flag meaning peace and waited for further instruction. It grew silent, the only noise the was the sound of water splashing against the sides of the ship. Katara quickly ran into the chambers to check on Amara. The baby was crying, she quickly picked up her daughter and held her against her chest, she sang a quiet lullaby.

"We're here." Said Bato, as he peered into her chambers. Katara carefully wrapped her daughter is a light blue blanket and walked onto the deck.

The ship came to dock, and Katara walked onto the sand escorted by several water tribe men. A fire nation solider came to greet them. "State your business." He said.

"I'm here to see the fire lord." Replied Katara while gently placing the corner of the blanket over her daughters face.

"Oh another potential bride for his highness, and a foreign one. Very nice. Alright then, follow me." He said and began to turn around. Katara raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean potential bride? And I'll have you know, I'm princess Katara of the southern water tribe." Katara said the man.

"Oh excuse me princess." He said and gave a slight bow. "Iroh decided his nephew needed to get a Fire Lady so there is no worry for an heir. His highness has been searching for about a month." He told her. Katara's eyes opened wide at this news. "So might I ask what business you do have with the Fire Lord?" He asked.

"I am answering his letter." She replied. The man nodded and began to lead Katara and the procession to the royal palace. Her eyes scanned the palace, she had so many memories here. She passed the royal gardens.


"I win." He seductively whispered into her ear. Katara continued to struggle. Zuko forced his body against hers and held her to the wall; his chest against hers.
Zuko brought his lips against hers, he teased her lips with his; not kissing her but playing with her lips. His lips brushed along hers back and forth. Katara continued to try and get away from his grasp, but couldn't due to his body forcing hers into the stone wall. She felt the water flow from his clothes into hers.

-end of flashback-

Katara blushed, and smiled with thoughts of Zuko. They always had a physical attraction. She continued walking and they passed the library.


Katara's body followed his and their bodies acted as one. Katara released her breath and gasped for air again. Zuko began to release his seed into her and the pleasure grew inside her, Katara released her fluids and began to scream with pleasure.
"Zuko!" She screamed and pulled his hair. Zuko continued to ride her, slowly then faster and faster. The flow of fluids was consistent.
"I love you, baby." Zuko told her, he knew this would be the only time he ever got to prove his love to her. The motions continued between them, Zuko's warm body heated them both and the sweat dripped from their bodies. The motions continued and their breathing sped up.

-end of flashback-

A deep red blush filled her cheeks as she remembered the only time she ever made love. And the result being her beautiful daughter. Katara lifted the blanket from her daughters face and smiled down at her daughters bright eyes. She continued to follow the man to the throne room. It was so incredible how much had changed since she last saw him. She had given birth to a beautiful baby girl.


Katara let out a scream as the pain grew intense, sweat poured down her face. "You're doing fine, Katara." Said Gran Gran as she pulled the baby from her granddaughter.

"It hurts!" Katara screamed, and grunted with the sharp pain going through her whole body.

"This is what you get for letting that horrible fire nation prince take you." Said Gran Gran as she continued to pull the baby. Tears formed in Katara's eyes.

"Shut up Gran Gran, this isn't his fault!" She screamed and tears poured down her face.

"Don't worry about it now, Katara. Let's deliver this baby! Push!" She commanded her granddaughter. Katara screamed with one final push then collapsed onto her bed.

"It's a girl." Replied Gran Gran.

-end of flashback-

They finally reached the doors of the throne room. "Let me tell him you're here, Princess Katara." The fire nation man said and vanished behind two large doors.

"What is it?" Commanded the fire lord.

"You have a visitor, lord Zuko." Said the man with a smile across his face. Zuko raised an eyebrow, then glared at the man.

"I told uncle that I am sick of seeing these woman. I can find my own bride." Zuko told the man.

"But your highness, this woman is a princess." He said. Zuko's eyes opened wide.

"You mean… she came?" Zuko asked and sat up in his throne.

"So you will see her?" Asked the man.

"Yes, send her in." Zuko said with a smile, and relaxed back into his throne.

The man came out of the throne room, and looked at Katara. "He will see you now." Said the man. Katara smiled and gently placed Amara in the arms of Bato.

"Make sure she's safe." Katara said. Bato cradled the infant, nodded and smiled. Katara took a deep breathe, placed her shawl over her shoulders, and slowly placed her fingers on the giant wooden door. She slowly opened the door and walked inside. She looked at the throne to see the young fire lord sitting in his swarm of flames.

"Katara …" He quietly said, and stood up. Blue eyes met gold ones. Small tears formed at the sound of his voice, saying her name. She shut the door behind her and began to walk towards the center of the room.

"Zuko …" She replied, and began to run towards him. Zuko jumped from the throne. Katara's small body ran into his strong body. He tightly wrapped his arms around her and held her into his chest. "I missed you so much!" She said through her cracking voice. He rested his chin on top of her head.

"I missed you too." He told her. They broke their hug and looked into each other's eyes. Katara wiped her eyes, feeling ashamed for crying. Zuko lifted her head with his strong hands.

"Your eyes …" He said while looking into her eyes. "That's what I missed the most." He told her and wiped a tear with his thumb. A small smile crossed her face, and she looked into his warm eyes.

"I thought you were dead …" She managed to say.

"You thought I would leave you that easily?" He said with a slight laugh. Katara threw her face into his chest and pulled her arms to her chest.

"Hold me." She said. Zuko pulled her in tightly. "I'm sorry, Zuko. If I would have known you were alive, I would have come back a long time ago. So much has changed." She said, while wiping her final tears.

"What do you mean?" Zuko asked. "I still love you." He said with a smile and looked down at her. Katara looked up at him.

"I love you too." She said, in a whisper.

"Then what has changed?" He asked. "Besides my facial hair." He said with a laugh. Katara looked at him, then pushed herself from his arms. "What is it?"

"I need you to meet someone." She said, and began to walk towards the door.

"Someone?" He asked and watched her leave for a moment. Katara returned to the room holding a small bundle of blankets in her arms. Zuko's mouth fell open. "You mean …"

"Yeah …" Katara said while slowly pulling the blanket from Amara's small face. The baby slowly opened her eyes to see her father for the first time.

"This is ours?" Zuko asked her, while placing his finger on the baby's tan cheek. Katara watched him with relief.

"Yeah, she is." Katara replied with a smile. Zuko noticed the Amara's violet eyes, and was speechless. "Her name is Amara. And she's about three months old." Katara said.

"She's gorgeous." Zuko said. "Just like her beautiful mother." He said while glancing at Katara. Katara blushed and he placed his hand on the baby's small head.

"Would you like to hold her?" Katara asked. Zuko slowly nodded, and Katara gently placed the tiny baby in her father's arms for the first time. Zuko carefully held the tiny infant in his arms and rocked the baby back and forth. Amara gave a slight giggle and reached for her father's tuff of facial hair. Zuko laughed while she held onto his goatee. Katara gave a slight giggle. "So Zuko … did you really write that letter that I received?" She asked and placed her hand on her hip. Zuko held Amara's tiny hand, and glanced at Katara.

"Alright, Uncle helped." He said with a bright smile. Katara remembered his charming smile; it was the first thing about him that she noticed to be attractive. Katara found herself reaching for his face. Her smooth hand touched his face and their eyes met.

"Zuko … I love you." She told him and brought her lips towards his. Zuko quickly brought his hand to her face, and pulled their lips together. Her eyes rolled back in her head, as she felt his tongue slide into her mouth. She had not had one of his melting kisses in a year, and she missed it as much as she missed him. She let her hand wonder through his thick hair. Zuko continued to hold the baby, and kiss his love for the first time in a year. His tongue massaged her tongue, while his hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer.

Their lips slowly parted, and their eyes opened. "I love you too." He whispered to her. Katara smiled and glanced down at her daughter who was smiling and giggling. Zuko noticed she was wearing the engagement necklace that he had given her, so long ago. He brought his hand to the pendant, and held it in his fingers. "You still wear this." He said with a smile. Katara looked at him and blushed.

"It reminded me of you." She confessed.

"You know Katara, I'm still looking for a bride …" He told her, and looked into her blue eyes.

"What are you saying?" She asked, and rested two fingers on her pendant. Zuko shifted Amara to one arm, got down on one knee, grabbed Katara's left hand and looked up at her.

"Princess Katara… Will you marry me?" He asked with a proud voice. Katara placed her hand over her mouth, tears formed into her eyes, and she nodded.

"Yes, I will!" She said through a cracked voice; and wrapped her arms around him. Zuko held her, and smiled knowing he would never lose her again.
A week later Zuko and Katara were happily married, without any sort of objection, or invasion. Katara have birth to two more children, two boys, Amara will have fun with two little brothers, right? They both grew very old together. And peace was kept between the two nations forever.


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