Hi there this is my first bleach fic, as this year I got really addicted to bleach and fascinated by the story so yeah after much thought I decided to give a shot at a bleach fic instead of my usual Tekken and ff8 fics. I hope you like it as I put a lot of thought into this.

I do not own Bleach this is owned by Tite Kubo the creator of that brilliant manga. All character with the exception of my two OC's Kyo Hikari and Ayume Tadashi. Everything else is not mine.

Chapter 1:prologue how things come into being

Ayume Tadashi lay on the roof of eighth divisions main administration building pretending to drink sake with some companions and fellow captains of the 8th, 10th, 11th and 13th divisions. She sat up her white captain's haori fluttering in the cold night's air; if anyone was around you could clearly see the kanji of 3rd division.

She looked at her companions the eighth division captain and main instigator of this impromptu drinking party ,Kyoraku Shunsui was on his sixth bottle of sake that night, how he could drink so much she would never know. Looking to one of her closer friends the 10th division captain Kurosaki Isshin ,she saw he was joking around with Captain Ukitake who like her was not drinking probably because of his illness or the fact he'd convinced his two devoted third seats to let him go. Next to them was Captain Zaraki Kenpachi of the 11th division, he was always trying to get Ayume to fight him however she always ignored his challenges. She was actually surprised he'd not even once tried to challenge her once that night, she put it down to that he was too drunk to bother.

"Ayume chan you looked worried about something?" came the gruff voice of Captain Kyoraku of the eighth division or Shunsui to his friends, she looked at him blankly "nothings bother me Shunsui I was just thinking that's all" she replied ignoring a snort from Zaraki which she meet with a glare.

He however did not take the hint "you're always thinking Tadashi that's why you're too much of a pansy to fight me" Kenpachi remarked receiving a sharp glare from Ayume.

"Captain Zaraki just because I refuse to fight you does not make me in your exact words 'a pansy' I simply have better things to do with my time then fight you and end up in fourth division" she retorted.

As if everyone sensed the temperature rising between the two captains, Isshin decided to calm the atmosphere "hey hey lets not get violent here we're just here to have a friendly drink among friends".

"Yeah and talking about drinking Ayume chan you haven't touched your sake at all" Shunsui pointed out getting everyone but Ukitakes attention on her "I don't drink" she simply replied doing her best to ignore the pressuring glances in her direction.

"Try it you might like it or I'll tell everyone about that vice captain of yours that thing you did when you were my vice captain all those years ago" Shunsui tried to blackmail.

She looked at him defiantly "blackmail doesn't work with me Shunsui and you know it" she retorted "however knowing my vice captain the paperwork won't even be half finished so just this once I'm gonna have an excuse to sleep in late" she said taking a drink of the offered sake cup.

Once she finished the cup she made an expression of disgust "see was that so bad come on Ayume even Jushshiro drank some" Isshin and Shunsui both pointed out, sometimes she wondered how she always got pulled into these random drinking party's.

Having finally escaped from the drinking party as almost everyone had either passed out on the roof with the exception of Captain Ukitake who had left almost completely sober.

"See you around Jushiro" she said as she began to walk back to her division as she didn't have enough concentration thanks to that infernal sake to flash step there.

"Yeah see you around Ayume chan" he said flash stepping into the distance most likely to be meet by two very worried third seat officers, she laughed at that image of them scolding him. Sometimes she wished her own Vice Captain was that devoted well maybe not that devoted, but her vice captain Hikari Kyo was lazy and most times finding some way to slack off work or make her third or fourth seated officer do his paperwork for him. Naturally she had her doubts kyo's paperwork would be finished when she got there.

On her way there though she saw a strange sight for that time in the morning, the fifth division's main office still had its lights on at 3 am. Not that it was uncommon for a Captain to be awake till the early hours of the morning as paperwork could get the better of anyone during the busy times. But nothing that major had happened in over 50 years and the fact Aizen was one of the exemplary captains who got their paperwork finished always before the deadline much like Byakuya Kuchiki the Captain of sixth division.

She was curious so she went to take a peek, hiding her spiritual pressure of course as it would ruin her reputation as a captain to be caught ease dropping, however nothing could of prepared her for what she was about to hear!

a voice she recognised to be Captain Aizens vice captain Gin Ichimaru.

"No Gin its going exactly to plan however I still need to find the Hogyoku for the plan to be put into action"

"But wasn't it stolen Aizen sama?" she heard Ichimaru question again "yes Gin however that's just a minor complication for now we'll find it eventually and then the king will fall and I will become a god" Aizen proclaimed, making her shudder at how evil he sounded when he said that.

This was confusing her now, becoming a god what on earth was he thinking and the device he mentioned rang a bell in her memory. Then it hit her that was the same thing Urahara was working on just before he was exhiled.

Her thoughts went back to the day before he'd intinsully vanished from Soul Society


"Ayume san" Urahara said peering into Ayume's office where was busy filing reports, while Kyo kept complaining on why he had to do so much paperwork that day.

"Yeah come in Kisuke" she answered not looking up from the paper about the new Shinigami graduates that were to join her division.

He walked in "you work too much" he commented, Kyo agreed earning him a sharp glare "no I don't what you want anyway Kisuke if its to join you for a walk with captain Shihoin I can't" she replied.

He looked at her, something was wrong Kisuke never looked that nervous unless something bad had happened "what's wrong Kisuke" she asked genuinely concerned for her friend finally taking her eyes off the paperwork that covered her desk. He faked a smile, now her suspicions were aroused "nothing just come to say goodbye" he said leaving her office, Ayume was very confused "what was that about" Kyo asked seeing his captains confused expression, she looked at him "I have no clue"

The next day it was announced that he and Yourichi Shihoin had disappeared from soul society she never heard from either of them again.

End of flashback

She was snapped back to reality when she heard Aizen speak again "as I was saying Gin where's Tosen we don't want others hearing this" Ayume panicked at the sound of footsteps nearby and decided she'd better get out of there.

Little did she know she had been watched the whole time from behind a wall.

Stepping into the still lit up office, she sighed at the sight of Kyo fast asleep his head resting on a pile of unfinished papers, with his ink brush still in his hand, she noticed a small puddle of ink on the wooden floor. She removed the now dry ink brush from his hand and placed it on the desk once more but than a more fun thought occurred to her, she took the brush and using the remaining ink wrote something on his forehead, he never even twitched making her usually serious expression turn to one of almost childish mischief.

Next morning

"Ahh Captain Tadashi someone broke into the office and drew on me!" a now very awake Kyo yelled running into Ayume private quarters. She groaned then forced herself from her comfortable position on the pillow to face Kyo, she wanted to burst Into laughter when she saw him with "lazy baka" written on his forehead in black ink she had to say she did a good job considering all things.

However her hangover had caught up with her, and stared him straight in the eye "Vice Captain Hikari when did I give you permission to enter my private quarters and please Kyo if you must slack off on duty please don't tell me" she reprimanded him, making him whimper.

"Now Kyo if you're finished admitting that you're a lazy fukotaicho would you please for once do your paperwork so Commander Yamamoto doesn't yell at me for not meeting the deadline again".

Kyo nodded obediently "hai Captain" once he was gone, she looked outside the window in her quarters not bothering to get off the bed. It seemed her third seat officer had taken up some initiative of leading the divisions training for the morning "must thank him later" she muttered to herself before slumping onto the pillows again "dam sake this is why I hate it" she muttered to no one.

"Captain Captain where are you!" Kyo's voice echoed though the hall of 3rd division, where member who were previously slacking off as their captain was to hung over to bother telling them off, however those who were slacking off soon went back to work at the sight of their vice captain.

"What is it Kyo this better be good I've got one killer headache so make it quick" she snapped appearing out of her quarters for the first time that morning, dressed in her Shinigami robes and captains haori. Kyo stopped then told her "theres a distress call from Squad A lead by fourth seat Taka apparently several menos Grande ambushed them while they were in the living world, Captain Aizen and vice captain Ichimaru of the fifth division are already down there but have requested back up from us" he said for once sounding like a officer.

She quickly snapped to her usual serious self "when was this message sent exactly vice captain Hikari" she responded showing no sign of a hangover.

"About ten minutes ago I had trouble finding you captain shall I go get some of the officers" Kyo replied equally seriously.

Ayume shook her head "no there'll be no need for that two captains and two vice captains should be able to handle a few menos so just get ready to depart for the living world" she told him, he nodded "hai Captain"

Living world

"Captain theres no hollows or meno's here" Kyo pointed out, Ayume sighed "way to point out the obvious Kyo" she replied sarcastically "vice captain Hikari scout the area for the others there may be wounded here" she ordered, he nodded then shunpoed off to find any sign of the squad A.

With Kyo gone she tried to sense her squads reistu as soon as she felt a weak signal of reiatsu she ran over to where she had located it, what she found made he gasp. Her fourth seat and the all of squad A all lay dead on the concrete path in puddles of their own blood.

She saw one however weakly trying to reach for their zanpakto "Captain Tadashi …we …we were…"the young Shinigami weakly said between stutters or gasps from the massive blood loss they had no doubt suffered. Ayume's serious expression turned to one of deep concern as she knelt before the wounded Shinigami "hey you'll be okay tell me what happened here" she asked as she tried some healing Kido on the young boy, it was a useless cause as the wounds were way too deep and too much blood had been lost but she could still try to ease the squad members pain.

"We were…ambushed by some menos then…Taka called for backup …captain Aizen beat them and then…he I don't know "the boy said before closing his eyes for a final time. She looked at him sadly "poor kid now where's Kyo gone off to" she said her voice going back to its usual seriousness.

"Anyway I better report this to soul society" she said taking out a hell butterfly and telling it a message, "don't even think of reporting this Ayume" a familiar voice exclaimed destroying the hell butterfly before it could even fly away.

"Aizen why?" she blurted out surprised, he grinned at her not the usually kind way but in an evil uncomfortable way he wasn't wearing his glasses either "how you do that without your glasses" she stuttered out. Aizen laughed "I can see perfectly well without them captain Tadashi" he replied.

"You bastard you did this didn't you than what I heard last wasn't a hallucination after all was it" she yelled, Aizen nodded "very correct Ayume now before you even think of reporting this or calling for help from your vice captain I think you should look behind you" he said smirking.

She turned but it was too late as she heard Ichimarus voice proclaim "impale her Shinso" she attempted to dodge but was meet by captain Tosens zanpakto in her chest, she looked at Tousan speechless "but you…"she spoke but heard a scream sounding like kyo's.

She flash stepped over to where she heard the voice and saw Kyo lying there unable to move "Captain…" he tried to say but was silenced by Tosen, Ayume snapped out of shock determination on her face and ran over to attack Aizen "you'll never get away with this Aizen when soul society hears of this you'll be executed" she snapped, Aizen didn't even flinch but attacked her again, she defended it with her own zanpakto.

"Oh but they'll never know they're all under my illusions and now to finish you after all dead captains tell no tales" Aizen said smirking at Ayume gritting her teeth to bear the pain from the chest wound.

Ayume got up ignoring the pain and faced Aizen "I'm not going to be beaten that easily you bastard" she snarled the held up her zanpaktou before saying "dominate winged Okami" effectively releasing her Shikai.

Aizen smirked releasing his as well, their zanpaktos clashed violently she seemed to be winning as she had the least wounds but somehow her spiritual energy was draining quickly. Aizen knew this and took his time knowing soon she'd be defenceless she struck him in her third strike making a nasty looking gash on Aizens mid section. He faltered a bit but kept striking.

She had forgotten Ichimaru and Tosen were still there and never realised this mistake till another blade crossed her eye, she attempted to dodge it but was too late, she fell to her knees then collapsed into unconscious.

The last thing she heard was "good timing Gin now let us leave that's one thorn gone"

Ayume woke up on a futon covered in a blanket, she groaned in pain, and was unable to move as it too much, this did not stop someone yelling good morning to her "morning Ayume san its nice to see your finally awake" a very familiar but quirky voice greeted her.

She tried to see who it was but couldn't from the angle she was lying on, she tried to sit up and almost succeeded until she let out a cry of pain when something looking remotely like a cane pushed her back down again.

"What the…wait where am I" she blurted out trying once more to sit up, this time she saw who pushed her back down "would you stop that Ayume san your only going to reopen your wounds" the person said waving a fan around.

She looked to see a shaggy blond haired man with a ridiculous green and white striped bucket hat "Kisuke Urahara…"she said not believing her eyes or ears for that matter.

"Yay you remember me by the way like my hat?" he blurted out as if it was the greatest thing ever, she felt a drip go down her forehead "uh no it looks ridiculous" she replied bluntly. He looked at her mortified by her words "you wound me Ayume san maybe I shouldn't just left you out there to die like Aizen obviously intended you to" he replied pouting like a child.

This reminded her of what happened "Aizen where did that bastard go" she yelled sitting up again, Kisuke sighed then pushed her back down "now now Ayume san he's already gone you were out for three weeks" he told her as if it were world news.

"So which do you want to hear first the good news or the bad news?" he asked smiling under the hat, she sighed and looked at him sceptically "which is better?"

And that is the end of the prologue hope you like so feel free to review oh and no flames.


Okami means wolf

Hai means yes (but I'm sure you'd know that)

Fukotaicho is japanese for vice captain (once again I'm sure you'd know that)

Baka means idiot or something along those lines