Code Names (And Pillows)

Prompt: 001. Code Name
Notes: Written for ireth and 10hugs on livejournal.

"We should have code names," Jack stated out of nowhere. His hand, once wandering over Sam's stomach in lazy circles, stopped abruptly, and he got the look in his eyes that he always got when a perilous life or death situation cropped up and he was the only one able to pull everyone out alive.

Sam took one glimpse of the determination on his face and collapsed into barely concealed laughter. "Jack, are you sure you want to discuss code names now?" She patted him affectionately on the arm and leaned in to give him a quick kiss before he could answer.

The same passion, or perhaps more, glared in his eyes when Sam pulled away. She wasn't entirely sure whether it was due to his desire for code names or for her, but the thought passed within seconds. It really didn't matter. Even if his enthusiasm at this point was because of code names, he had shown her countless times of his love for her.

That wasn't something she was forgetting any time soon. Jack made sure of it. Constantly.

Jack rolled onto his side and propped his head up on his hand, elbow digging into a pillow. Considering her for a minute, he cocked an eyebrow and slowly nodded. "I'm sure," he told her slyly. "We need code names! It's important! And I don't mean just the usual code names like 'SG-1' or our last names or 'one-niner' over the radios. We need different ones!"

Sam smirked some more and reached a hand up to play with his hair. "We do, do we?" she teased, tufting his already mussed up hair into spikes.

Without a trace of humour in his voice – although his eyes twinkled slightly in amusement – Jack explained. "You see, every cop movie that I've watched has code names. It's like all the cops live double lives." He paused. "While at work, they have code names. At home, they don't. Whichever identity they've assumed has a different personality to the other. It makes sense that we should have them, especially with what we do!"

Sam eyed him suspiciously. "Is that really why you want code names? Or do you just want them because they 'sound cool'?"

Jack studied her carefully for a moment and with his free hand, searched the bed behind him as subtly as he could. Finding his intended item, he gripped it…and thwacked Sam playfully over the head with it, muffling the surprised "Hey!" she called out.

Recovering all too soon, Sam grabbed the pillow from Jack's hands and pushed it back at him with equal force. She smirked when he groaned in response, and managed to sneak her hand down under the covers to tickle his stomach when he tried to get her back. He thrashed wildly under her fingers, but his mind was set. He was getting even!

Sam wasn't prepared at all when Jack decided to nuzzle and trail kisses down her neck to distract her. Within seconds, he was able to catch her wrists and stop her from tickling him.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Sam pouted, after a few minutes of struggling for control. She ducked her head to avoid looking Jack in the eye and chewed down on her bottom lip.

Jack grinned smugly at her, but refused to release her wrists. "I know," he said, matter-of-factly. "But you need to see this. We need code names!" He smirked as she rolled her eyes and struggled some more against his grip on her.

"You're still thinking about code names!?" Sam moaned.

"It's important!" Jack repeated, with a smirk. Before Sam could try to thwack him with a pillow again, he silenced her with a kiss. She reluctantly responded and slowly, Jack pushed her back in the bed. "…Maybe we can talk about them later though," he muttered.