Prompt: #053. Daughter

Notes: Written for 100 women on livejournal.

From the very first moment Vala had set eyes on her daughter, she had known immediately that she would not ever be like any other child to ever come into being. Adria was different. She was more different than she cared to admit.

It wasn't just the rapid growth the child possessed or the glowing gold eyes, but it was something more – something that Vala couldn't quite put a finger on. Adria was just wrong.

To completely understand the girl, one would have to break everything about her down into the simplest components or layers.

The first layer was the one put down at the beginning of her existence, the one that symbolised her life and her being. It was who she was and who she was meant to be. In short, it was her essence and her purpose.

Next was the knowledge of the Ori, imprinted into every fibre of her skin and weaved intricately into her mind so that she could see no other truth. That layer was the thickest and likely, the most durable of them all. It was also the most dangerous and unwelcome part of her.

The layer that Vala cared for the most was the last. It was the layer meant for her, as Adria's mother. She didn't care for the other parts. She just wanted to hold her daughter. She just wanted to hold her and love her, like any mother did.

Unless the layers could be separated and the layer the Ori had put down removed though, that was something that could never truly happen. For now, Vala had no choice but to accept that her daughter was very different.