" Ron! How many times have I told you to Apparate in the doorway?"

"Sorry… Here, these are for you. Happy Birthday!"

Hermione took a beautiful orchid bouquet from her husband's hands, and all her annoyance disappeared when his lips touched hers. A proper snog followed, right in the middle of the kitchen. When they stopped, Hermione laughed about the spots of flour on Ron's neck and cheeks.

He grinned. "I'm feeling like I was mixed like a cake's recipe. Speaking of cake... What are you doing?"

She smiled when he pointed to her book Enchantment in Baking and then at a small box on the table from a café at Diagon Alley which made chocolate éclairs.
Eggs, flour and butter were on the counter and carefully separated from the chopped ginger roots that were on a plate.

Ron sniggered. "Where's your cooking planner?"

Hermione rolled her eyes, and Ron tried to grab an éclair but Hermione tapped his hand.

He closed the book. Hermione gaped but gave up trying to say something when he winked at her. "I told you that we would go to our favorite restaurant in Hogsmeade, so no cooking. Today the Weasley Queen should be served."

Hermione's eyes beamed when she took off the apron. "I'm going to change."

Before she left the kitchen, Ron asked, "What will you be doing with the roots?"

Hermione looked mischievous "It's for a Calming Euphoria potion I want to make."

Ron looked panicked. "I'm not drinking that!"

Hermione gave him a peck on the lips. "'Course you won't. I love you as you are. But I can´t stand Crookshanks meowing every time he sees a bird in the backyard."

Ron breathed in relief.