Summary: Jimmy and Kelly Riley just want to live their own lives at Eden Hall. But what happens when Jimmy falls for one of his brother's biggest rivals, and Kelly for his best friend? It can't be good.

Author's Note: So, I was watching D3 last week, and I got this idea, because Riley was talking about his little brother who didn't get to play hockey. Anyway, I started thinking, who is this younger Riley? What if he didn't even want to play hockey? Even better, what if he had a crush on Julie? Then I realized I had to realistically dispose of Scooter, always a challenge, and I came up with the little sister, who isn't even in the first chapter. Anyway, I hope you like them, they're sort of fun. Oh, and I plan to leave no loose ends, which means NO SEQUELS! This is stand alone, no connection to anything, I swear it.

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Chapter 1: Jimmy

Jimmy Riley shook his head furiously to wake himself up as he meandered down the stairs of the freshman dorm at Eden Hall Academy. As he closed and opened his eyes repeatedly he completely missed the girl standing in front of him, which is why he was so surprised when he knocked into her, sending the papers and books she was holding flying.

"Watch it!" She exclaimed, obviously annoyed, he bent down to help her get her stuff together.

"Sorry," he mumbled looking at her, in a white tee shirt and jeans, her blonde hair in braids. "I'm not really up yet."

"It's fine," she said as he handed her a notebook. "If I don't get coffee I'm dead to the world before noon. I'm just a little on edge, first day of high school and all."

"Right," he nodded, "I'm Jimmy." He extended his hand.

"Julie," she smiled taking it. "Look, um, my friends are waiting," She pointed a thumb,

"Oh, right," he nodded, "Yeah, maybe I'll bump into you again sometime." She looked at him, her eyes chastising him for such corny choice of words. He closed his eyes and exhaled, "I'm sorry, that was my 8 AM attempt at humor."

"It was funny," she nodded, "Ish, funny-ish."

"Thanks," He laughed. She smiled and walked away. He watched her, cute butt, he shook his head realizing his thoughts were beginning to sound like his older brother.

"Hey it's the foot fairy!" Speak of the devil. His brother had been calling him by the nick name since he started playing soccer two years before. Rick came followed closely by his two best friends Biff Cole and Scooter Vanderbilt. Cole was a large goon, who wasn't capable of much intelligent thought. Scooter was a different story, smarmy, sarcastic and highly intellectual, Jimmy always got the feeling that he hung out with Rick and Cole as some sort of elaborate joke was only funny to himself. "You see that Dad's around?"

"Yeah," Jimmy nodded. He wasn't surprised, their father was dead set on getting rid of this team that had been brought in supplanting him and other people who "earned their place."

"He said unless the new team's undefeated the board'll give them the boot," Rick smirked, "You'll be back between the pipes before we know it."

"I made soccer," Jimmy shrugged. "I'm cool with it, really."

"Soccer?" Cole said, completely thrown off.

"Yeah Cole," Scooter nodded, "You know, black and white ball, grass, slightly larger goal than the one in hockey,"

"Shut up," Cole punched the smaller boy in the arm, causing a stifled snort, "I know what soccer is."

"I know you made soccer Jimmy," Rick nodded, "But once we get this trash out of the school, you'll be out on the ice where you belong. See you later." They started to walk away. Scooter stopped. "Are you coming man?" Rick asked him.

"I'll be right there," he nodded, "I want to talk to the kid," he nudged Jimmy, who smiled. Rick shrugged and kept walking. Scooter was a better older brother than Rick, always looking out for his friend's brother, it helped that they played the same position, something bonded people when they'd both been between the pipes. "You don't want to play hockey do you?"

"I like soccer better," he explained, "I'm better at it, with the height and everything," Scooter nodded. Jimmy was 14 and already 6'2" making him a practically unstoppable soccer goalie. "Can't tell them that though."

"You probably would have been on the team anyway," Scooter shrugged, "If they didn't already have two goalies. The chick one's nationally ranked already."

"I know," Jimmy nodded, "I heard she's better than you."

Julie Gaffney shifted uncomfortably in her seat in the Eden Hall auditorium, getting ready for the big welcome assembly. She was wedged between Russ Tyler and Luis Mendoza and neither one of them giving her any elbow room. She extended the one on Luis's side "accidentally" nailing him in the chest.

"Ow," he rubbed the spot. "Watch it Cat!"

"Sorry," She rolled her eyes, and then looked around. The Minnesota Ducks had said they were coming this morning, deciding to spend the night at home, it was nice to have the room that she and Connie were going to be sharing to herself. "Where do you think they are?" She said to Russ.

"Who knows?" He said, "Charlie probably decided to stop and hold practice or something."

"And does anyone know what the deal is with Portman?" Ken looked down, they all shrugged. "Great, so I'm on my own, I've got no protection."

"We'll protect you Kenny," Dwayne said, causing Julie and Luis to snicker.

"You've still got Fulton on your side," Luis said, "And uh, Connie's pretty good too."

"You know something, you Ducks don't belong here at Eden Hall." They turned around and had a view of a group of scowling older guys. Well, mostly scowling, Julie noticed one with a definite smirk on his face. She noted that he looked vaguely like Gunnar Stahl from the Iceland team two years ago.

"Excuse me?" Russ said, putting on his best attitude. Julie smiled, she loved watching Russ get in people's faces, like everything was the same as back in the old neighborhood.

"Relax Russ," Dwayne smiled. "They probably just don't know who we are. Hi, we're the new hockey team, and you are?"

"Varsity," the apparent leader said, "the only hockey team. State champs," How impressive, did this kid forget that the Ducks were the best in the world. "You know, my little brother lost his JV spot because they brought you yahoos in here," someone's vocabulary is stuck in the 50s.

"He probably wasn't good enough," Julie said sharply. She heard a light laugh come from the smirking Stahl look alike.

Jimmy looked over to where Rick and the other varsity hockey guys were sitting, his eyes getting big when he noticed him talking to Julie. He should have guessed that his big brother would pick out the first cute freshman he saw. Rick had a new girlfriend about every month or so. He spaced out as the Dean babbled on about not fearing change and the coming millennium. He just wanted to get through the day and hit the field. Sports made life simpler, easier, he could focus on one thing. There were no obnoxious big brothers, no overly zealous, not understanding what you really wanted fathers. It was perfect, he liked it that way. He was startled as the curtain fell creating a hoopla, revealing the new hockey team, he saw one of them was a pretty girl with a big smile. He wondered if this was the goalie who had aced him out. He reminded himself to thank her for the chance to pursue the sport he actually enjoyed.
Julie settled herself into a seat in class, and at the boy sitting next to her.

"Hey!" She said, "You wake up a little?"

"Yeah," he nodded and laughed, "Julie right?"

"Mmhmm," she smiled, "And you're Jimmy?"

"Yeah," He said, "So I uh, I noticed you were uh, talking to Rick Riley at the assembly."

"Ugh, is that his name?" She said rolling her eyes, Jimmy nodded. "Whatever, he's a jerk."

"Mm," Jimmy looked down and cleared his throat, "He's uh, he's my brother, but,"

"Oh my God!" She mumbled, "I'm, wow, this is really embarrassing,"

"No," he cut her off, "he's a jerk too, besides you owe me for an embarrassing moment, after I knocked you over. We're even now." She laughed, he was actually funny when he was awake.

"So you're the brother who lost his spot on the hockey team because of us?" She asked.

"Us?" he said confused, "Wait, you're the nationally ranked chick goalie?"

"Um, guilty," she said sheepishly flicking her pen up. "Although, I prefer not to be called a chick, I mean Dean Portman's not here, so I figured I'd be out of those woods, no more chick, babe, sweetie."

"Um, OK," He said, confused. "I didn't expect you to be so cute," he stopped realizing what he had just said. She looked down, he looked away.

"What position do you play?" She said, changing the subject to the relatively safe hockey.

"Goalie," he mumbled. She sighed, of course.

"Now I feel guilty," she said.

"Seriously, don't" he shook his head, "I'm not actually that into hockey anymore. I started playing soccer two years ago, so I'm doing that."

"You play goal there too?" She asked, genuinely curious about this boy.

"Yeah, I'm good two," he smiled, she smiled back, now seeing the resemblance between the brothers. "Listen um, would you," the bell rang to start class, cutting him off. Julie turned to the front, as much as she wanted to keep talking, she knew she had to focus, her dad had warned her that she had to keep good grades if she wanted to go to school in Minnesota. After class, she walked up to him.

"Would I what?" She asked.

"Huh?" He looked at her.

"Before class you started to ask me something," she said, "Would I, what?"

"I was going to ask if you would have lunch with me," He mumbled.

"I can't," she said, "I'm eating with the team."

"I figured." He said.

"But we should hang out sometime," she smiled. "I'd like that."

"I think I'd like that too," Jimmy smiled. Not to mention it would totally piss off Rick.

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