May's 20 Bad Accidents

Summary: Friday the 13 is the unluckiest day of the year, but what would happen to May in 20 accidents after unbalancing the Unlucky Stone?

Ash and Company were on their adventure as usual, blah blah blah, when they came across an old stone chamber. May ran into the rock chamber.

"Wait, May!" Ash, Brock, and Max shouted, going after May, who was looking at a dark, purple-colored stone.

May's eyes gleamed with joy. "Oooh...this stone looks awesome!" She picked it up, looking at it as it shined a dark arua in her hands. "Hey! It's glowing!"

Max groaned. "May! Put it down, it doesn't belong to you!" He retorted.

"But Max!" May whined, "It's not every day we come see stuff with this!"

Ash and Brock looked at each other oddly, shurgged, and turned to May.

Pikachu just tilted his head. "Pika pi?"

Max adjusted his glasses. "Actually, May-" He began pacing back and forth, "We come up with wacky things all the time since we became part of this group. Even though Dawn replaced us in the anime."

May stared at Max. "Who's Dawn?" She asked dumbfoudedly.

Max sighed, rolling his eyes. "Forget about who Dawn is! The point is," He snatched the stone from May, "This stone is unlucky, so put it back and leave it alone!"

"NO!" May snapped, snatching the stone from Max and putting it in her fanny pack. She folded her arms. "I found it, so it's mine!"

Max slapped his forehead. "It's useless talking to you..."

Suddenly, the entire chamber started to shake.

"AHHHH!!!!" Everyone screamed, holding on to each other.

May gulped. 'W-what happened!?" She exclaimed, holding tightly to Max.

Suddenly, an eerie voice chimed. "You have touched the Unlucky Stone, and took it off its place. For that, 20 bad accidents will happen to you today, being Friday the 13, and there's no way to avoid it..."

Ash moaned. "Well, May, looks like you're screwed today."

May moaned, closing her eyes. "Awww man..."

"Now you know why I didn't want you to touch the stone in the first place?" Max exclaimed.

A gust of wnd then blew out all of the four humans and Pikachu, the rock chambers collasping on each other.

May gulped, trembling. "Uh oh...what's gonna happen to me now?" She whimpered.

Max sighed, getting up. "I just don't know, May. I just don't know."

"Well..." Brock interrupted, looking up at the sun, "Let's get going. It's already the morning."

Ash nodded in agreement. "Right! Let's go continue our adventure! We can handle bad luck!" He said with a confident smile.

May gulped. "I hope so..." She worriedly said as she and the three male Trainers started walking down the dirt-paved path.