May stretched her arms as she looked outside, to see that it was pouring harshly in the seaside metropolis of Lilycove City as she was in the hotel near the giant department store.

"Wha... what's going on?" May asked as she looked around, glancing down to see that she was in her pajamas in bed, noticing the Unlucky Stone on her stomach. "What the... what's with this stone?"

Upon touching the Unlucky Stone, May's entire life flashed before her eyes as suddenly two copies of the Gen 3 remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, fell on top of her, May glancing at the two copies as she picked them up with both of her hands. Suddenly May was sucked into the two copies, her body split in half as both parts were sucked right in.

"May?" Max asked as he opened the door, entering the room as he glanced around. "What are you up to this time...?"

He then noticed the Pokemon Hoenn remakes on the floor, picking them up and holding them in both of his hands as he glanced at them with curiosity, the entire room shaking violently as the two copies merged into one, taking the shape of May as the female Pokemon Coordinator was popped back to life, looking skinnier and younger as Max gawked, stumbling back and landing on his butt.

"W-what the hell!?" Max exclaimed as he pointed at the newer looking May. "Sis, what happened to you!?"

"My whole life... was a lie..." May stuttered as she was in disbelief as well, collapsing on her knees as she had a blank expression on her face, all the wonders of life sucked right out of her.

And then a bolt of lightning zapped the hotel, causing the entire building to collapse as it crushed May and Max.

And that was... a chain of unlucky events for poor May, who after that was never quite the same...