I couldn't do it. I failed him so horribly that I will never be able to live with myself. Dean is gone. The demon came for him with a huge smile plastered on its disgusting face. But, for all the struggling he has been through, he simply let the demon take him without a fuss. I, helplessly pinned against a far wall, had to watch as Dean damned himself to hell. I will never get the Image of him looking back at me with a half hearted smile and a small nod, his sad goodbye, before he turned, squared his shoulders, held his head up high, and dissappeared.

Only then was I released from my invisable bonds to fall in a weeping heap on the floor. I was now alone, left to suffer my destiny. My brother, the invincable Dean Winchester, was in hell.

Could I go on without him? No, probably not. Would I leave him to his fate? No. Dad got out of hell, and I will sure as shit gonna get Dean out if i had to climb into the pit myself.