The rowdy ruff boys

It had been over a year now and the PowerPuff girls

never thought theyd see them again. It seemed like a life time

since they had seen them- and by them, meaning the

ROWDYRUFF BOYS. yes it would appear a shock if theyd

seen them again, but they wouldnt care, theyd just beat them

all over again- thats right beat. The Rowdyruff boys and the

powerpuff girls were mortal enemies. Thats until one day...

Blossom opened her eyes and looked out the window. What a beautiful day! And best of all no school. Thats write it was summer!

''come on bubbles, buttercup, get up!'' said blossom excited .they woke up sleepily and rubbed their eyes.

''what IS IT??''asked buttercup annoyed. She didt want to wake from a summer slumber. No way. bubbles smiled looking outside to were blossom was pointing.

'' look out there- LOOK OUTSIDE!''shouted blossom happily pointing outside, jumping slightly up and down. They all gasped, even buttercup. It was beautiful, the sun shining in a yellow light, the light blue sky with no clouds... they had to get outside!

''who evers last down stairs is a rotten egg!'' said blossom playfully jumping off the bed, and skipping out the door.

''will show you whos rotten!'' bubbles and buttercup said playfully racing after her.

As they headed there way over to the park on this beautiful day they heard a scream.

''help!! Oh HELP!'' screamed a frail old woman. The girls sighed. They werent getting to the

park that easily. As they zoomed off they saw the Gang Green Gang robbing a little old woman. Blossom smirked. This should be easy. And it WAS . Kicking butt for them was ALWAYS easy. On there way back to the park they headed straight for the swing set.

''phhew! I hate kicking butt in the summer'' said bubbles. Blossom nodded.

''hey me to-''blossom began. But as her eyes trailed off she saw someone she recognized...

She gasped... for it was none other than brick and his brothers beating a poor defenseless kid- no matter how HOT it was. They all were smiling will they were doing it too.

'' NO- IT CANT BE.'' began blossom covering her mouth- her voice trembling with fear.

'' but it IS.''said buttercup.

'' ITS-'' began bubbles.

''THE ROWDYRUFF BOYS!'' they all said at once drawing the boyss attention to them. They gasped in shock for a moment too. Then brick gave an evil smile to the girls.

'' Hello girls... missed us??'' he asked sarcastically

They all gasped in fright and even though she wouldn't admit it... blossom sort of did miss brick. But in a weird way. She liked kicking his but... and when she kissed him on the check.

Impossible to realize ya it might be... but it was true.

'' so you girls ganna do somethin or just STAND THERE??'' asked brick loudly

''what do you want from us?'' asked blossom. Bricked eyed her for a moment staring into her eyes... what did he want? All she knew is that he wanted to fight and destroy her and her sisters.

''ya! What do you want!? Say it!!'' demanded buttercup. Bubbles was just staring at boomer who was staring at her.

'' we... ah... we... gadda go.'' blurted out brick looking around. He gave one more look at blossom, smiled evily and said

''see ya later BLOSSOM.'' she made a confused face... what did that mean? If she only knew...

As the day went on it was quiet and peaceful. Nothing really bad happened but it was

hot and it wasn't fun being in the sun all day. So the girls went to get some ice cream.

'' ill have vanilla please.'' said blossom.

'' with rainbow sprinkles.'' she added.

'' and ill have a chocolate cone please.'' added bubbles.

'' pistachio' said buttercup. The girls were all busy eating their ice creams when suddenly an explosion took place at the national art opening. It was a place bubbles would love going to... seeing all different types of art all around the world. Even blossom would be fascinated with

art such as that. But buttercup... buttercup could care less.

'' come on girls- lets go see what exactly happened.'' said blossom, and they did .

It wasn't a robbery of some sort- at least that what the girls could see.

'' well, what exactly happened MR. Rolling?'' asked blossom.

'' we dont know- all we knew was that somebody had set an explosive here on purpose.'' he said scared of course. MR. Rolling had a suit on with a nice hanky in his hand and big round glasses on. Blossom was pondering something...

'' ok- girls lets do a WIDE search of the area... get what I mean?'' she asked stretching her arms out for emphasis. The girls nodded. They knew what they had to do. They searched the whole entire building every nook and cranny and found one item- a note saying----



Blossom gasped at what she found... should she tell her sisters or keep it a secret? It was a tough one- because now she knew why the ''person'' blew up the art gallery. Just to get her attention... Would she risk it to tell her sisters and MR. Rolling? She tought it out and came up with a answer...

'' did you find anything?'' asked MR. Rolling as the girls came back. They all looked at each- even blossom and said- '' NO''

That night Blossom was very nervous about meeting this ''person'' for all she knew it could be a trap. It MUST be a trap... why would anyone else want to meet me at MIDNIGHT will my sisters were still sleeping? As she FAKED getting ready to go to sleep, she felt guilty that she hadn't told professor or her sisters about it- but even if she did she could have been easily sacrificing their lives or something like that- hey she still didn't entirely know about the situation yet... so that when she decided to stop worrying and take action at midnight.