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Bricks memories;

one day at the rowdyruffs shack;

"He Brick- can you show me how to play cards?" asked Boomer full of hope that his brother Brick would teach him. Brick smiled and said-

"Sure. What game?" asked Brick. Butch grunted and said playfully-

"Poker. Definitely poker." they all laughed because of the fact- NONE OF THEM could play poker at all. They were so bad at it. But Brick tried to help Boomer with poker as much as possible and Boomer actually won a match!

"Hey your getting good! You can play better than me now!" Brick said with a smirk.

Boomer smiled too and said-

"Thats because I got a cool brother."

End memory.

This memory brought tears to Bricks eyes. Even though it was a small memory it was such a nice one. He looked out the window were he could see the moon shining brightly on him. Yes it was night time- he had brought Blossom back home and she got her powers back. He also was allowed to stay the night in a guest room. he was very grateful. The professor was a very nice man. 'If me and my brothers had a family like this... it would have been so different for us.' Brick thought. He was also glad he would see Blossom in the morning... he wished he could always see her... but he knew he couldn't stay. He didn't belong here. He didn't belong anyway. He was destined to be a nobody searching for a purpose.

But that would never come... and Brick knew it. Unfortunately he would have to go some place else so he wouldn't cause trouble. But little did he know how much Blossom needed him...

Blossoms thoughts...

In the morning I was the first up as usual. I didn't want to disturb my sisters so I got up slowly and flew quietly downstairs. I made myself some cereal and ate it as if I hadn't had real food in a while. It was sort of true, being at the rowdyruffs house. Thats when Brick and Buttercup came into the room looking so sleepy it was funny.

"Want some cereal?" I asked holding back laughter. They smiled and ate it in a full gulp. They were just as hungry as I was.

"So hows it going Brick?" asked Buttercup. He shrugged and said-

"Ya know. Same old thoughts from yesterday." I patted him on the shoulder and said-

"Well it's a new day and youll have new thoughts before noon." I was trying my best to sound positive- and I was doing a good job.

"Ya, your right. That sunset really helped last night too." he said winking at me. Buttercup grew wide eyed and asked-

"What ' sunset'?" she was growing impatience so I said-

" Brick needed to clear his mind so I took him- well he sort of took me- to the docks and the sunset helped relax him." I conclude. She smiled really mysterious like and said-

"Oh...I GET YA." she said with the same smile and I chuckled so did Brick.

"Yes- but not like that Buttercup." I concluded. She laughed at that and said-

"Whatever- im ganna go watch some sports now. See ya." then she walked off. I looked at Brick but he didn't look at me. I didn't take it in a bad way so I said-

"So what do you feel like doing?" I was probably a mess right now because when he looked at me and chuckled and said as nice as possible-

"Maybe you should brush your hair first?" that made me angry- but I knew he was right so I said-

"Ya I guess so its so messy in the morning." I said patting my long orange hair. He smiled nicely and said-

"Don't feel to bad. I love your hair anyway it looks." I smiled and told him I wouldn't be long. When I came back he was playing a video game with Buttercup. 'Typical, Buttercup must have influenced him to play with her...' I thought.

"Hey Bloss, check it out im winning!" said Buttercup proudly. Brick growled under his breath and said-

"Will see about that" after that Brick scored an extra 500 points! Wow... he was right! He actually won the game after an extra 300 points.

"HA! I DID IT! FESS UP!" he yelled playfully at Buttercup. She made a angry yet playful face and said-

"Oh Ill FESS up alright" and just like that she throws a pillow in his face! He throws one back! In seconds it turns into a pillow fight!

"Hey guys, can I play too?" I asked excitedly. They nod and then Brick says-

"think fast!" and throws a pillow in my direction. But Instead of getting hit with it- I catch it and throw it right back! It felt like the fun fight lasted forever, but when we were too tired we deiced to go have a snack. I had a cupcake, Brick had a donut, and Buttercup had a pretzel.

"Mmm... yummy!" I say in delight. Im a big snack eater so I really get into snacks.

"Ha ha! Ya this is good!" Brick added.

"I wish my life was like this." Brick added. Me and Buttercup smiled at each other and I said-

"Your life IS like this. You are welcome to stay with us." this made him smile and then he asked-

"But wont I be a handful to the professor?" Buttercup nods her head no and says-

"He told us it was ok last night. But now its all up to you. Do you want to stay?" he looks at me and I smile at him, he smiles back.

"Ya. I do want to stay." He says still looking at me. We both give him a big hug and I say-

"We will tell professor when he gets up. But until then..." I say looking at Buttercup

" VIDEO GAMES!!" she shouts. We all smile and race to the tv screen.

Later that day...

It is sunset and me and Brick are off again. We have made a schedule every Tuesday we would go to the docks at sunset. Today was Tuesday.

When we got there Brick asks-

"Were going to have a good summer aren't we?" I smiled and say-

"Yes we are. Im just glad your staying. I didn't want you to go anyway." I concluded. He looks at me and says-

"Neither did I. You know why?" he says. I look at him and ask-

"Why Brick?" he smiles and looks down at the water and says-

"Because- I love you."

The end

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