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25: Check and Mate

Shego looked like the very definition of furious, which might explain why Barkin was sweating like he was on a barbeque spit. He was semi-aware he stood between a demon and something she wanted, namely Bonnie. Most people probably would have figured to just give the demon what she wanted. It did not cross his mind, though.

Right now, Barking was too scared to think straight. He could not believe what he was seeing, let alone figure out what to do. The green fire rising off of the demon's fingers, blazing so hot he could feel it practically kissing him with poisonous lips. His mind shut down for a moment.

"Give me my hellcat," Shego ordered in a menacing tone as her hands flared ever higher than before. The flames coming off of her fists were so large it seemed like her whole body was actually burning emerald. The snarl tugging at her mouth was damn near feral and it certainly would have set lions, wolves, and wise men fleeing in terror.

"Dad, let me go," Bonnie demanded because of how angry her lover appeared. She had no doubt Shego would cut her father's hand off to get him to let go of her.

The former Middleton Governor's mind returned to him as he felt his daughter trying to free herself from his grip. He seemed to think he was in control, tightening his hold on Bonnie even more. Not only that, Shego did not seem to be in her right mind, so there was not much of a chance of him letting Bonnie go. Shego could get the both of them if he did not stick to the plan.

"Wait, are you insane?" Barkin hollered down at his petite daughter, practically screaming in her face as if he thought she was complete idiot for making such a request.

"No, she's right. You might wanna let her go," Ron suggested in earnest because of the look on the Queen's face, the fire burning in her eyes. He blocked the escape route that both Barkin and the Senior royal family planned to use.

Kim was currently wailing on Junior while Senior was trying to get the fiery redhead off of his son. Junior made the mistake of disrespecting Kim by referring to her as a "little girl" and she obviously was not in the mood for any more disrespect. Besides, he looked like the only real physical threat amongst them. Once she subdued him, the others would have to comply.

"And you might want to do it posthaste," Shego commented as she flared her hands even higher. If Barkin even looked like he might run, she would fry his ass worst than a stuffed pig at a feast.

Bonnie managed to yank her wrist out of her father's hand while he stood there stuck on stupid, which was probably the best thing for him. Bonnie rushed to Shego, throwing her hands around the Queen, proving she was all right and hoping to quell the fire raging in the monarch. Shego wasted no time putting an arm possessively around Bonnie's waist, but she kept her narrow emerald eyes glued to Barkin. Her plasma continued burning. Everyone was too charged to notice the flaming hand holding Bonnie was not harming her.

"I'm okay," Bonnie whispered to Shego and kissed her cheek to hopefully calm her down. She really did not want to see Shego murder her father.

The words registered to Shego's mind, as did the display of affection, but she was still quite infuriated with everything that happened. She had been played yet again. Her love had been used against her. The roaring flames inside of her burned and wanted vengeance for her pride, but that did not last for long.

The warrior queen started calming down because she felt a small hand gently caressing her sides. Her nerves seemed to shift from one mood of attack to wanting to attack a new target in another manner. She was close to trembling, not from fury anymore either. Bloodlust versus sexual lust was a hell of thing. Wow, bloodlust had its ass kicked in less than ten seconds. The glow around her raised hand began to fade, but it did not go completely out. The hand on Bonnie no longer glowed at all.

"Kimmie, get off of that idiot and tie everyone up," Shego ordered in a slightly tense tone, trying to make it sound like a bark, but something was slightly off. She then whispered to Bonnie. "Stop doing that, you're ruining my concentration with this attack."

Bonnie smirked a bit, but she stopped rubbing her lover's body. Her hand remained planted on Shego, though. It assured her that Shego was actually there. It also assured Shego that Bonnie was there. They were together again.

Kim got in one last punch on Junior, who was unconscious anyway, before starting to tie up their captives. Barkin and Connie did not even think to protest because they were too busy watching Bonnie with Shego. The actions seemed… odd.

"What the hell are you doing to my daughter?" Barkin finally managed to inquire. A snarl tugged at his lips and a fury ignited in his eyes.

"I think your daughter's doing something to me. And I'm very happy to break this to you, but she's not yours anymore. She is my hellcat. She's mine now. She's not going to be some little tool for you to use anymore and she's not going to have to worry about you fucking with her head by lying about damn near dying. So, don't even think about her being yours anymore. She's mine," Shego stated with a fierce growl while pressing Bonnie against her tightly with the one hand around the princess.

"I won't let you debase my daughter!" Barkin declared, taking a bold step closer to the Queen, which was not a wise move.

"I won't let you hurt my bride!" Shego countered while stepping over to Barkin with flaming hand with flexed talons.

"Your bride?" he echoed in shock. He took a step back, more from the shock delivered to him than because of fear.

"Yes, remember a few months ago I actually proposed marriage and you wanted to be a dick and give my hellcat away? I meant it, you stupid fuck-boob," Shego growled, sounding almost like a monster.

"Fuck-boob?" Ron echoed and decided to write that one down. One day, he might actually be in an argument where he was justified in calling someone a "fuck-boob."

"Bonnie, you're not seriously considering marrying this barbarian, are you? That's just about the worst thing you could even think. It's disgusting and disgraceful," Connie objected, her face twisting in a mix of horror and nausea. She could barely fathom what was being said. Surely, her little sister, who she thought very little of, was not so lowly and weak to actually accept the proposal of a female barbarian!

"Shego, are you serious?" Bonnie asked, her eyebrows curled up and her eyes almost shining with hope.

"Yes, I'm serious. This could've gone the easy way, but your father wanted to act like he could run the fucking world using you and his fucked up connections. Well, get this, Governor, I run the fucking world and I'm marrying the hellcat and you and everyone else here are going to be on house arrest for the rest of your worthless fucking lives," Shego proclaimed. She would have preferred something a little more permanent, but they were her lover's family. She could not execute her love's family… not without a very good reason anyway.

"This is a proposal to remember," Ron remarked, holding his arms across his chest. He was very close to laughing and that was clear in his voice.

"Kimmie," Shego growled, pointing to the blond. She did not bother to look at Ron while pointing at him.

Kim sighed and got Ron to hold off on the side comments. To keep him quiet, Kim suggested he help her get the prisoners together, which he did in a flash. Barkin and Connie were not even sure what to make of what happened, especially since Bonnie seemed rather comfortable being pressed against the barbarian queen.

"Bonnie, you can't be serious about going through with this," Connie said, her expression now angry and confused. How could anyone related to her be so insane and offensive? There was no way that she could be related to someone like that! She could not even call Bonnie "sister" if she could do something so filthy.

"You're going to marry me, right, kitten?" Shego asked, giving Bonnie a little peck on the mouth just to disturb their audience, which worked, especially since Bonnie did not resist.

"You know I will," Bonnie answered, full attention on her love. She did not care what her family thought. She loved the Queen and she would love nothing more than to be married to her.

"I forbid it!" Barkin howled like an enraged wolf and he tried to charge at Shego, but the way that Kim and Ron tied him to their other three prisoners made it impossible since those three were not moving.

"It's not your choice. It's Bonnie's choice and she's with me. I'll take your city as her dowry if it makes you feel any better," Shego remarked with a smirk.

"You bitch! What have you done to my daughter?" Barkin demanded, his jaw tense from his anger. Spit flew from his mouth as he roared in her direction.

"What, you mean aside from love and respect her? I don't treat her like a fucking piece on a chessboard. So, why don't you just shut the hell up and sit back and relax because when the sun comes back up, this city is going to belong to me," Shego declared and she was right.

By the time the sun was climbing into the sky, the city was pretty much Shego's. Her army and her brother's army came through the walls and took the city easily. It seemed they made quite a team… a team that was coming to end right after they captured the city. Shego did not want to share in her glory of taking the West with Hego and he wanted to get back to his province in the Goh Empire anyway. She gave him the land in the north as thanks, though.

-*-(New day)-*-

"You know, when you said you'd marry me, I was expecting this to happen a lot sooner," Bonnie commented, speaking to Shego.

The couple was on a large green pillow outside in a courtyard of Shego's palace. They had had just survived the wedding ceremony and were celebrating. The ceremony seemed to drag on forever and Bonnie was surprised Shego had not fallen asleep during the service. Shego had been quite close to sleeping on her feet while in her mind she pled with the priest to just shut up already before she snapped. Luckily, they made it through the ceremony without incident. A glaring pair of emerald eyes drilling into Shego's back might have had something to do with it.

Right now, they watched actors put on a drama. Shego had arranged for plenty of shows for a celebration that even she was not sure when it would end. She was not really in the mood for a show, but she wanted to give her little bride the greatest wedding ever. It was working so far if the smile on Bonnie's face and the manner that she leaned against the Queen meant anything.

Aside from all of the shows Shego had planned, there was also the unending feast she had setup. Food would just keep coming until there were no more people around. The wine would flow until everyone passed out. Shego would not be in that lot for once. She did her best not to touch any wine because she wanted to be totally coherent when her little bride was ready to get out of there.

The gifts Shego had given out to the guests who attended the wedding were outrageous, especially considering the fact that she invited her entire army, active or retired. She gave out golden cups, which a person only needed one of to be rich beyond belief. Fine silks were handed out, jewels, and since Shego was in such a good mood brought on by marrying her little hellcat, she offered to pay off any of her soldiers debts. That earned her a round of cheers, which she knew it would.

"You wanted me to just drop my whole western march to marry you?" Shego inquired, even though she could guess the answer to that one.

"Hell, yes. Aren't I worth it?" Bonnie countered, hands wandering from her spouse's sides to her shoulders. Her white garments were contrasting against Shego's usual green and black robes.

Shego smirked a little while turning to look at the younger woman. All right, so she had finished her seasonal campaign in the West before returning home to marry Bonnie. Still, the weather was fair, giving them a wonderful outdoor ceremony, which was good because it meant Shego did not have to hear her mother's mouth about things.

"Well, aren't I?" Bonnie pressed as she rolled over to curl into Shego. She now reclined on the older woman and could careless if someone was watching.

"You're worth the world," Shego replied, throwing her arm around Bonnie's waist and pulling the younger woman to her. She then started quite the scandalous kiss with the tanned female.

"That's supposed to wait for later tonight," a cool, smooth voice commented, causing Shego to quickly pull away from her bride. She knew that voice all too well.

"Mommy, what the hell have I told you about just appearing out of nowhere?" Shego huffed, brow furrowing from being vexed.

"But, you're so cute when you're startled," Isabel remarked with a small, amused smile. Her eyes seemed to shine, laughing at her daughter on the inside.

Shego turned her mouth up, looking quite offended by that. She did not look any happier when her mother asked to borrow Bonnie for a moment. Bonnie was a bit puzzled by that, but she climbed to her feet to go off with Isabel; her jewelry and a few bells she wore rang out as she climbed to her feet. The white cloth she wore flowed behind her as she followed Isabel off to a quiet cornered. Shego just watched them go.

Bonnie had already met Isabel a few days ago before the wedding went down when the Empress arrived at the palace. Isabel was quite nice to her while being rather playful with Shego. Bonnie was not sure what to make of Isabel because it was hard to believe such a nice woman could be Shego's mother, even though the resemblance made that quite clear. It was also hard to believe Isabel could be a demon like stories made her seem.

"You know, you really shouldn't have worn white for the wedding," Isabel commented while running her fingers over Bonnie's top robe.

"This is the color brides wear in Middleton," Bonnie replied with a slight shrug as she took a moment to look down at her clothing.

"Yes, Shego told me. It's just that where I'm from, this is considered a bad omen," Isabel said, still regarding the garments. She seemed to be deep in thought for all of two seconds.

"Shego didn't say anything about it. She said I could wear whatever color I wanted," Bonnie informed the Empress while continuing to look down at herself.

A gentle smile settled on Isabel's face for a second. "I'm sure she did. Shego doesn't believe in omens. She's like her father in so many ways. They made their own luck. I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for getting you to get my little girl to settle down some. She needs to see there's more to life than taking over the world… not that I think she'll stop. Just support her as she goes after her dreams," she requested, voice surprisingly soft as were her eyes.

"I will," Bonnie promised with a nod to drive her word home.

"That's good to know. She'll be good to you. I know she will."

Bonnie smirked. "She better be."

Isabel chuckled. From the start, she could see why her daughter fell for Bonnie. "You just make sure you keep her focused."

"I will."

"And try to take care of the small things. If she is as much of her father as I think she is, the small things will eventually get overlooked."

Bonnie nodded. "I will do my best."

"All right. Well, I don't want to keep you from your bride any longer. Besides, I've been enjoying the play. Hopefully, I'll talk to you again before I have to go back east. It's quite nice to have another daughter," Isabel said with a smile while placing a hand on Bonnie's shoulder before going about her business.

Bonnie smiled a bit, happy to be accepted as a daughter by Shego's mother. It was nice to have a caring family, especially since her own family had disowned her. Her family, even though they were Shego's enemies, was still alive and well. Shego put Bonnie's whole family, her father, mother, and both of her sisters, on house arrest at a wonderful, extensive villa near the coast in her province. They were under constant watch and they were not allowed to send out letters. Bonnie was free to see them whenever she wanted, but she had yet to bother with it.

Her family had even been invited to the wedding, but they refused to attend. Bonnie preferred things that way because she did not want them to ruin what was easily the happiest day of her life. They were utterly against her marrying a barbarian woman, which she could understand, but she did not care. She loved Shego and Shego loved her, which was enough for her.

Before making it back to Shego, Bonnie ran into Tara, who walked arm in arm with a brunette young man. The friends smiled at each other and Tara let go of the young man to hug Bonnie as congratulation. Once they released each other, Tara introduced the bride to her beau.

"This is Josh," Tara said, grabbing onto his arm and squeezing it slightly.

"Oh," Bonnie commented, not saying more because she did not want to give away that she knew who he was. She did not think it was necessary for Josh to know that Tara talked a lot about him.

"He just joined the army," Tara informed her friend, trying her best to hold back a giddy grin, but she failed miserably. She appeared to be ready to burst from her happiness, which the princess could appreciate.

Bonnie nodded to show she understood. It was all right for Tara to be with Josh now since he would probably move up in rank and gain status in society. They made plans to get together sometime soon, but Bonnie was understandably in her a hurry to get back to the Queen. They exchanged pleasant goodbyes and wished each other luck before Bonnie walked off to return to Shego. She halted for a moment when she saw Shego was speaking with Kim.

"You know, I didn't think you'd go through with this," Kim said to her sister. She sat next to the Queen, not on the pillow as she usually would, but just to the side of Shego.

"What're you jealous now because you're going to have to share me?" Shego teased, smiling a bit.

Kim scoffed and rolled her eyes. "You two are made for each other. Two bitchy women that get on my nerves."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You got anything you want to say or should I just whip your ass to hold you over since you won't be seeing me for a while?" Shego inquired, a taunting smirk dominating her face.

"I was supposed to say something encouraging and uplifting to you, but you bringing up ass-kickings makes me just want to kick your ass. Just seems inappropriate to do on your wedding day," Kim remarked, an amused smile adorning her face.

"Just promise you won't kill Bonnie and that'll be enough," the pale woman commented quite seriously.

Kim shrugged. "Hey, you haven't killed Ron, why should I kill Bonnie?"

The sisters laughed a bit, both knowing they did not hate each other's spouses as much as they pretended to. Shego sat up some while Kim leaned over and they exchanged a quick hug. Kim wished her big sister luck and then went back to Ron and her family to watch the rest of the play. Bonnie approached as soon as Kim was gone.

"My mother didn't try to eat your soul, did she?" Shego inquired as Bonnie sat down next to her again.

"No, she was just telling me to keep you in line," Bonnie replied with a smile, which earned her a hearty laugh out of her lover.

"I can imagine," Shego said, throwing her arms around her bride, pulling the younger woman closer.

Bonnie settled back in next to Shego and enjoyed the play. There were a couple more shows in the theater contest. When it was all said and done, they turned to the Queen to decide who won. Shego, in turn, looked to her bride to decide the winner. When Bonnie made a choice, Shego gave away a pouch of gold coins to the winner.

"This wedding is going to bankrupt you," Bonnie commented.

Shego chuckled. "If not it, then you shopping to wile away the winter will."

Bonnie pinched her side. "Careful. You don't want to make your wife angry, do you?"

A grin spread across Shego's face. "I dunno. Seems like it could be fun." Bonnie pinched her again.

A fighting tournament was up after the plays were done, earning a roar from all of the warriors around. Shego got involved first in a hands-off way, but that was short-lived, which everyone expected. She started with offering the winner a golden crown, until Kim decided she would be in the tournament. It was then that the green-skinned monarch decided that she was going to in the thing.

Shego went in, fighting in her wedding clothes, which consisted of her usual rich garments. She did not even take off her jewelry. She ended up about to face off with Kim for the end round when Kim's grandmother and Isabel got to scold the both of them about possibly ruining their clothes and the problems with fighting with so much jewels on. The two older women grabbed the ears of their respective charges and dragged them back to where they belonged.

"Ah, c'mon!" the sisters complained, groaning as they spoke. They could not believe how they had just been thoroughly embarrassed by probably the only two people on the planet that would dare to pull them out of a match.

Bonnie could not help smiling at the ridiculous spectacle of her spouse and now sister-in-law being pulled by their ears. As far as she knew, they were the deadliest warriors in the Empire and they were reprimanded and treated like small children. Bonnie begin thinking about how she would have adjust to the warrior culture that existed in the Goh Empire, but she was sure she would be able to do it. After all, she knew Shego would help her adjust, as would her friends.

Shego returned to her seat with Bonnie once her mother was done embarrassing her. At least she was not alone considering Kim had the same problem with her nana. No one laughed at them, which was wise, and the party kept on moving.

As the sunset, the celebration continued, but Shego had her fill of things. She was ready to leave for her bedchambers. She was not very subtle about it either. She rose from her seat and snatched up her bride in both arms, lifting Bonnie off the pillow, causing the tanned female to yelp in surprise. When the guests noticed, they rose their wine cups and cheered.

"You'll have to excuse us, I've got to go break in my new girl," Shego announced to the party with a grin.

"Be careful before your kitten breaks you!" Betty called, surprisingly sober despite the fact that the wine poured like rain all around her. Vivian kept her occupied and she was usually a moderate drinker when she was not in the immediate company of Shego and Kim.

"Call if you need reinforcements," a faceless soldier remarked.

"I think I can handle this one on my own. So, drink up and enjoy your winter! I know I'll enjoy mine," Shego commented with a smile as she turned her attention to Bonnie.

"Me, too," Bonnie agreed with a smile. "Maybe this can last longer than the winter."

"Let's try to make it through winter first. I'm sure you're going to need to recuperate when I'm done with you."

"Promises, promises."

Shego continued smiling while Bonnie wrapped her arms around the pale woman's neck. Shego went to her bedroom, which would from then on be their bedroom. Bonnie still had her own private rooms and Shego had hers, but this was theirs. Some servants milled about the room, trying to make it perfect for when the couple arrived. The servants knew without orders they needed to get out right now.

Shego kissed Bonnie before she even put the younger woman down on the bed. The kiss was gentle, but passionate and Bonnie returned it immediately while grabbing for Shego's robe. She pushed the top off of the Queen's shoulders as Shego lowered her onto the bed.

"You're beautiful," Shego whispered lovingly as she pulled away for some air. Her mouth was still quite close to Bonnie's and her hands moved up and down Bonnie's torso, caressing her tenderly.

"So are you," Bonnie replied with a small moan. She leaned into the touches of her love, whimpering for more.

Shego smiled, more from Bonnie's reaction than the compliment. She figured since it was such a special night she would go slowly, even though she really just wanted to rip Bonnie out of her clothes and wear her out. That would sort of take the fun out of the rest of the night, though.

Bonnie noticed what Shego was doing right away and she appreciated it. She wanted the night to last as long as possible and the slow pace told her that Shego desired the same thing. She sat up a bit to start a new, deep kiss, which Shego accepted instantly.

The kiss was hot and fervent. They moved together as if they were one in that simple kiss, which led them to believe they were one now. They were not just one from the announcement of law or in the eyes of the Goh gods, but they were linked in every way. Their souls had merged and they were spiritually one entity.

The second time they pulled away for air, Shego left Bonnie's mouth to settle at her neck. She gently nipped and licked at the tanned flesh, enjoying the sweet taste. Bonnie tilted her head, giving Shego better access. As the green-skinned warrior worked, small moans from Bonnie filled the candlelit room. The sounds and the taste made Shego groan.

The candle flames seemed to dance every time Bonnie made a sound. It was as if she had control of the element that made Shego seem like a demon. The fire swayed calmly and then sharply, as a particularly loud whimper escaped Bonnie. Shego's mouth had discovered an especially sweet place to settle on for a moment.

Bonnie gripped Shego's back and pulled off the Queen's black shirt. She flung the top to the side of the bed and then her hands were back to the powerful shoulders of her lover. She massaged Shego's strong back with wanting fingers while the pale woman continued on, tasting Bonnie's neck and now trying to get the younger woman out of her own clothing.

Shego found herself annoyed that Bonnie wore more than one shirt. It was warm for the time of year, but not warm enough for Bonnie to be in a single top. Shego growled while simply clawing her love out of the irksome garments. Bonnie hissed more from surprise, but she silently admitted that move was damn sexy.

"Somebody's impatient," Bonnie teased, forcing out a smile. She was glad to know Shego was just as eager as she was.

"You shouldn't be wearing so many clothes," Shego replied, shredding the rest of Bonnie's outfit for good measure. It was not like Bonnie would ever wear the wedding garbs again anyway.

The pale woman took a moment to eye the bare body that lay beneath her. Perfect, sweet tanned skin begged to be licked and devoured like cake. The dear curves of that body would put a meandering river to shame. Shego bit her lip as if she witnessed something overwhelming and moving. Her eyes seemed stunned, like she experienced an epiphany.

"Damn it, I've been blessed," Shego admitted in a low tone while lightly dragging her hand down her wife's side. The caress was sensual, but not really sexual. She had transcended her lust for a moment.

"Then how about you make me feel the same?" Bonnie remarked with a sexy smirk.

The warrior queen wasted no time in obliging her beloved, deciding right then and there she would worship Bonnie that night. Her hands went to pay homage to Bonnie's chest, caressing all over her torso, including rather sensitive fleshy parts. Her tongue went across Bonnie's collarbone before making a leisurely path to the valley between Bonnie's breasts, kissing her devotion into her love's body.

The tanned woman arched into her lover's touch as she cried out for more. She felt like she was floating from the admiration being paid to her. She felt so adored by the woman that she loved. She prayed the feeling lasted forever.

Shego smiled to herself, enjoying the fact that she could make Bonnie feel so obviously good. She lovingly suckled the base of Bonnie's right breast while her hand affectionately occupied the other. Her free hand started a journey downward, settling on Bonnie's thigh, massaging the limb for a moment. She pulled the leg up and Bonnie wrapped her leg around Shego. Shego caressed the thigh in her grip.

"Shego," Bonnie moaned deeply as her body began unconsciously rubbing against the Queen.

From Bonnie's actions, Shego decided to move on. There were sweeter things to be had anyway. She kissed her way further down, savoring each bit before she got to her goal. Before Bonnie even realized her love had moved, her leg was on Shego's shoulder and a hand fondled her rear. Bonnie screamed when hands pulled her into Shego and she was met with Shego's loving tongue. The noises only got louder as the Queen drank from her beloved.

Shego doubted she would ever get enough of Bonnie. The smell and taste of her wife was intoxicated. She ran her tongue in and over Bonnie. She could feel tremors and then she felt Bonnie's nails digging into her shoulders. Bonnie's leg shook as her essence spilled onto Shego's tongue and Bonnie cried out loudly. Soon, only Bonnie's panting filled the room.

"I love it when you scream like that," Shego commented, resting her chin right below Bonnie's navel. Green hands lazily ran up and down slim thighs.

"I love it when you make me scream like that," Bonnie said while trying to catch her breath.

"I'll do it whenever you want me to then, kitten," the Queen promised, and then she kissed Bonnie's bellybutton.

"I want to give it a try," the younger woman replied while sitting up.

Shego did not argue, rolling over for her lover. Bonnie settled on top of the green-skinned monarch and started a new kiss between them. While they shared a kiss, Bonnie untied the sash that held up Shego's pants. She was only able to push the pants down partway, because she did not want to break the kiss. Shego tried wiggling out of the trousers while they continued kissing. When they finally pulled away, Shego kicked the pants off, losing a couple of anklets in the process. She could care less about the jewelry, though.

Bonnie proceeded to give Shego the same treatment that she just got. After being with Shego so many times, she now understood the delight Shego got from sweet things. She smiled to herself as Shego began to move with her, wanting to meet her active mouth for more. Shego's body suddenly shuddered almost violently, but Bonnie continued on.

"Oh, gods," Shego muttered, hiding her face in the mattress for a few moments. Bonnie had gotten so good at that, she silently commented.

Bonnie smirked as she finally stopped and just let Shego ride out the rest of the ecstasy wave. She watched, delighting in seeing the affect that she had on the Queen. Her heart swelled with joy and she almost felt overwhelmed by it all, but that did not prevent her from continuing on.

She crawled back up Shego's body to face the Queen when the warrior calmed down. Shego wasted no time wrapping her arms around Bonnie and kissing the tanned woman with all her heart and worth. As their sweat-covered bodies came into contact, they seemed to move without any commands from the women's brains, which was fine by them. Hands began to caress whatever flesh that they could while mouths remained occupied with each other and their bodies continued to move. Fingers slipped in between, caressing each other.

The one soul they believed they shared soared to the heavens. The soul settled and smiled. The soul was content with existence.


Bonnie was on top of Shego. A very thin sheet covered them. Their hair was stuck to their foreheads thanks to the fact that they worked up a decent sweat. Shego busied herself by caressing Bonnie's back and her sides. Bonnie was placing gentle, wet kisses on Shego's chin.

"So, Shego, what're you, like, my husband now?" Bonnie asked as a joke in between kisses.

Shego chuckled a bit, slightly amused. "Keep it up and I'll make your title my bitch."

"You can't do that."

"Kitten, I'm the Queen. I can do anything I want, especially since I control half of the damn world," Shego commented.

"It's not half yet," Bonnie argued smugly.

"It will be soon, hellcat. I was placed on this planet just for that," Shego stated with a confident glint in her eyes. She was born to rule the world in her opinion, especially since she was doing such a good job at conquering it.

The tanned woman looked curious for a moment. "And where do I fit in with that?"

"I think you fit in right where you are," Shego remarked while clutching a rather meaty area on the lower half of her bride.

"Well, I do like this space," Bonnie concurred, wiggling a bit as if she was trying to make herself even more comfortable than she already was.

"Stick with me, kitten, and I'll give you the world. You stay with me, help me, and I'll make your dreams come true," Shego vowed.

Bonnie was not sure what to say, especially since she was not even sure if she had any dreams. She was happy where she was in life, but she certainly would stay with Shego and help her achieve her dreams. The West waited for them and they would be back in the spring, but for now, they would enjoy their wedding night. They exchanged a kiss and started exactly what they finished only minutes earlier.


The end.

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