Main Character : Sora, indirectly Roxas

Rating : K+

Summary: Set after KH: Was it a dream? A memory? The future? Between reality and dreams, Sora could never really draw the line.

Spoiler: KH, Another Side movie ending.

Written for 10settings, set d, prompt #4 : In the rain.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts.

AN: This is the first time I write a Kingdom Hearts story, and do a challenge. I really hope you'll enjoy it!


Scattered Dream

It was a rainy day, dark clouds filling the sky with a cold wind blowing soflty. No one could think they were in the middle of summer. The city usually lively, was deadly quiet, its inhabitants safely shut into their dry houses, longing for the sunny days. Only one boy was wandering in the torturous streets of Traverse Town.

His spiky brown hair that used to defy the laws of physics, were sticking to his face with the rain, while his red clothes were dripping with water. But Sora couldn't seem to care less. He kept walking in the place of the second district, as if it was the most beautiful warm day of the year. Carefully, he climbed to the tallest building of the city which bell rang every hour, and sat down on its border.

The view was breathtaking up there, even with a bad weather. The lights of each houses illumated the dark town, chimney smoke escaping from their roof, creating an atmosphere of warm welcoming.

Up there, Sora felt at peace, away from all his responsibilities, away from his fears and worries, away from any weird dreams he thought were over. The battle against the Heartless and Ansem was over. Even if some Heartless were still appearing, the Worlds were safe. He had accomplished his duty as the Keyblade Master: he had locked the Door to Kingdom Hearts, he had locked up his best friend and his friend's King.

Life was so unfair, terribly unfair. The great Keyblade Master could not even save his friends. Sure Kairi was back home and out of danger, but Sora couldn't help but feel bitter overall. It had been more than a year since he left his home, and since then all he had done was looking for his friends, and now he was back to the starting point.

Sora closed his eyes and let the rain fall right on his face, melting with some tears. He breathed deeply, the fresh air trying to soothe his worries. He finally opened his bright blue eyes again, and stared at the sky. Between the rainy clouds, some stars could be seen, stars that were worlds, worlds he had saved. What he had done was needed, he knew that, there was no point in regretting his actions. The brown haired boy shook his head, splashing some water around him.

He couldn't allow himself to break down, he wouldn't. Sora was a cheerful and optimistic boy. He had always believed that only an optimistic view could improve the situation. Slightly more at ease than before, he closed his eyes again, this time enjoying the cold rain he was under, not realising he could catch a cough.

The sound of the rain felt distant to his ears. He thought he could almost hear someone walking, as his consciousness slowly drifting away.

Utter silence.

A man wearing a black coat, black boots, face hidden under his hood, walking in the rain, aimlessly as he had.

High modern buildings were now surrounding him. In the middle of another place, not Traverse Town, another skygrasper was dominating the city.

Where was he? Was it a dream?

A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory.

Sora felt himself falling into water, as an army of shadow Heartless appeared. He had to do something, else...

Two Keyblades appeared in the stranger's hands, his Keyblades : Oathkeeper and Oblivion. He swang them with grace, easily eliminating the Heartless. Swirling, slashing, slaughering with amazing skills. Part of Sora felt it was him, while another was watching the scene passively, he felt himself being torn into two.

A far-off memory that's like scattered dream.

What was happening? Was it real, a memory?

The memory beyond.

The future?

The man looked up, his, Sora's eyes landing on the top of the building where was standing a tall figure.

Same coat, silver hair, a black bandage covering his eyes, a lingering smirk on his lips.


They ran, fought against each others, using his Keyblades. Why? Why should he fight again?

A soft whisper, scaring words, but nobody is there.

Who is Nobody you ask? They are the non-existent one.

Where is Sora?

The scene changed again, the rain was still falling heavily, he was drowning into it, suffocating. Blinking with difficulty a few time, he found eyes staring straight at him under this black hood, blue eyes, his eyes...?

He looks just like you.

Sapphire blue eyes staring straight at him.

Where are you, Sora ?

A bell rang loudly suddenly, as the brown haired boy snapped his eyes open, getting up fastly, that he almost fell over when two arms caught him tightly. The drowsiness slowly faded away, as he looked at his two friends. He was back at Traverse Town, on top of the tower, completely soaked.

"Gwarsh Sora, you gave us a fright, suddenly disappearing without a word in a rainy day... you could get sick, you know," Goofy said his hand still behind his wet back to make sure he won't fall again, while his other was holding an umbrella sheltering them from the rain.

"What had gotten into your mind?!" Donald half yelled angrily, though he was more worried than angry. "You almost fell? Do you even know how high it is?"

Sora shook his head slightly, still half into his dream. "Was it really a dream?" he muttered to himself. It had been such a long time he hadn't had weird dreams again. That man in black, was it R...

"Are you even listening to me?!"

Sora snapped back fully to reality this time, feeling that Donald was getting annoyed.

"Yeah, yeah," he answered quickly. After all it was a dream, the rain must have messed with his mind. "Sorry," he grinned sheepishly at them as usual, his two hands behind his head. "I just wanted to enjoy the rain, and think a little."

Goofy and Donald exchanged a few concerned glances. "We will find them, Sora," Goofy said kindly. "Everything is going to be alright."

Sora looked down briefly, before saying brightly with a soft smile : "I know, thanks."

"Let's go then, I don't want to get soaked too," Donald grumbled.


The blue eyed boy let them go first, and glanced one last time at the town, the cold rain recalling him this was real. But back then, into that dream, it felt real too. He opened his palms, staring at them, feeling every drops of rain.

It might have been the glimpse of another dream, but suddenly he thought he was on top of a clock tower, staring down at a sunny town at twilight instead of the rainy Traverse Town.

Sora breathed the humid air, and smiled. Whatever waited him, he would face it. Even in the rainiest darkest day, there will be light.

I will find you.


Author Notes: Well, I finally managed to write for the KH fandom, it's been a long time I wanted to do so. I'm not completely happy with how it turned out, but it's not that bad either...I hope... I really liked the Another Side movie, but it's kind of difficult to write it. The italics sentences are from this secret ending and from the introduction of KH2.

By the way, I'm also very sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, I'm not a native english speaker.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one shot!

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