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Summary: Chichi-ue was proud of all his creations, except one. February 28, 2010.

Collected Works of a One-Shot Junkie


Chichi-ue liked to play god.

Whether he was winning battles or women, he delighted in his own power. He took life with one hand and restored it with the other. And like a god, Chichi-ue was proud of all his creations.

All but one.

And Sesshoumaru knew the sting of rejection as he watched his father's most disastrous creation wield the greater sword. How he burned to realize that he was the solitary flaw, Chichi-ue's one regret.

Had Chichi-ue been alive, he might have explained that his firstborn son was not a flawed creation, but his most devastatingly perfect triumph.


A/N: I realized I haven't written anything for a little while, so I decided that a drabble was in order. This idea has been bounding around in my head for a while now.