Title: Partners
Characters: Barricade and Frenzy
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Short and quick and mainly fluff, I guess. There's not much to it, but I figured it was better to give into the Barricade n' Frenzy plotbunnies, than the brain worms wanting me to write Spy Shot 6 into the movie-'verse (Toys do not need fics based around them! D:) Hopefully someone will appreciate it.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to Transformers except merchandise, and I am making no money off this story.

Barricade wasn't stupid. So while Bonecrusher rushed in to go head-to-head with the Optimus Prime, he hung back and tried not to get caught in the minesweeper's path of destruction. When Bonecrusher, who was several times larger than Barricade, was dispatched quickly and efficiently by the Autobots' leader, he decided not to push his luck and headed back the way he came. While he'd like nothing better than to scrap some Autobots, he had more important things to do than get into suicidal battles.

As the cop car sped towards the Hoover Dam, siren wailing, he sent a signal ahead of him. "Frenzy, do you copy?" Receiving no reply, he felt a tremor of apprehension. Not that he was really worried about the spastic little Decepticon, of course. It would just be... inconvenient to lose his partner. Not that he had anything to worry about anyway, Frenzy was tough, it would take more than some humans to take him out for good. He tried again, anyway, "Come in, Frenzy, are you functional?"

This time he got an answer, a garbled stream of unintelligible Cybertronian. So the little 'Con was still functioning, if barely. Barricade sped up, he was going to retrieve his partner and the fleshlings had better pray to whatever deities they had that they didn't get in his way.


Barricade met little resistance as he made his way into the dam, tracking the weak signal being given off by his partner. He supposed that between Megatron and Starscream, many of the humans were already dead and that more had left. Those that remained were easily terminated, even with his movement restricted by the small corridors.

He found Frenzy attempting to drag himself from a room. The small 'Con beeped and gibbered wordlessly at the sight of his partner. It wasn't as though he had much of a vocal processor – or head, for that matter – left to talk with. Barricade carefully plucked Frenzy off the floor and cradled him against his chest plate.

"Let's get out of here and see if I can repair you," the black Decepticon said, then quickly added. "You're completely useless in this state."

His partner's only response was to stare at him knowingly with his remaining optic and relax, save for the compulsive twitching of one hand.

There ya go, my first TF fic.