At the Obidala Fan Forum, I am taking prompts for each letter of the alphabet. What you will find here will be a 26-fic series of Obidala one-shot fics that will focus upon a word submitted for each letter.

I'm assuming the fics will constitute a variety of subjects, but my goal is to include a bit of sex, a bit of kink, adult situations, and romance in each one, no matter what the prompt, so as a whole, the series will be rated M.

This is an exercise for my sluggish muse, which I hope you all will enjoy.

Letter: A
Provided Prompt: Asphalt

The impact vibrations of the hard surface beneath her feet sparked fire through the young woman's numerous injuries. Her lungs burned, adrenaline flowing through her body, adding strength and speed to resources she thought she had already depleted.

A short respite, leaning against a clammy stone wall dampened with sweat much like her overheated skin, sticking to the tattered nightgown which she wore, words of her kidnapper and torturer ringing through her head. Threats of violence, words filled with hatred as iron fists rained upon her face and a booted foot struck repeatedly against her thigh.

But the ropes with which she were bound loosened during the duration of the beatings as Padmé lay upon the ground, and as soon as she had been left alone, she had easily slipped them off her thin wrists, releasing her feet as well.

The self-defense moves that she had been taught back home came to good use as one of the guards returned to check on her. Padmé could still hear the crack of the man's esophagus as her forearm swung forward to crush it.

And now she was running. Through musky halls, dimly lit, somewhere below ground, blindly following a path unfamiliar to her. She couldn't remember being brought here. The last thing she remembered was programming Artoo and covering up the monitors in her bedroom.

She didn't know where she was, didn't know where she was going, but knew that she had to go up, to get out, to find someone to help her.

She had no idea how long she had been confined and beaten. Days, maybe a week? But she would never be found unless she could get free.

Shouts echoed through the tunnels, drawing closer with each passing second and set her moving once again, the pain of the her steps shooting violently up her leg, her brain warning her to be still, but she had no choice. Her tormentors were drawing closer.

A dark intersection and a decision to be made. The ground turned muddy in front of her, and Padmé shot a quick prayer to the Force, asking it for guidance and stepped forward, her bare feet sinking into the wet ground.

A brighter light ahead and she ran toward it, away from the pursuing darkness and malevolence.

Steps. Painful to ascend, each upward motion agonizing and slow, until finally her hands reached up and pulled her weakening body onto more dampness. Dark, wet, pavement. Asphalt of an unknown world, doubtless in some remote system untouched by the Republic, full of discontent. The smells around her provided the assumption that wherever she was, it was a world underdeveloped, but surely there had to be a space port. Surely, there would be someone who would help her.

The slight delay in her actions had caused her joints to begin to stiffen and Padmé struggled to rise to the surface, now dragging her uncooperative leg behind her as she ran toward the concentration of lights scattered across the distant dark horizon, sighing in relief as she spied a descending transport appearing through the overcast, moonless night sky.

Behind her, voices emerged from the tunnel; voices of pursuit, shouting commands for her capture, and Padmé flew behind a partially collapsed building, weighing her options. There were very few except to flee. She wouldn't go back there, she couldn't.

Not that she was afraid she would reveal anything to them.

They had never even asked her any questions.

But she was at the end of her strength. She couldn't tolerate the pain any more. They were going to kill her, and she wasn't ready to die yet. There was something she had to do. Someone she needed to talk to first.

She had no choice but to run.

Willing her body to move, Padmé spun away from the wall, issuing out a scream as her momentum was thwarted by a solid mass of human flesh.

"Padmé! Thank the Force! It's all right. You're safe now."

"Obi-Wan." His name escaped her lips on a sob as Padmé finally allowed her mind to accept the pain, collapsing into his supportive embrace, both of them falling onto the cold, wet asphalt.

"I'm going after them, Master."

It must have been Anakin's voice she heard, but he seemed so far away, as her eyes stay focused upon the beloved bearded face before her, struggling to keep them open, not wanting to vanquish this vision.

"Be careful Anakin. I'll get Padmé to the ship."

They were alone. Finally. Damn it. Damn them all for ruining this moment. She was finally in his arms, but the reasons were all wrong.

"Obi-Wan." A sigh, a whisper.

"Sh." He replied, his concerned gaze traveling over her face, wincing at the sight of the large, purple bruise outlining her left eye and cheekbone. "I'm going to carry you back to the ship."


Confusion and once again concern crossed his face.

"I have to tell you something." Her voice faltered and Padmé was suddenly more weary than she realized. "I thought I was going to die, but the entire time all I could think about was you. I knew you would come. If I could just hold on long enough. I knew you would come."

A brush of lips against her brow, a whispered sentiment into her ear. Had she passed out or did he just tell her he loved her?

"Who did this to you?"

Eyes closing against her will, forcing them open to answer his question. "Dooku." She gasped before finally giving up the battle and succumbing to the unconsciousness that demanded possession.

"Dooku." Obi-Wan hissed, his eyes shooting up just in time to see the rise of a class A starship emerging from the roof of the building just ahead -- the building into which his apprentice had gone. However, the Jedi's fury was quickly overshadowed by the realization that the training bond he shared with the young man had suddenly and unexpectedly vanished.