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Letter: L

Prompt: Loudmouth

There were several obstacles to overcome as a new resident of the Jedi Temple, especially at the age of nine. Most of the initiates had already been trained for more than seven years! I was too old to be considered for training, but talented enough to be made an exception. That was the explanation I had received during the first of my initiation sessions with Master Yoda. Being a Jedi was something I'd always dreamed of. However, I never thought the fulfillment of my dreams would come at such a high price.

I missed my mother, and my feelings for Queen Amidala who was now a senator, was a direct result of that. Master Yoda had explained to me that I was transferring my emotional attachment to the only other woman who had shown me kindness: Padme. I had thought a long time about the Jedi Master's words and had nearly come to the point where I thought they were wise.

Until that day.

Master Obi-Wan and Padme had sat me down in her new apartment on Coruscant. They had something to tell me, and it wouldn't be easy for me to hear, they said. They were in love, and they wanted me to be the first to know.

At first, the news had been difficult to comprehend, and I'm afraid I didn't respond to it as a Jedi should. In fact, quite the opposite. I stomped my feet and fled the apartment, eventually making my way back to the Temple all on my own. It was Padme who came after me, discovering me in the Room of a Thousand Fountains, curled high atop a pillar. It was my favorite thinking spot, so unlike Tatooine, where I'd come from.

"Anakin," she begged from far below. "You know I'm too old for you, right?"

"That doesn't matter," I argued with her.

"It does matter," she loudly answered back, earning scowling looks from other Jedi who often used this place to meditate. One of them even shushed her. "It does matter!" she repeated more quietly. "I know you don't want to hear this, but you're a little boy, and I'm...I'm a grown woman! What do you expect me to do? Wait for you?"

"Is that so hard?" I pouted from above, earning a pitiful look from the woman I was sure I loved more than anything.

"Anakin, will you please come down? It's hurting my neck having to look at you."

I considered the option of crawling even further up, but instead gave in to her wishes and hopped down to the floor, where Padme knelt before me, taking my hand in hers. "Please understand. I do love you."

My face lit up at the confession, only to crease into a frown when she finished her statement.

"As a friend, Ani," she continued. "I was hoping we could stay friends and see each other whenever we can now that I'm here so often. Can you do that? Can you love me as a friend?"

I thought about her offer. I had already made friends at the Temple. I didn't love them the way I loved Padme. In my pain, I blurted out my true feelings, not realizing I had hurt her until later. "No!" I lashed out, "I don't want to be your friend!" I once again ran blindly from the room, searching out another hiding place where I could sulk, only to be stopped down the hallway by my Master, who was accompanied by the only other Jedi in the Temple who had a calming effect on my outbursts.

It wasn't until a few days later, and many conversations with Master Yoda that I decided I was wrong, that I owed Padme and Master Obi-Wan an apology. It took many more days, however, to not feel hurt when I saw them together, when I noticed the way they stared into each other's eyes, held each other's hands, and embraced. Eventually, I came to accept that Padme could only see me as a friend, and I was okay with that. My Master was happy, and that made me happy.

But, not everyone in the Temple was happy.

I was walking down the hall one day away from the practice rooms with some friends when we came upon a group of Masters huddled in the center of the next intersection. About to excuse ourselves to pass by them, I overheard my Master's name and motioned for the others to step back against the wall, out of sight, but not out of hearing range. I took a chance and peeked around the corner.

I had a feeling eavesdropping was not allowed in the Temple, but they were talking about Master Obi-Wan, and I wanted to know why.

"The Code does not allow it!" Master and Council Member Mundi was saying.

"I wonder then why Master Yoda allows it? Right under our very noses!" At the time, I had forgotten her name, but it was Master Yaddle I learned later who had spoken.

Master Windu, the only Jedi I had met so far who I really didn't like all that much, held out his hand to quiet the complaints. "It's all a matter of time. Only a single amendment has been made. There has been no violation."

"As you said, it's only a matter of time," Master Mundi replied.

"Exactly," Master Windu answered back. "Kenobi and Amidala's affair will only last so long. Once she realizes a true commitment is not allowed, I'm sure she'll end it. The senator has a good head on her shoulders."

"What about Kenobi?" Master Yaddle cut in. "Why has Master Yoda made such an outstanding exception for him? It is without precedent, I tell you!"

Master Mundi replied. "He is the killer of a Sith Lord! A hero in the public's eye."

"He is a fool," I heard Master Windu say, his words cutting me quick and deep, bringing my fists to clench at my sides. "Qui-Gon indulged him, Yoda spoils him, and he is given far too much leniency by the Council. Take heart, Master Jedi, I will do everything in my power to reverse this amendment and re-establish the Code back to its former perfection. I will put an end to Kenobi and Amidala's ridiculous relationship."

He can't do that! If only Master Qui-Gon were here! He would tell that big poo-doo head where to go! But Master Qui-Gon wasn't here, and I was the only one who had heard what Master Windu had said. Or at least the only one who would do anything about it. Most of my agemates had already run away.

With anger in my heart, and my blood boiling with rage, I stepped away from the wall, confronting the man with words only a nine-year-old would use.

"Master Windu! You're...You're nothing but a big loudmouth! That's what you are!"

Apparently, I had a lot to learn when I first came to the Temple. I was sure Master Kenobi would be proud of me for standing up for him, but instead, I was not only rebuked by my Master for calling Master Windu a name, but for eavesdropping on their conversation in the first place.

"And what about Master Kenobi and the senator?" one of the initiates whom I had been speaking with asked after the end of my story.

"Did they get marweed?" a cute little girl with missing teeth asked me.

I tousled her dark curls with my hand. "They did and are living happily ever after." My reply brought a bright, gapped smile to her dimpled cheeks.

Satisified I had answered all their questions, I stood up from the bench I'd been sitting on and looked down upon the small group with a conspiratory grin.

"And that is why Master Windu never smiles," I announced before hiding my face behind my hand, "but don't tell him I told you so."

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