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Tammy Drabbles 51: Magic

"You should not meddle in the mortal world so, Brother," she warned. Even when she was being patronizing, the Goddess was so beautiful. Her eyes bore into his, and Mithros had the impression that the words shimmered as they left her tantalizing red lips

"I believe that Father Universe decided prescience would belong to another of our siblings, Dear Sister," Mithros replied.

"Power corrupts mortals. Too much power leaves an unbalance and they will exploit it, every one."

Perhaps she was right, and yet the mortals could not evolve if he forever kept them limited to certain experiences. "So little faith, Sister. Have you never been surprised by a mortal act?"

"Hmmm," she considered. "On rare occasions." Her eyes searched his and he could see reflections of human acts in their sparkling surface.

"If we took no chances, those occasions would not exist," Mithros remarked, brows raised. "Surprises are welcome, are they not?"

"In order to be surprised, I'd have to be wrong," she said, watching as he attached extra gift to certain souls.

"Wouldn't that be something," he remarked, mockingly.