Chapter One

Cuts & Secrets

I slide the razor down my left wrist watching as the thin line for blood started to appear. I feel complete, I feel so what's the word... Whole ever time this date rolls around or even when I felt the need, I did this. It started the night he left, the night he broke me in too a million tiny pieces and told me there's someone else and he's not coming back the sad thing is this time

I believed him.


" To the day it happened."

One year before

I hurried as I got everything ready for school making sure I hadn't forgotten a thing. I hated when I needed a pen and always forgot to grab one as I was heading out the door.

I hear the knock, "Too late I thought he's here!" I ran down the hall and down the stairs as fast as my legs could carry me and ripped the door open. There he was my angel my soul mate the reason I was breathing.

He gave me his casual side grin as I held myself to him taking in his wonderful smell... I could never stop smelling him.

"Ready to go Bella, Sure you haven't forgotten anythingggg? He smiled at his own joke he knew I always forgot "something"

"Nope", I replied Not yet anyways come on lets get to the car it's starting to rain!

I rain to his Volvo and got in as soon as I did a new and weird smell flooded my nose. I couldn't put my finger on it but it wasn't something I'd never smelt before.

Edward entered soon after

"What's that smell babes?" I said

What you mean? He looked rather taken back at this question it was rather odd for him to react to such a pointless question but I let it slide.

Oh I don't know how to place it, or describe has anyone been in you're car other then me and you.

He looked sideways at me as we drove

"Oh well I don't know….maybe I left something in here I'm not sure. He stumbled, it's not important anyways right?

This was really worrying me why was he so jumpy over a smell…

Yea yea..Guess not. I replied

For the remained of the drive which wasn't a long one I looked out the window and tried to put my finger on what he was with him.. Whatever it was that was in his car he didn't expect me to smell or comment on it.

"Here we are." Edward finally chipped I'd never heard him be more excited about school. I slowly stepped out the car and looked around Alice was a few cars down. I waved she waved back and came over.

Hey Bella, what's kicking?

Hey Alice I replied oh nothing really just got here excited about school? I asked sarcastically.

"Oh yes best 100 years of my life." She winked

Alice and I headed in the direction of our first class, which we had together. We were half way there when I looked back and realized Edward had gotten back into his car. I to make a bee line to his car but Alice stopped me.

"Its ok I think he's just thinking he'll be fine."

"Hey no", I tugged at the arm she held "I want to talk to him something's not right." I whispered back.

We can talk about it in class come onnn. She whispered back as she finally pulled me with her into our classroom.

We didn't sit far apart so talking was easy but not while Mr. Jerry was talking about the human body god how I hated Health class, so instead I ripped out a piece of my notebook paper and reached into my book back for a pen. I searched and looked. "Fuck! I forgot my damn pen! Why it always that's fucking pen!?"

Alice laughed as she handed me her bright green one "something never change." She giggled.

I shot her a pretend glare then turned to write her the note.

Ok Alice seriously I'm worried about him ever since this morning after we got into his car he's been so idk jumpy I guess.

I passed her the note it wasn't long before he replied.

What happened in the car did you guys fight?

No, it was over something so stupid I don't wanna believe he's acting the way he is because of it.

Tell me

When I got into the car I smelt something, it was such a weird smell. I told him once he got into the car and ever since then he's been so different almost like he's hiding something or at least trying to cover something up.

I handed the note to her again and watched her expression as I saw her eyes move over the words. That's when I saw it, her expression changed to complete dread and unhappiness. It was gone so fast when she lifted her eyes to see me that I was taken back then she smiled a little and wrote back.

Lol you're soooo over reacting! Don't worry babes! It's nothing.

I folded the note after reading that there was no hiding it now something "was wrong" and I had caught on it wasn't just Edward that was worried it was all of them. Someone or something had been in that car and I was going to find out.

End of Chapter

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