Briar Elwood

Summary: It's not just power in the cave…it's a monster. Third in Aftermath series [sequel to Origin. Starts four years after S10, S10 SPLRS. DV, SJ, brief CamLam, Teal'cIshta. AU.

Disclaimer: I may own the universe it takes place in, but no more.

A/N: It's only two months after Origin. Oh…and Anjirika? This fic is almost completely indebted to you.


Daniel couldn't believe the stink of this place. It was dark, dank and just over-all creepy. He could barely see the outline of a large; breathing figure, confirming what he had suspected was in here. Its fur was pitch black and Daniel could make out the faint image of discolored claws and fangs. It's breath was heavy, stinking up the cave more and more with every exhale. It's shaggy hide filled up most of the room, leaving Daniel a little too close for comfort to the beast.

And then an eye opened less than a foot away from Daniel's face. Its yellow glow squinted at the intruder. A burst of adrenaline rushed through his system and Daniel whirled, rushing through the stone.


Daniel woke with a start. Frantically, he looked around him, trying to find Vala before remembering he was on the couch because Vala had insisted they sleep separately the night before their wedding night. He had found it kind of odd for her to want such a thing but hadn't argued…too much anyway.

Suddenly it hit him. He was getting married today.

He was getting married today.

Well, it was about one in the morning, but it was still today, wasn't it?

And, yes, he'd gotten married before but he hadn't really known it until later.

Daniel was getting married.


"There's no way I'm getting back to sleep now," he muttered to himself, sitting up and getting out of bed. "No way."

A/N: HELLO EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!! Hope you liked the beginning. Now, the action I mentioned at the end of Origin? That doesn't really start up for a while but…it's still exciting until then! Oh, just you wait…I'm so excited; it's hard to contain myself!!!!