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Oci Demaan would've liked to have stayed on Earth with the man he knew as Orionus, perhaps even became a pet, but seeing as that was impossible, Oci moved in with Bra'tac and, every once and a while, went over to the Ori galaxy to check up on them. The dog found it an honor to serve Daniel in any way he could.

The team was able to fulfill Daniel's promise to Henwies and give him a new (and better!) inn. It was located locally and named by the innkeeper himself, Bob and Sally's. Daniel and Vala were a little embarrassed by that. Bob and Sally's was an amazing success and eventually went nation-wide and even partnered with Sol's Diner (much to Vala's great delight).

Also to Vala's happiness, the Jackson residence not only took in Ettan as their child, but they adopted a beautiful African baby girl named Zola. Sam became pregnant again, this time with twins, boy and girl, whom they named Pryce and Brynn.

A few years after the final defeat of the Ori, Cam re-married to Nori. Together they had one child, a little girl named Carla. Years went on and the children grew up, Jared Mal Doran and Rose O'Neill marrying and having one boy, whom they named Kristian Jackson. Eventually, Ettan and Aya married as well, their oldest daughter having a child whom she named Q Larienge.

A long time afterwards, in the year 2157, an old woman with hair still as jet black as her great-great-grandmother's was telling stories to her young grandchildren. She was just finishing the story of the old little demon who could spin straw into gold when one of the boys made known his request for the next story.

"A myth!!" the child cried. "Not some fairy tale, a myth!!"

"Nerd," another boy scorned. The old grandmother gave the boy a stern look.

"Now, now, Jonathan. What myth would you like to hear, Danny?" she asked the younger boy. Danny shrugged, looking sheepish and giving one of his cousins a stare that pleaded, "Help me!"

"Sammy…" he whispered. Sammy shrugged her petite shoulders.

"I don't know any myths, Danny!"

"How 'bout the one of the scorpion?" another boy suggested. "You know, the one from the stars, with the hunter…"

The grandmother smiled warmly. "Excellent choice, T. Any objections?" She paused, giving the children expectant looks. "Good. I shall tell you the story of Orion and the scorpion. …Though I must warn you, it wasn't simply a myth."

A bright sparkle twinkled in Q's eyes before she dived into her story with excitement.

"It was a gorgeous city, really. Like nothing Daniel Jackson had ever seen before. …"

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