Hello all. This is a sweet short story I wrote for a very good reviewer that does me the honor of checking out my stories. TS. Now I only hope they get a chance to read this. Please everyone do enjoy this and have fun. Its AU and maybe even OOC but I will try my best to get you into it.

warning: shonen ai

I do not own Naruto series/manga

This is a story which is already complete. I won't upload it all but I will update depending on reviews. Whenever this gets 5 reviews I'll go on to ch.2. That could be today or in 1 week if it takes that long.



"Naruto!" Those were the last words I heard. I called out "I love you." The cool air came rushing past me. My long hair blew and waved in the wind. That late night I could say I finally lived for me. That night I was free once more. I can still hear him yelling after me. I can see my body descend upon that hill. I can fell that horse running fast beneath me. I know where we'll go. I know exactly where to ride.

He's close behind me. Its like our game. Our game back home of hide and seek. Except he's found me and now we're mouse and cat. I run and he follows. He'll follow. For once he'll follow me. I laugh. This is liberating. I know he can hear my laughter. He's joined in too. Now he plays with me.

"Naruto, love, return to me. I'm sorry. We can play back home. We can be together I promise." He uses that sweet voice I usually fall slave to. Not today. Not after all of what's happened. Not after all that's gone through my mind. I continue to tease him with my laughter. My horse is faster and my tears never stop. Even as I smile with the wind I cry. I cry for me and for my eternal soul. I only wish the end to be soon. I want him to feel my pain. If he'll follow me blindly just like I followed him, I'm dying to find that out.

"Gaara." I call back playfully. "I bet you can't catch me, love." I'm still riding hard. He's still galloping fast behind me. It was amazing to see how fast he climbed up on his horse where he spotted me. I was walking sad, but when I spotted him looking around for me it felt good. He does love me. He did want me. He didn't mean it. I can't stop now. Not after what I've done. My last day as royalty will come.

"Naruto! Please slow down." He's yelling after me. He's crying. Just like I cried for him.