Hi guys. Welcome to the final chapter of Our Kingdom In Heaven. I hope you all enjoyed reading this. This epilogue will tie in the prologue. I sure do hope you all like it. Please leave me some feed back .. TS did you like it?
I stopped my horse and jumped. The rush I felt was wonderful. Straight down. I was just Naruto. Not prince Naruto. Not his lover Naruto, but just me.

I can see my body. I'm smiling. I can see myself going down. The drop is so long and yet I smile. My laughter echoes down that fall. I only wonder if he followed. The way down gives me time to think. To think of my family. I'm sure they'll understand. To think of that girl. I know she won't care. We didn't know each other. I think of that confused horse who just saw his owner of ten years jump to his death. I smile at my thoughts. I'm dying and I can still think of my horse. Its so weird how my time goes by slowly. I want to look up and see if he's followed. I want to look up, but that would be looking back.

Looking back at those shackles of life. Looking into the eyes of royal slavery. Looking for love when all I need is freedom. So, I look down. I look down at the cool fresh water that awaits my heated body. It welcomes me and I embrace its cold arms.


I can hear the serene giggling of small boys. I feel the warmth of his hand on mine as we run through this cloud filled paradise. Its foggy and large. Almost like a dream. I feel happiness. I feel at home. We'll begin once more. The white sky is filled with a peaceful air. He looks over at me and I see his smile. I can feel my hand being squeezed. He followed. He came here for me. He promised on that hill. We'll be together forever and forever here we'll be.
Lovers welcome us to Our Kingdom In Heaven.