Title: Height Matters
kawaii-kirei "KK"

Rating: PG-13 or T for s-ai
MomoRyo (Ah-un Pair)

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis and all its characters do not and never will belong to me.

Author's Notes: I FAILED. D: Momo's hard to get IC, he just is. I tried to not make Ryoma OOC, and hopefully I succeeded. I've always imagined him as adorably dorky but still annoyingly smug when it comes to love. xD;; Enjoy!

Height Matters

What Ryoma lacked in height, he made up for it with his skills, and thus, he never once felt insecure about how many inches he stood. It didn't affect him that Inui had assigned him to drink two glasses of milk a day as part of his training menu, and even if his other teammates would often joke about it, it had never been a serious problem for him.

That is, until he found out that the feelings he had for Momoshiro weren't one-sided. At first it didn't bother him at all, but after numerous kissing sessions, it started to dawn on him. Then, after failed attempts to kiss him due to the pain he felt when standing on tiptoes, it started to bug him.

They had been together for four months now, but still the problem nagged at him.

Tennis practice ended, and even as they walked towards his house, Ryoma pondered on that, and his lack of awareness to the outside world didn't go unnoticed by his sempai.

"Echizen..." Momoshiro started, rubbing the back of his head as they turned a corner. "You're sorta out of it lately." Then he stopped, a horrible idea forming in his head. "Don't tell me you want to break up but can't seem to find the way to do it!"

Ryoma blinked up at him, wondering what the hell he was talking about, when things dawned on him and -- resisting the urge to thwack a certain sempai -- he looked back down again. "It's not that, Momo-sempai."

"Oh." Momo heaved a relieved sigh. "So what's up?"

With a sigh, Ryoma continued their walk. "It's hard to kiss."


"I mean..." Ryoma said quickly, fighting the blood rising dangerously to his cheeks, but it looked like a losing battle. "It hurts when I tiptoe, so it's hard to kiss."

It took a few seconds for that sentence to register into Momo's head, but when it finally did, he let out a relieved laugh, catching up to Ryoma in no time and stopping him in his tracks. "Well, we can't have that, we just can't."

Kneeling slowly in front of Ryoma so that their heights were somehow close enough, Momo gave a big grin before leaning forward and capturing Ryoma's lips with his own in a small kiss. "I think that's better, really better."

The look on Ryoma's face was priceless to look at, and even as he desperately tried to hide his face underneath his cap, the red hue on his cheeks still remained vivid. "That's so lame, Momo-sempai."

Momoshiro laughed, standing back up on his feet and patting Ryoma's head twice. "You're not romantic, are you, Echizen? Not romantic at all."

Ryoma walked past him, lowering his cap, muttering under his breath. "It seems like you're proposing to me."

Momoshiro's grin widened as he caught up to him, cheerfully draping an arm over the first year. "If I am, would you say 'yes'?"

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