Do The Voldy!

Chapter One:

Trusting Hermione

A/N: So I thought I needed to do a light-hearted Ginny diary fic. I love reading them and I know I'll have a hell of a good time writing it. I think I need a good-humoured, sweet, romance fanfic to write to take my mind off the day that we all know is coming but that I am inside dreading. If Harry dies... OK. I'm going to stop that because I refuse to believe it will happen.

Enjoy the fic! )



10:30am, My Bedroom, The Burrow

Harry's arriving today. At 11.

Must try to contain my excitement and not look like a giggling school girl.

Scratch that- should not show excitement under any circumstances. In fact I should just remain flippant and off hand and pretend to be incredibly busy owling my friends and making important social arrangements whenever Harry tries to talk to me. Well, for the first few minutes or so at the very least.

Also strap Hermione to a chair and bundle her into the closet (that girl is getting far too smug for my liking). Write off her absence as 'women problems'.

I sometimes wish I'd never told Hermione about my slight crush on Harry. Don't get me wrong, she hasn't told a soul, but it doesn't take a genius to notice Hermione's extremely unsubtle winks, nudges, smirks and smug expressions across the dinner table every night. It's not like she goes on about it all the time either, however, whenever I do need to talk about it, she's always there to listen.

Hmm. Maybe I can trust Hermione.


She won't tell me who she has a crush on though.

Probably because she doesn't want me to tell Ron, who will tell Harry, and then the two of them will never let her live it down.

Maybe it's a Slytherin.

Lord, no, DON'T let it Malfoy!

I don't fancy having to invite Malfoy round for Christmas dinner at the Burrow every year. Saying that I probably wouldn't have to as Ron and Harry would have already murdered him by that point. Then he would have been dug up and murdered again but this time by his dad. Oh and by his mates. And the rest of Slytherin house. You know what I think Malfoy has too many possible murderers to bother going near Hermione.

Anyway, back to Harry! So he's coming to the Burrow! Yay! AND he's spending all summer with us!

I'm really excited (incase you haven't already guessed) because Harry doesn't usually join us Weasley folk until near the end of the holidays and we don't get that much time. These summer holidays will be the first where we've actually had him staying with us for the whole six weeks... well, excluding the four days that he's had to spend at the Dursleys.

I'm going to go now because I can't think of anything to say and the twins' room has been suspiciously quiet for too long.


10:15am, The Hallway, The Burrow

OK. The reason for suspicious quietness from said brothers has been discovered.

They were waiting at the top of the flight of stairs.

For me.

With extendable ears.

Apparently I talk while I write.

No! That's not possible! I've written in my diary outside in the garden before! I'd have noticed! HA!

But then how did they know...




10:17am, The Garden, The Burrow

Found Hermione.

But, alas, didn't manage to kill her.

My dearest youngest older brother stopped me from doing so.

Apparently I'm not allowed to kill a member of 'the Golden Trio', even if said person did tell Gred and Forge about my used-to-be-but-no-longer-secret crush on a certain Harry Potter.

Damn Hermione.

Damn Ron too.

Damn Gred and Forge for knowing about my crush!

Damn Harry bloody Potter for making me have a crush on him!


10:20am,The Garden, The Burrow

Whoops. It turns out that Hermione didn't tell the gruesome twosome about my crush.

They found out from Mum.

How the hell did she know?!

Is it really that obvious?

God, can't anyone keep a secret in this house without EVERY member of the family knowing about it?

George just walked past and said that the whole point of me having secrets is so that him and Fred can find them out and use them to tease, mock and generally make my life a living hell.

Thanks for that comment, George.

I have such loving brothers.

I should probably go and apologise to Hermione for bat-bogeying her...


Or I could go and pig out in the kitchen and eat the last of the chocolate cake that Mum made to celebrate the start of the holidays.

Hmm... very, very hard choice.


Sorry Hermione but that chocolate cake was nice and if I don't have it, then someone else will.

Hell I'm evil.


Note to self: Try not to make evil laughs when Harry arrives.


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