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Tammy Drabbles 54: Point of View (must be written from the POV of a person other than those who are talking)


"I adore him. He's perfect, absolutely," Dom heard Kel tell Daine and Yuki. For a moment he gleefully thought she might be talking about him, and considering he was standing there with a fist full of flowers that were meant for her, that would be convenient. "After I saw him last night, I can't imagine wanting another," she finished. Dom dropped the flowers.

"He is fond of you, too," Daine advised.

Yuki, in her soft-spoken manner, nodded, her face unreadable. "Even I could tell by the way he kept nibbling at your neck." Daine and Kel laughed.

With every second, it seemed to get worse, and Dom wished he'd not told anyone his intentions toward Kel. Now he'd just look like an idiot.

"Do you think it's too soon for me to bed him in the stable, Daine," Kel wondered

Dom's face turned red. He'd never imagined women talked like that.

"If you do, I can keep watch. But I honestly think it's safe since we cleaned it out so completely. If you buy him today, you'll want to tuck him in safe so he knows where home is. I've never seen a case of stifle hang around after a good scour, anyway."

Dom could have kicked himself. Stifle was a horse disease. He began to gather flowers as he heard Kel thank Daine profusely. Now if only she'd ditch the audience.