Everyone loves Hiyoshi! No?

AN: As the title says, everyone loves Hiyoshi! He's so forgotten! A side character to fill in the regulars spot for Hyoutei, sad no? Well, let's give him some attention!

Hey, you know about Hyoutei? Yeah, everyone does. Of course, if you asked a random Hyoutei fan girl they would obviously answer, "Atobe-sama, Shishido-sama, Oshitari-sama, Mukahi-sama, Ootori-sama, and Kabaji!" Now, I know, you probably think that's all of Hyoutei regulars.

No. There is still one left. Who is he? Well, you should know! You're the fan girl! (Or boy)

Still no? It's obviously Hiyoshi Wakashi!

Now, now, I know everyone is probably thinking, "Huh? Who's this Hiyoshi character?" Well, he's Hiyoshi! He's in the regulars! Let's talk about him, no? He needs some attention too. Let's start shall we? Did I fail to mention he's a bit crazy sometimes?

"Gekokujyou!" Hiyoshi said. He exhaled, "I'm going to be captain someday... just wait and see..."

"Hey you! Who are you?" Atobe demanded, "Ore-sama has never seen you before! Stat what you want!"

Hiyoshi sweat dropped, "Atobe-san...I'm Hiyoshi... a regular..."

"Eh? Hiroshi? Ore-sama thought that Hiroshi is in Rikkaidai, along with that Sanada Genichirou."

"My name is Hiyoshi Wakashi!"

"Kakashi? Ore-sama heard that Kakashi is some manga character, but of course, Ore-sama isn't interested in such childish books. Now, state who you are! Even if you, whoever you are, are in cosplay!"

"Cosplay?...I'm Hiyoshi Wakashi!!"

"Go, Wakashi! Tie him up and be captain!!" Chibi-Wakashi cheered. (Yes, Chibi-Hiyoshi makes an appearance at last!) "Go, Wakashi, go!"

"Stay calm, Hiyoshi... breathe... breathe..." He muttered to himself.

"Ore-sama doesn't have the time to talk to you, leave now."

Chibi-Hiyoshi pointed to Atobe, "Get him! Get him!!"

"Don't listen to chibi...don't listen to him..."

"Ah, don't listen to Ore-sama? Who are you calling Ore-sama a chibi?"

"I think I'll go home..." Hiyoshi said.

"No Wakashi!!! Get Atobe! Get him!! Or...or I'll cry!!!" Chibi Hiyoshi started to cry.

"No, I won't go get him!" Hiyoshi cried. Everyone stared at him. "Uh... Gekokujyou?" Everyone said, "Oh." And left him alone.

"Oi, Gakuto. That guy, Hiyoshi was it? I think he's a little... crazy."

"You got that right Yuushi. He's totally wacko. He keeps talking to himself, what's with that?" Gakuto whispered.

"You hear that, Wakashi? People like Ga-kun and Yu-chan don't know about your greatness! Listen to me for once!"

Hiyoshi closed his eyes really hard, "No... Shut up." He whispered.

"Go Wakashi! Go tell them they're wrong!!! Please?" Chibi did chibi eyes.

"No, no matter how adorable you are I won't listen!" Hiyoshi said.

"Eh?...What did you say Hiyoshi?" Jiroh said, rubbing his eyes, "Something about me and adorable?"

Atobe's ears twitched, "Are you trying to challenge Ore-sama? Jiroh is Ore-sama's."

Jiroh yawned, "Call me after practice...Marui-kun's date is afterward...Zzz..."

"He doesn't sound like he's yours, unless you change your name to Marui." Hiyoshi muttered.

"Ah? Did you say something?" Atobe asked.

"Nothing. Buchou, nothing."

"He's loser! Ha! He can't even get a boyfriend for life! Hahaha!" Chibi-Hiyoshi laughed really hard.

"It's not that funny." Hiyoshi said.

"What?" Gakuto said, "Weirdo..." He muttered. "Let's go Yuushi."

"Great, I'm crazy..." Hiyoshi muttered.

"You aren't crazy! Get on with plan 'be captain'!!! Go Wakashi!!!" Chibi cheered.

Now aren't I right? Hiyoshi is known as an idiot! You get to learn more about Chibi-Hiyoshi! This was pointless...