Okay. This is the weirdest of my serious fics yet. But I think it's cute. The idea comes from awhiterain who pointed out that with Doumeki pretty much stalking Watanuki and Watanuki making him food, pretty much their dating. lol Or something like that. And so I decided to write this even though I still owe things that I SHOULD be working on...

She'd been watching them for so long. Seeing how they acted towards each other. Seeing what went on between them. And when she realized what was going on, she was thrilled.

So as they sat eating lunch, she watched them argue. And smiled.

Finaly Watanuki seemed to grow tired of dealing with an idiot. And decided he wouldn't let Doumeki ruin his lunch with Himawari.

He was suprised to turn and see the way Himawari was smiling so brightly.

"You sure seem happy today, Himawari-Chan! Did something good happen?" He asked, smiling back at her.

"Something very good!" She replied, tilting her head to the side a bit and causing Watanuki's heart to nearly explode from the cuteness.

"What is it?" Doumeki asked bluntly, right before shoving more food in his mouth.

Before Watanuki could begin snarling at him for being so straight-forward, Himawari spoke.

"The two of you are dating."

Doumeki didn't seem in the least bit fazed by this statement. But Watanuki began sputtering and waving his arms about franticly. He didn't seem able to utter anything coherant. Random gibberish spilled out of his mouth with the occasional "No!" thrown in.

Doumeki looked up from his lunch to watch for a moment, slightly amused.

Honestly, Doumeki didn't care one way or the other if that's what Himawari thought. Or if that were what everyone thought for that matter. In fact, it would be just fine if thats what everyone thought. Then maybe the fangirls would leave him alone.

Finaly, Watanuki seemed to manage to find what he was trying to say. "W-why do you think that?"

"I don't think it. It's true." Himawari said, looking confused. "You never realized?"

"Realized what?" Watanuki asked, completly mortified with the whole situation.

"Well...you walk to and from school together. You make him lunch every day. He saves you from danger. And you fight like an old married couple." She listed off, tapping her chin and trying to think if she'd forgotten anything.

"So technincly, we are dating." Doumeki chimmed in, looking a bit thoughtful. "Although without any kissing."

"WHY YOU...JUST SHUT UP!" Watanuki hissed.

"Do you want to make out then?" Doumeki asked.


"So...you don't want to date Doumeki-Kun?" Himawari asked, looking a bit dissapointed.

"Of course not! Who'd want to date that idiot?"

"Are we breaking up then?" Doumeki asked, before taking another bite of his lunch.


"He's right..." Himawari said, tilting her head again. "Your not officialy dating until you kiss."

Watanuki was starting to wonder if his opinion on the matter meant anything. But before he could voice this thought, he felt an arm come around his sholdors, pulling him down a bit.

Doumeki was leaning towards him. And then he felt a bit of pressure on his forhead. After a few moments of silence and confused blinking, he realized the pressure had been Doumeki's lips.

Letting out a cry of disgust and horror, he swung out at the archer.


"So now we're officialy dating, right?" Doumeki asked, looking at Himawari and ignoring Watanuki completly.

"I suppose so." She replied, smiling brightly. "How cute!"

Watanuki slumped to the ground. Really, how could he bring himself to continue putting up a fight when A)No one cared what he had to say on the matter and B)Himawari seemed so very pleased with the whole thing?

"Fine. We're dating. But if you ever touch me again I'll break your arm."

Lunch went on as though nothing had happened. And Himawari was happier than ever.

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