Yes. I know. I took forever. But I'm glad I waited because I got this awesome little closing idea from a book I'm reading. If anyone can guess correctly what the book is I'll write them a one-shot. Anyway, enjoy the final chapter and leave a review! This has been loads of fun and it's only the third fic I've ever completed so I'm feeling pretty good right now. I LOVE YOU ALL FOR YOUR AWESOMENESS AND YOUR SWEET REVIEWS! I PROMISE TO BRING MORE DOUWATA IN TEH NEAR FUTURE!!!!

Finaly well again, Watanuki was glad to be returning to school. He hated not being able to do anything. And after his encounter with Doumeki, he hadn't been able to think of anything else. Part of him wanted to scream in frustration over what had happened. But a part of him had really enjoyed their kiss.

And it was driving him insane. He needed something else to think about.

Of course, he'd somehow forgotten that the other boy would be there as well, making it impossible to forget. But he didn't remember this fact until two strong arms wrapped around him from behind.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Watanuki snarled, trying to squirm free of Doumeki's grasp.

"I read somewhere that a person needs to be hugged once a day just to survive." Doumeki replied, placing his chin on Watanuki's sholdor.

"If that were true I'd be dead and burried." Watanuki replied, still struggling. "You just want an excuse to touch me you big pervert!"

"Twice to be happy and healthy." Doumeki continued, ignoring the accusation as he turned his captive around so they were facing one another. "And three times to be completly rejuvenated to face the world."

Watanuki frowned, obviously annoyed. But he'd stopped trying to pull free. "What's your point?"

Doumeki's expression never changed as he replied. "I'm making up for all those years you've gone without."

For a moment, they just stood like that in silence. Then Watanuki snorted.

"Don't try to be rommantic you big oaf. You fail miserably."

And with that, he leaned up to kiss Doumeki, making the archer feel he must not have failed as badly as Watanuki said.