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Turning the corner, she gave a little cry when the door opened and someone pulled her into the dark room, placing his hand over her mouth to drown her cry. Closing the door behind them, she was left in the darkness with this stranger that had pushed her violently against the wall, leaning his body against hers, hand pressed firmly over her mouth.

As she tried reaching for her wand, a light came on, proving that her captor was a platinum blonde with cold silver eyes. Another person appeared out of the darkness and in seconds had rummaged through the pockets of her robes, pulling out her wand and waving it triumphantly in front of her.

Narrowing her eyes at Blaise Zabini, Hermione pushed Draco away from her. She didn't show them the fear she felt. It would only be giving them an advantage over her. The only reason she didn't scream to the top of her lungs or at least try to open the door was because she knew that if they'd gone to the trouble of learning her schedule, they had hexed the room to make sure that nothing would go wrong in whatever it was that they'd planned. The room was without doubt soundproof, and the door locked with several charms.

"All hail the brave Slytherins." She announced sarcastically, anchoring her hands on her hips. "Kidnapping the Head Girl while she is alone in the corridors trying to make sure that everyone is in bed. What a feat of bravery."

"Griffindorks are the brave ones. We're just cunning." Draco announced, a smirk on his face.

Turning on him, Hermione took a couple of steps at him, slightly worried when he didn't back up as he usually did when she walked up to him. It seems that he forget the punch she gave him the last time he'd angered her. "Despite my low opinion of you I had expected better of you. You're the Head Boy, Malfoy!"

"No need to get your knickers in a bunch." Draco announced as Blaise snickered. "And you would have thought that we would have gotten passed the last name basis, Hermione." Seeing how she winced when he said her name for the first time, his smirk grew. "Your side won the bloody war last summer and we did prove to be a little above blood-sucking vampires and saved Pothead and Weasel…though we were loathed to do so."

Wondering where this conversation was heading, Hermione folded her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes, frowning. What were those two planning? If they were going to attack or insult her, they should just do it and get it over with. They'd never needed an introduction to do so before.

Seeing how silent she had become, Blaise stepped forwards. "You've got to admit that we had you fooled all the time. You thought we were on Voldemort's side. No one knew the truth until we helped Dumbledore come out of hiding and kill the old Snake. Everyone, even Voldemort, thought that Draco had killed the Headmaster."

Flinching, Hermione had to admit that they had done their job well. The faking of Dumbledore's death had taken all by surprise, and it was thanks to that that they were able to take Voldemort by surprise. The battle had been bloody and many hadn't returned. Snape, whose allegiance had really been to the light, had lost his life saving Hermione's, and she still couldn't believe that the teacher who had hated her would do that for her.

"And before you pee your knickers, we want you to know that this was a peaceful kidnapping, with all intention of letting you free as soon as possible, and without ransom." Draco announced smartly, smirking darker.

" Can I at least know why I was peacefully kidnapped?" Hermione asked, hating the interest in her voice.

Blaise answered. "We're here to offer a truce…don't faint now…we didn't say friendship, I said truce. Good, stable?" Smirking at her glare, he continued. "This last year is going to be better if we aren't fighting, and although making your life miserable has been an enjoyable pastime, Draco and I have decided that we are mature enough to let bygones be bygones. Right Dray?"

"I suppose." Came the bored answer.

Looking from one face to the other, Hermione shook her head in amazement. After pinching herself to make sure that this wasn't some very distorted dream, she scratched behind her ear. "So, you're telling me that you are offering us a truce."

"No." Draco replied flatly.

Her frown grew as she threw her hands in the air. "But that's just what Blaise just said!"

"First name basis, good start." Blaise nodded with that odd Slytherin approval. "And I never said that we were making a truce with Potter and Weasley. We said that we were offering you a truce."

That took her by surprise. "Why me? From what I understand I'm the only one that you two should really hate." Leaning back against the wall, Hermione slid down into a sitting position. "Ron is from a pureblood family, and Harry is famous. I'm just a mudblood."

"We know." Draco nodded in agreement, oblivious to her glare. "It is a shame that you are the only one we find sensible enough to offer the truce to. Also, we realized that you are probably the only one mature enough to do as us and let the past stay behind us."

"So what do you say?" Blaise wanted to know.

Hermione hesitated, standing up because the look in their eyes was slightly intimidating.

"Hurry up now. We haven't got all night you know. I should be patrolling."

Ignoring Draco, Hermione bit her bottom lip. "Well, I guess that this is the perfect way to begin trying to unite the Houses of Hogwarts. Both Heads, Slytherin and Gryffindor, in peace."

"Please remember that this privilege doesn't extend to The Boy Who Lived To Annoy Me or his faithful sidekick, The Incredible Weasel-Boy." Draco reminded her in that bored tone of his. With a wave of his wand, the door opened, and Blaise passed her back her wand. "Well, Miss Head Girl, shouldn't you be patrolling?"

Hermione gave them both one uneasy last glance before leaving the room.

After they were sure that she was gone, Draco and Blaise closed the door once more, waiting for the light to come on once more the door closed. When the light came back on, two young men smirked at each other. Their plan was working.

In the bathroom, Hermione danced across the cold floor as she twirled around in her towel and winked at the imaginary man singer singing the song to her. She'd found a way to make a CD Player work in Hogwarts, and with the Sonorus Charm, was able to listen to it like she would a stereo.

Reaching for the razor, the young woman moved her hips to the song before stretching her leg up against the sink, beginning to shave off the shaving cream, all the while jiggling to the music. The night had taken another turn after her encounter with the Slytherins. She'd been cruising the halls when she'd heard the most interesting sounds coming from one of the classrooms. On instinct she'd gone to check and had found two students on top of one of the desks.

Instead of screaming out school rules, she'd hidden, and had watched in awed silence as Luna Lovegood serviced Neville Longbottom and Seamus Finnegan at the same time. Neville sat on the chair, knuckles white as he clenched the arms rests. Luna was bent on her knees in front of him, mouth around his...his…Hermione grew red just thinking about it. Seamus had been pumping the lithe girl from behind, pulling her hips to meet his every thrust.

At first Hermione had thought that she was witnessing a rape, but when she heard Luna begging for more when Seamus had stopped for a second, she suddenly realized that it wasn't. It shocked her to the core. She'd been silent the whole time, heat rising in her body, womanhood moistening, as they both entered Luna at the same time. Hermione had heard that that was painful, that proper women didn't do things like that, and if there was something she was, Hermione was proper. But as she watched Luna, Hermione suddenly felt like a shriveled up prude, and left the room, hurrying to her own room.

Just remembering the sight and the sounds caused Hermione to grow wet. Finishing her shaving, she allowed her towel to fall to the ground. Curves hidden by her school robes, and skin white and pure, glistened. Caramel eyes closed as she imagined what it must be like to have two men inside of her at the same time, and the thought caused her to shiver.

She wasn't a virgin. Having realized that she could die during the war she'd asked Harry to deflower her, and while there hadn't been any passion, they'd shared an intimate night together that meant a lot to her. Yet she knew that what Harry and her had shared wasn't anything close to what Luna, Neville and Seamus had. There had been passion and urgency.

It just didn't make any sense. She cared for Harry, and him for her, but it had only been sweet. While Luna, Neville and Seamus didn't talk to each other in the day, and at night things were boiling. The temperature of the room rose and the windows fogged over. There weren't any shared feelings between them. It was just plain sex.

To think that people pitied Luna Lovegood!

Snorting, Hermione sighed.

There were so many positions she hadn't tried. The only one she had was missionary style, and while it had been nice she wanted more than that. She wanted to feel full, feel like a woman for the first time in her life. She wanted to feel as if someone could desire her, lust after her. She wanted to invoke those feelings in someone or even someones…if she could ever get as daring as Luna Lovegood.

Now that there wasn't a war or Voldemort to worry about, and this was her last year at Hogwarts, Hermione wanted to make it memorable. She wasn't going to leave Hogwarts an innocent. She was going to leave it an experienced woman, and she knew exactly what she needed to make sure that happened.

She needed to find people who she didn't care a fig for to have sex with.

Draco snuck into Hogwarts through one of its many secret tunnels and made his way to the Heads Room. He knew that Hermione was probably sleeping or reading, and wouldn't notice his late arrival. Not that it mattered since she was a prude, but not a tattletale, unlike Potter and Weasel.

Saying the Heads password: "Leviathan", he entered and leaned against the door with a sigh of relief. Peeves had almost caught him, and he couldn't afford to get caught tonight. Dumbledore would know that he was lying if he said that he was out studying, and Draco wasn't in the mood to admit that he frequently raided Hermione's room to steal hair from her brush so he could use it with the Polyjuice whore who didn't mind him calling out the Head Girl's name as he came.

Hearing music coming from the bathroom, Draco raised an eyebrow and headed towards there, opening the door a crack and went hard. There, standing in the mist of the hot shower, was a naked Hermione. She washed that frizzy mane of hair and with her eyes closed, ran her hands over her body, cupping her breasts and giving them a little squeeze.

Gulping, Draco looked around him to make sure that no one else was in the room. It wouldn't do his reputation any good if someone realized that he was spying on Hermione as she bathed.

When her hand disappeared between her thighs, Draco bit his tongue to keep from making a strangled noise in the back of his throat. He got up to go away before he was caught, but the door creaked when he tried closing it, and Hermione turned to look at him, eyes wide, mouth hanging open.

By Merlin. I'm dead.

"How long have you been there?"

The question caught him off guard, and, recovering his Malfoy dignity, he straightened, raising an eyebrow. "Enough." His voice was once more indifferent, and he tried looking at her from her neck up. Otherwise she'd hex him into the next century.

There was a little silence. "Do you like what you see?"

That hit him like a blow to the mouth of his stomach. "Excuse me?"

Leaving the shower going, Hermione stepped onto the towel on the ground. Her skin glistened with drops of water, and her hair was a wet mass of brown. "You know, Draco. I've been thinking about what Blaise and you were talking about earlier, and I've decided that you're right." Walking towards him, Hermione smiled. Draco tried not to gulp when she reached out her hand and ran it across his shoulders as she circled him. "We can be friendly without being friends."

This had to be a dream. He'd drunk too much and had fallen asleep with the Polyjuice whore. He was having one of his Hermione fantasies once again. "How friendly do you want to be?"

She just smiled. "I have a reunion with Headmaster Dumbledore. We'll have to discuss this later on." Walking past him she turned when the door opened and a shocked Blaise Zabini entered the room. "Hey Blaise." With that she walked back to her, as if being butt-naked was only natural.

Dazed Blaise stood frozen; looking in the direction that Hermione had disappeared to. He knew that she'd gone to her room, maybe to put on clothes, maybe not. Right now he wasn't sure of anything. A movement to his right caught his attention and he watched as Draco emerged from the bathroom Hermione had just vacated.

He saw red. "What were you doing in the bathroom with Hermione? And what was she doing naked?"

"Bathing." Smirk growing; Draco leaned against the bathroom door, eyes glued to Hermione's door. "I'm really awake, right? This isn't a dream? That really happened?"

"What really happened?" Blaise growled, beginning to lose patience with his Slytherin friend.

"I really can't believe it." Draco whispered in awe. "Our plan is actually working, Blaisey-boy."


The next day Hermione was still blushing, but as she shrunk her skirt and shirt, she decided that she'd already made the first move and couldn't go back on it now. She'd been surprised that Draco hadn't called her a mudblood whore last night, and his reaction had actually excited her. To know that she could interest Malfoy, even if only sexually, was more thrilling than she wanted to admit.

Putting on her clothes she put her hair up in a high ponytail and actually put on some of the makeup Lavender had given her last Christmas. As she looked at the finished work she had to admit that she looked like a stripper, but she couldn't help but like it. She'd never seen herself like this, and she'd just have to sneak out of the castle to buy some new clothes…and underwear.

Leaving her room she smirked when she found Blaise and Draco sitting by the chimney, talking amongst themselves. The moment their eyes fell on her they widened and their mouths fell open.

"Morning boys." She offered, waving in their direction. "I'm hungry, how about you two?"

"Starved." Blaise cleared his throat.

"You have no idea how hungry I am now." Draco smirked, eyes eating her whole.

"See you at breakfast then." She announced cheerily before leaving the Common Room.

The moment Hermione stepped into the breakfast hall all eyes rested on her. She was nervous at first, wanting to run back and change, but she marched back on. She'd faced Voldemort, this couldn't be any worse.

Sitting in between Ron and Harry, she blushed when whistles and whispers were heard throughout the hall.

Ron's face was red. "Hermione?"

Harry blinked. "Is that really you?"

"Of course it is." Reaching for bread, she slapped jam on it and licked her lips before taking a bite into it. "Thank you Dean." Reaching for the goblet filled with pumpkin juice that he quickly passed her, she sent him a wink. This was going to be a good day.


Draco growled and was even a worse mood than usual. What was surprising was that Blaise was ill-tempered, because while all Slytherin was used to Draco being somber and sullen, they weren't used to Blaise growling and muttering curse words under his breath every couple of minutes. Of course, they had no idea that this was because of all of the attention Hermione was receiving all of a sudden.

Guys from Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor had been circling her all day, asking her help with different homework and such, yet they didn't seem to be thinking about that at all, and the Slytherins knew it. It was as if Hermione 'Prude' Granger had turned into Hogwarts' Sex Symbol, and they didn't like it one bit.

If both boys were to be truthful they'd admit that they'd always been in love with her—but they weren't, so they just admitted that they lusted after her with a passion they couldn't quench with any other female, so after discovering the other had feelings for Hermione they'd had a personal war until Blaise had come up with this marvelous idea. They would make Hermione Granger theirs.

First they were supposed to get under her skin, make her not want to hex them every time they came into contact, and that seemed to be working. If only they could figure out what had gone wrong and turned Granger into every guy's wet dream! Both Slytherins were possessive, and jealousy was killing them as Hermione laughed and winked at the Ravenclaw who slapped her ass as she walked by him in the hall.

"I'll kill him." Blaise fumed.

"Please, don't exaggerate." Draco said coolly. "Cutting off the hand he touched her with will be enough."

"I guess you're right." Blaise grumbled reluctantly as they followed Hermione as she made her way to Dumbledore's office once more. She disappeared behind the door, and the leaned against the walls, pretending to not care where she was or why she was visiting the old guy again.

"So, did you get everything ready for tonight?" Draco asked after some moments of bored silence.

"Of course." Looking slightly annoyed at the question, Blaise nodded. "If everything goes according to planned, our little Gryffindor won't know what hit her."

"What do you mean if?" Draco growled. "You better not make any mistakes."

"Don't make me hex you, Malfoy." Blaise grumbled once more. "Everything will be perfect, and she'll be ours, once and for all."

"I wonder if she realizes that these are her last moments of freedom." Draco smirked evilly, then winced as he grew hard, planning all the things he would do to her once she was his. He'd soon have the real her groaning under him as he came within her, not some Polyjuice whore. He imagined her beneath him, withering, groaning, her fingernails trailing down his back, leaving her mark on him, as he planned on doing with her.

Blaise, lost in his own fantasies, nearly missed Hermione as she left Dumbledore's office. "Hey she's moving again."

"Wouldn't want to miss the next Avada victim we have to put on our list." Draco mumbled darkly as a gryffindork whistled at Hermione and mentioned her creamy legs. "See what I mean?"

"Why do I feel as if we're going to be sharing a cell in Azkaban before this day is up?" Blaise mused as they continued stalking the beautiful Gryffindor Princess.


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