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Tammy Drabbles 57: What Did You Say

Loesia and Dortie sat with their sewing, watching Keon show off in his new King's Own uniform. "He looks so handsome," Loey remarked, just as Tobe climbed up to sit on the wall above them.

Dortie shot a glance at Tobe, but continued her stitching. "I think Keon is the most handsome young man I've ever seen," she said.

Loey nodded agreement. "He'll be a fine catch for someone."

Tobe scowled. "Keon's been pawing every girl of age. That's hardly a catch. Now if you're talking about a catch for a cannibal, maybe I agree."

Dortie chuckled with her head down and shot a sideways glance at Loesia, who had laid down her sewing and positioned a hand at her hip. "Like you'd know, Tobeis Boon. You always smell like horse dung. You probably like mares better 'n girls."

"I like girls fine, and I'd never break your heart, Loey," Tobe shot back. "Can't say as much for him." He flipped his hand at Keon. "And he's never even noticed what a pretty thing you are."

Dortie's eyebrows shot to her hairline and she watched Loey, whose cheeks were flushed with pleasure. "What did you say?" Loey asked as if she hadn't heard right.

"I said he doesn't know how pretty you are. I imagine he doesn't even know you sing like the Goddess herself." Tobe hopped down and disappeared from view before Loey could even react. Dortie watched Loey's hand flutter to her chest and rest there, her mouth hanging open.

"My, my, my," Dortie teased. "I believe he left you speechless. I didn't even know that was possible."