Ok, it's become quite clear to me that it's impossible to finish this story as-
is, so if I still have any fans left, I apologize. This is version 2 of this
story, and it's clear it needs another, hopefully it's last, rewrite, as it's
just not possible to finish it as-is.

There are too many things that I need to go back and fix, far too many things I
need to explain better, and a few things that need to be cut, as I now keep
wondering what-the-hell was I thinking.

This version of the story will stay up until I have at least a few chapters,
then I'll be either deleting this story and putting up the new one, or more
likely, just replacing the chapters I've finished in this chapter and going from

If I have any fans left, fantastic! Feel free to copy and paste what's here into
your word processor of choice to hang onto for personal reading. I would prefer
this not be posted anywhere else, but as long as it links back to my profile,
and has my name, SelenaWolf, on it somewhere noticeable in case I leave or am
forced to leave Fanfiction, I probably won't mind.

Not sure when the first few chapters will be upgraded, and it is an upgrade, the
plot will still be mostly the same, it just really, really needs fixing up. This
notice will be here until this story is deleted, or replaced.

So yea, will hopefully have new chapters to churn out soon, and it will be worth
rereading, as enough things will change. Will also be trying to depart from
canon as much as possible. Some things will still mirror closely, as those
events were what this story was originally made because of.

Just in case you're curious;

Version 1 - Never made it past the wave mission, before being scrapped and
rewritten, it was pretty horrible. And my first attempt at writing anything that
topped 5k words.

Version 2 - This version, an experiment/training in writing just about
everything, but especially fight scenes. Still not 100% confident in those, but
much, much better than I was. Refer to the crappy fight scenes during the
sand/sound invasions if need proof, as I think those were my first fully
original fights, the others were all based on manga battles.

Version 3 - Upcoming. Hopefully will be awesome. Will try to mirror much, much
less of the manga, though some things up to the Chunin exam will still have to

Last point - I apologize to no-one for this, but I tried to be as... appeasing
to the fans as possible in the 2nd version as far as romances go. Which is part
of the reason I had a problem, as I started losing interest in my own story. All
I'll say, is my view of the ninja world is that for the ninjas, gender probably
doesn't matter much to most of them - if they can find a connection to last a
day, week, month, or years, they'll gladly hold onto it as long as they can. So
if you're that picky about pairings, you got some hints in this version, but not
all will hold true in version 3, so here's your warning.

Not sure how long it'll take before version 3's up, but hoping to have it at
least started between now and sometime early to mid March.

Also planning to put version 3 on Archive of Our Own at some point, just in case
it gets booted off here. :)

Thank you for your time, and if while reading, you had any questions, any at all, please PM or Review so I can take notice if it's something that needs fixed! Your comments can and will help! I've had a few reviews and PM's from people that brought up really, really good points. Will be rereading the story myself with my little note list open and taking notes of things that need fixed, chapter by chapter as well.

Thank you.

Please do not delete this chapter or story, will be refurbished soon, and this note will be gone.