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" Dobby is thinking that Winky should stop drinking those butterbeers. "

" Winky is thinking that Dobby should mind Hic! his own beeswaxes. "

" Winky! That is not a very nice thing yous be saying! "

" Sorry Dobby, buts I just want to drink my buttersbeers without yous nagging. "

" Dobby does not nag! "

" Hic! Yes yous do Dobby. "

" Does not! "

" Does too. "

" Does not! "

" Does too. "

" Does too! "

" Does not-- hey! Hic! that wasnt fair Dobby! "

" Well if you wouldnt drink so much of the buttersbeers, maybe you'd have caught my little trick. "

" Yous a very mean Hic! house elf Dobby. "

" Are not! "

" Are too. "

" Are no--- oh no! Not that again! Shame on yous Winky! "

" Eh, it was worth a hic! shot. "

" Yous really does need to stop the drinking Winky. "

" Whys does Dobby cares about Winky drinking? "

" Because it is not being good for you and your my very bestest friend! "

" ... I was thinking Harry Potter was your bestest friend. "

" No no! I is liking Harry Potter very much, and he is a good friend, but your my bestest, and I love yous! "

" ... Yous really love me Dobby? "

" ... Yes. "

" Winky is loving Dobby very much too! "

" Really? "

" Mmmhmm. "

" Dobby is very happy about that. "

" Winky is very happy about that too. "

" Does Winky want to help Dobby clean the Gryffindor common room together? "

" Winky would like that very much. "

And so, the two houselves skipped merrily off, not noticing another houself and a old man with a long white beard and sparkly blue eyes watch them leave.

" Pay up Lucky. "

Grumbling slightly, the house elf, Lucky, handed the beaming Headmaster a jar full of lemon drops.

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