AN: A Megatron perspective One Shot...Takes place while he was frozen by Sector 7 in the 2007 Movieverse. Enjoy!


By Chibi Hime

How dare they? How dare they!

Those vile, disgusting, primitive organic beasts!

For years they have kept me locked away underground and away from the light.

For years they have kept me frozen and unmoving, but always aware, always painfully aware of them. Simply because I live longer does not mean time goes any faster. It was years of unmoving, unchanging. Frozen in place, unable to change form or even move. That imprisonment made the time ever more agonizing.

Always frozen. I lost any pathetic inkling of regret at the thought of the havoc I would eventually wreak upon this accursed mud ball. These beasts deserved everything I would do to them.

There was a lot of things I would do to them.

There were millions of things I could think of to do to them.

I wanted to.

I hated them.

I hated those warm blooded, two legged beasts who scurried about like insects. That's all they were to me. Insects. But they were insects that had managed to trap me and use me for their own benefit. The shame and degradation I felt at their grimy little paws will be repaid with blood and misery.

The hate was a ball of fire in my chest.

It burned black as pitch and hot as Hell.

I knew my brother would love these little beasts. He would love their creativity, their ingenuity...he would love them for being the pathetic bugs they were. I knew he'd defend them. I knew he would rather save them than me! He'd let me stay frozen forever if he could.

My brother is weak.

He does not have the will to kill. He would sacrifice himself rather than kill and enemy. I already know that he would die himself before he would kill me. That's why at the end of the day, there will only be one of us.

In the end, there will only be me.

I'm not afraid to kill my enemies.

Before becoming trapped on this primitive sphere, I had torn many of his precious little Autobots apart with my bare hands.

It won't be me who dies.

I'd even kill him. I'd kill Optimus. I'd kill my brother to win. That's who I am.

I suppose I really am an Ice Man.

Cold, Cruel, and Merciless.

I am Megatron.

I WILL be victorious.

I will escape and revenge, slow, painful revenge will be mine.