Title: Simple Words

Word: Pink

It wasn't really her favorite color, but it wasn't her least favorite either. Her father on the other hand loved the color...on her. So as a result, her closet was nearly filled with pink things she would most likely never wear. Mainly because most of it looked so uncomfortable and Haruhi liked to be comfortable in whatever she wore.

It wasn't exactly comfortable to be walking around in a frilly pink dress that only four or six year olds would wear because their mothers still chose their clothes. She honestly felt like a doll at times when the host club was making her try on uncomfortable after uncomfortable outfit. Yes, they were pretty but it wasn't worth having to pull at hems and sleeves all day.

No, Haruhi would rather be comfortable, even if it was in some thing pink. That's why she chose to wear the boy's uniform at school rather than the girls.

Give me a word and i'll try to make a short one-shot thing with it. You can give me a sentence even.