Title: Simple Words
Word: Valentine
Request by: bookpirate
(This one is some what longer than the first part because I added more before posting. Probably the longest one yet.)

7 Day's Remaining

Valentine's Day. Haruhi sighed as she pulled a tray of cupcakes from the oven and replaced it with one still filled with batter. She turned to place the tray on a cutting board on a counter filled with at least two dozen more cupcakes still needing frosting. Why did she get stuck making the desserts? Couldn't they just buy them like they usually did? No. Some how Tamaki had got it in his head that for Valentine's Day, these sweets should be homemade. And she was willing to kill who ever gave him that idea. Well, at least he bought her all the supplies. It saved her money but used up too much of her homework time to make five dozen cupcakes with pink icing. Especially when Hunni would drop by every once in a while to help, and end up eating more than half. At this rate she'd never have these done by Valentine. And there were only seven days left.

As she began frosting the last batch of cupcakes, she heard a knock on her door and quickly went to answer it, half frosted cupcake in hand. Standing at the door was an unfamiliar person holding a bouqet of flowers. Purple tulips.

"Haruhi Fujioka?" He asked. She nodded. "These are for you."

He handed Haruhi the flowers and quickly disappeared. There was no card to indicate who had sent them.

"Wait! Who are these from?" But the man was already down the stairs and hopping onto his bike.

Haruhi just shrugged and put the flowers in a vase half filled with water then returned to frosting the cupcakes.

Meanwhile, just a few streets away the twins were busily looking through a gift store for some thing for their valentine's. What did you get a girl who could buy any thing she wanted herself? And a girl so simple that some thing expensive would seem like a waste to her? Taking his brother's advice, Hikaru had already decided what to give his valentine, but some how he did not think it would do. It had to be special. Besides, he was pretty sure he forgot to include the card on the last thing he got.

Kaoru on the other hand didn't have so hard a time figuring out what to buy. As soon as he entered the store, he immediatly noticed some thing and it all just seemed to fall into place. Upon seeing his brother's frustration, Kaoru grabbed a stuffed animal from the nearest shelf and threw it at his head. Maybe then he'd get the hint. He grabbed one himself, a light brown little teddy bear that he could attach the other part of his gift to. Yumi would like it, he was sure.

After a few more minutes the two left the store to get some thing for lunch, each with a purchase in hand.

Kyouya had woken up only two hours before only to find a dozen white roses on his nightsand right next to his glasses. At first he thought his sister had stuck them in his room when she couldn't find where to put them in hers. But after seeing the card, he was stumped. Who sent them? The card said only his name and the words Be my valentine? But it did not say from whom they were from. This was the third gift he had gotten in the past week, if you could call yesterday's cupcakes a gift which his sister had happily eaten before he could read the writing on them. He didn't particularly like sweets anyway but they could have helped him figure out who they were from.

The roses were each individually tied with red ribbons, with a large bow around the vase. He quickly got out of bed, picked them up and went downstairs into the kitchen. Upon asking three, the last pointed to a woman washing dishes who had answered the door.

"Who sent these?" He asked the servant washing the dishes. She turned to see the vase in his hands and then went back to her dishes.

"I am not sure. I heard the door but your sister had already answered it before I got there." She responded. "I assumed they were for her since she took them upstairs with her."

Kyouya turned and walked back up the stairs to his sister's room only to find that she was already up and gone even before he woke up. He quickly put the vase down and dialed her cell number.

4 Days Remaining

Nekozawa watched her from around the corner as she talked to a girl with long black hair. The two were laughing and completly unaware of him standing just a few feet away. Was it her? It had to be. The hair matched the strand and she didn't look immediatly scared by him. Though, she hadn't done any thing more during that day but go to her classes and then art club. Though in between that time, he found another gift left in the black magic clubroom and no one knew from who. After that he had left a box of pocky in her bag when she wasn't looking after observing that she always seemed to have a box with her.

He felt some what like a stalker the past two days. Nekozawa had more or less followed her around since they had crashed into each other but found no reason to believe she was his secret admirer. Megumi Takada was relatively normal. She went from home, to school, to photoshoots with her model cousin(the girl with black hair) when she insisted, and then home again where she did homework and read. No reason at all.

Nekozawa back away from the corner and walked down the hall towards the too. He accidentally bumped into her on his way around the next corner back to the club room with Beelzenef in hand. She said nothing, only moved to allow him to pass before some thing caught her eye. There was an envelope sticking out of her bag just like the little box of pocky had been the day before. Megumi looked up to see that Nekozawa had already disappeared.

"What's that?" Her cousin asked. Megumi picked up the envelop and opened it to reveal an invitation to Ouran's Host club's Valentine party that Thursday. There was also a little note at the bottom. Meet me by the fountain. 2/14

He watched her pick up the envelope and read the invitation slowly walking off with her cousin behind her asking who it was from. Maybe she wasn't his secret admirer, but all the same, he now had a date for the dreaded day. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad this year. Maybe.

Later that day in the third music room as they were cleaning up, Hikaru helped Haruhi pick up the used teacups and bring them into the little kitchen in the back of the room.

"Um, Haruhi. I wanted to ask you some thing," He said looking down into the soapy water.

"What is it Hikaru?" There was, what seemed to be, and endless silence.

"Well I was wondering if you would be my date for the party this Thursday," Hikaru finally said.

"Date?" Haruhi stopped drying the plate in her hand.

"You don't have to if you don't want to," He said quickly. "I was only asking since Kaoru is bringing some one and I thought I should too."

He was slightly red. Though she was unaware of this for she continued to dry dishes.

"Sure. Why not?" She responded and went back to putting away the cleaned cups.

"Great!" Hikaru smiled and walked away to find his brother.

In another part of the room Kyouya was looking down at an invitation that had been attached to his screen when he opened his laptop. It was an invitation to the valentine party they were hosting with a note at the bottom asking for him to meet whoever left it near the rose bushes in the garden during the party.

"What's that?" Tamaki asked looming over his shoulder.

"Nothing important," Kyouya responded grabbing the note to stick it into his book bag. But Tamaki was much faster.

"You do have a secret admirer," He said reading the note with a smile. Kyouya snatched it away from him and stuck it into his bookbag.

"Did you finish getting the decorations? We have four days left." Kyouya said.

"All done mother."

"Stop calling me that!"

The Day Arrives...

It was finally February fourteenth. Valentine's Day, the day a few had all been waiting for. The party was to be held that night at five. Enough time for every one to go home and get ready. And for some reason, Kyouya actually considered meeting his so called secret admirer that night, but also considered the fact that this person could be some psycho stalker. He'd keep a body guard handy just in case.

With everyone already knowing her secret, Kaoru thought a dress would fit better with the occasion. He had come right after school with a lovely pink dress that the brown eyed girl refused to put on and instead chose to wear some thing out of her own closet. With a call to his girlfriend, the two got her into the dress, some comfortable low heels, and fixed her hair. Needless to say, Haruhi was none too happy as the two dragged her down the stairs afterwards to the limo waiting for them. They said her date, Hikaru, would love it. She thought the dress was way too revealing considering the cold weather and the occassion. They refused to let her out of the limo until they got to the school and kept her close by until Hikaru arrived.

That night when Megumi Takada arrived back at the school and entered the gardens, she did not know what to expect. Some one had left her two gifts and an invitation to the party. And she was sure it was the odd guy in the black cloak that always carried some sort of puppet, who she knew had been looking at her from around a corner in the hall last Tuesday. Not that she minded. In a twisted sort of way it was kind of sweet. Right?

Megumi took a deep breath and went inside quickly locating the fountain surrounded by many rose bushes and other flowers she didn't know that also grew on bushes. She really needed to start reading the book on botany her mother gave her. When she reached the fountain she found Beelzenef sitting on his own looking as if he was holding out his hand? Paw? We'll say paw. In his "paw" he held a purple rose which matched her dark purple dress nicely.

She smiled and took the rose. "So I guess you're my date for the evening?"

"Only one of your dates."

She turned to find Nekozawa coming our from the shadows of the tall rose bushes. He was dressed as usual, black cloak and wig, even though there was no sun and it was not really necessary.

"Here." He held out a dozen blood red rose. "Girl's like these sort of things for Valentine's right? I'm afraid i've never had reason to celebrate such a holiday so I was unsure."

"They're fine Nekozawa-san. But it really wasn't necessary," Megumi said with a pleasant smile as she took the rose he handed to her.

"But it was. Were you not the one who left the gifts?"

"Gifts? Well, yes and no." She sat on the nearby bench, Nekozawa doing the same. After a moment of silence, he motioned for her to continue.

"Well, my cousin, Yumi, fancies herself a matchmaker of sorts. I made the cupcakes you recieved but I did not know when my cousin asked for them that she would be giving them to you," Megumi responded. "Beelzenef and the candles I did leave. I found him in the art room when I went to get some thing I had left behind."

"And the um..."

"My cousin did that. I'm sorry." She watched him stand up and pick up Beelzenef still sitting by the fountain. "But I do like you Nekozawa-san, and I guess since I didn't think it wise to say anything my cousin kind of took things into her own hands."

"It's alright. I've actually grown some what fond of you the past few days." He said.

Megumi smiled at him and got up to take his arm. "Then let's go enjoy the party." Before he could say anything, she already pulling him in the direction where the festivities were taking place.

Meanwhile, only a few feet away, a certain Shadow King waited sitting by a rose bush. The invitation had not said which, because there were more than a dozen so he picked a random spot and sat down. Kyouya also had no clue why he was actually intrigued enough to even accept such an offer from a possibly insane fangirl. Though if it was for the benefit of the club so they would not loose a customer, he would stay there all night if he had too.

Fortunantly, he did not have to wait long. From behind a rose bush stepped his "date", clad in the white suit he seemed to love for occassions such as the one they were holding. And in his hand, the blonde held a red rose.

"Happy Valentine's Kyouya," He said with a bright smile. "Suprised to see me."

"Tamaki!? You're the one who has been sending me the gifts?"

"Suprise!" He responded. "Ow! What was that for?"

Kyouya had immediatly gotten up upon seeing him and hit on the head with his notebook. "Baka! You should have just asked instead of driving me insane thinking there was some stalker on the loose breaking into my house."

"But I wanted it to be a suprise," He whined. "Are you going to be my valentine or not?"

"Why me?" Kyouya said to himself, a little too loud because Tamaki heard.

"Because you're my friend and I love you."

"Fine. Let's get back to every one else," Kyouya said grabbing a smiling Tamaki and pulling him back towards the party.

After eavesdropping on her cousin, Kaoru grabbed his girlfriend's hand and motioned for her to follow him. The two sat by the fountain in silence before Kaoru produced a little light brown teddy bear with a gold locket around his neck.

"Got you some thing," He said. Yumi smiled and held the bear up to the light. When she opened the locket around his neck, she found on of the pictures that the two had taken in a photo booth at the fair two months before.

She kissed him on the cheek, "Thank you. I love it. And I have some thing for you too." Yumi leaned over to the side and then placed a basket full of purple frosted cupcakes. "I burned the first two dozen but I was able to save these. I hope I followed the recipe right. I've never baked before and I'm sure the cook will be happy if I never try to again."

"Even if they didn't i'll eat them anyways just because I love you," He gave her a kiss on the lips.

"Kaoru, I hear them coming."

The two quickly got up and took their place behind the bushes just as his brother and Haruhi approached the fountain. Boy, these rose bushes sure seemed to be a popular spot tonight. The quietly watched as Hikaru handed Haruhi a bouqet of purple tulips much like those he had sent a few days ago, which she confirmed that he had indeed forgotten to attach a card. He also gave her a small white bear with a heart.

"Aw." Kaoru heard Yumi say quietly as they continued to watch the romance unfold from around the rose bushes. "This is almost as cute as my cousin and that strange goth guy."

Kaoru silently laughed and pulled her away from the bushes just as the two began to kiss by the fountain. They had better get back to the party and let the two have their privacy.

That night ended with many a new romances beginning to form. Even the most unexpected person had found himself a sort of girlfriend.Though it was still too soon to make it any thing serious. But it was true she didn't find him creepy, or at least she didn't act like in when she tried to get him to eat some strawberry pocky she had brought with her. He wasn't particularly fond of the flavor but tried it all the same to make her happy. But he drew the line at the pink cupcakes (no matter how tempting they were) and instead pulled her away from the desserts and back to the fountain. Guess why?

Kyouya and Tamaki seemed to be starting some thing of their own as well, unaware of the drooling girls around them. Though he was a constant annoyance while he tried to work, Kyouya had to admit, he had always enjoyed the blonde's company. It made the time go faster.

Kaoru tried his best to keep his girlfriend from spying on her cousin and best friend by taking her to the dance floor for a slow dance.

His brother had started his own romance after finally admitting to Haruhi that he loved her. And lucky for him, she wasn't so oblivious this time and acknowledge these feelings by admitting her own.

Ah, Valentine's day. Such a wonderful day for romance and the unexpected. A day for lovers and a day for friendship. And as we are all well aware, there are all types of love in the world. Embrace it, no matter what form it comes in.

So I hope you all enjoyed this. I went out of the box a little and added two characters from a previous fan fic I wrote. If you've read Just You and Me then you understand where they came from, if not, reading it may help. All the same, hope this came out okay. Please feel free to correct me on any errors that I may have missed. And as always, criticism is welcome as it helps me to improve, but don't be so mean about it.

I'll update soon.

And Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Thank you for reading.