's been awhile huh? I forgot all about this story and where I was going with it but I recently started writing again a Bamon fic for Vampire Diaries but I can't just ignore this one! I still have love for Zuko and Jasmine and can't wait till The Avatar movie comes out in July! So here's a update for you ZukoJasmine lovers!

Zuko remained uncalmly silent as they continued to stare at him, awaiting an answer. How did he get sucked into this? He'd rather be fighting his sister and an army of firebenders than standing her choosing who he was going to 'marry'. Either Katara, the annoying peasant and best friend to his enemy the Avatar, or Jasmine, a princess to a different universe, and let's face it they didn't get off on the right foot. Well, then again he didn't off on the right foot with anyone but the longer he has got to know Jasmine and befriend her, he's realized he may have developed something more than a little crush on her. And there was no way he was going to let anyone find out! People he's loved either gets hurt or leaves.

"Katara." He spoke finally, pulling the water tribe girl to his side. "Katara is my fiancee."

The Mad Hatter and March Hare grinned wildly as they began to dance around the couple singing "a very merry engagement". Jessica Rabbit glanced over at a heartbroken Jasmine who tried her best at hiding her disappointment, but couldn't control the tears from falling from her eyes.

"What are you doing?" Katara whispered angrily to the banned prince. "Why didn't you say Jasmine? You know she has feelings for you!"

"Be quiet, wife." He hissed in reply. "So...we're just gonna get going now..."

"Nuh uh! You guys arre getting married!" The March Hare exclaimed. "And we're gonna make sure the Queen is present to see this wonderful thing!"

Zuko gritted his teeth angrily, You have got to be kidding me!

"Look we're not ready to get married now! We're too busy trying to do something important here, you freaks!" He yelled, flame coming out of his hands.

"Ouch!" Katara cried out, pulling her now burned arm from his grasp. "Geez, Zuko! Control yourself!" She then pulled out a little water she had left in her bottle and used it to heal the burn mark that was left on her.

"Look, Mr. Grumpy pants!" The Mad Hatter said, "Us and the Queen enjoy wedding celebrations and it's not everyday we get someone who is engaged here in Wonderland! So you suck it up and allow us to do our job!"

Jessica Rabbit rolled her eyes at the arguing going on between the three. It was time she did something and did it quick. Jasmine was already heartbroken about Zuko choosing Katara so it was time she pushed it alittle farther...

"I have an idea!" she exclaimed, causing the three to stop yelling and look at her. "How about they just give each other a little kiss?"

"No!" Katara was the first to decline. "No way am I kissing that..." She stopped realizing the looks the others were giving her. "Wonderful fiancee of mine." She muttered. This day was just getting worse and worse.

The March Hare thought a moment, snapping his fingers. "Ok! We'd accept a kiss! Then you guys can be on your way!"

"What is wrong with you people?" Zuko asked angrily. "You just want us to kiss?"

The Mad Hatter shrugged. "We're a sucker for love!" he admitted.

Zuko turned to a very nervous Katara, knowing this was not going to end well. Sure he's kissed girls before but this was Katara! The enemy. He glanced over at Jasmine, seeing how beat up she was over all this. He hasn't even touched Katara yet and it caused Jasmine to nearly die emotionally. That just showed how much she really cared about him, and it scared him a lot.

"Just a peck." He said out loud, mostly for himself and Jasmine.

"What?" Katara asked, shaking her head. "How hard did you hit your head?"

"Katara..." Zuko said, "The sooner we do this the sooner we can get going and look for the others! These people are annoyingly crazy here and I really don't wanna have killing a rodent and crazy guy on my conscience!"

Katara snorted, "Since when do you have a conscience?" she asked. But he was right. She sighed and made her way closer to him, her nervousness getting worse. This was Zuko of all people. And to make things even more bad, a girl who was probably in love with the snotty prince was standing there watching as she was about to kiss him.

"Look at them." Jessica Rabbit grinned as she stood next to Jasmine. "Such a cute couple they'd make. Like fire and ice they are...but together they can rule the universe. Too bad you'll never know how that'll feel."

Jasmine turned to glare at her, tears filling her eyes. "Why are you being so cruel to me?" she asked.

"I'm not being cruel, kid, I'm being honest."

Jasmine felt that fire within her again, but this time she didn't feel like controlling it. How dare Zuko lead her on like this? After the times they've helped each other and he's shown her a little bit of interest and now here he was about to kiss Katara!

It's working. Jessica Rabbit thought darkly, grinning as Jasmine made her way to the couple.


"Shut it!" She interrupted a shocked Zuko. "How could you!"

"I didn't even do anything yet!"

Fire formed in her fists as she threw it at Katara, blasting her back into a tree hard.

"Jasmine!" Zuko yelled. This was not the princess he came to know and love. Something was happening to her...she was changing, she was beyond jealous. He turned to look at Jessica Rabbit. "What did you do to her?"

"What I had to." She laughed, fire forming around her. "Finish off the girl, Jasmine. I'll take Zuko."

"You're a firebender! You're working with my father!"

She answered him with a huge fiery blast to his chest. "This isn't a war you're gonna win, Prince Zuko."

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