The Basics

First of all thank you Wingless Feather for the idea of this, although it was REALLLLLLYYYYY hard for me to think of ten ideas for this list, and thank you all for reviewing my last story!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or the characters in it -sob-

1. Again, you set your boyfriend standards according to Edward

2. You envy Bella

3. You plan to kill Bella, and then steal Edward

4. You sketch what you think Edward would look like in real life in your notebook or sketchbook

5. Whenever, you hear the name "Edward", you snap your head up

6. When you see a silver Volvo, you look into the driver's seat to see if a bronze-haired guy is there

7. You have posters of Henry Cavill all over your room

8. You search "Edward Cullen" on Deviant Art (it's a website of artwork...REALLY GREAT DRAWINGS!!!)

9. Actually, the only reason you read the series is for Edward

10. In New Moon, you pretty read from the beginning to Bella's zombie period, then skipped all the way to page 450, then read until the end

Bonus: You plan on killing Jacob first, and then kill Bella

A/N: For this list, I apply to all of them except for numbers 3, 5, 7, and the bonus this time...oh, gosh, the next list is going to be SO hard!!!!!! I'll try to update ASAP!!!